Appliances Purchasing Tips

Some consumers replace their appliances for special seasons, others replace appliances when an existing one is no longer usable. However, in the haste to get new items, consumers ignore basic shopping rules and therefore encounter several problems after making their purchase. Even though there are problems that consumers cannot foresee at the time of purchase, consumers must follow certain guidelines to ensure that they get value for their money and to minimise the problems they may encounter after.

First consumers should:
* Shop around for electrical appliances. Do not settle for an item unless you have seen others to compare prices, warranties, features and after sales service;
* Decide what features you want based on your lifestyle;
* Plan for the future growth of your family when selecting size;
* Measure the available space to store and place the appliance;
* Make sure that the appliance is compatible with the voltage requirement of your home;
* Find out if your appliance comes with a plug. Some appliances come without plugs. You may need to purchase a separate plug to suit your required voltage or an adapter to suit the wall socket;
* Check for approved safety marks or TTBS marks eg (UL) symbol

Make sure that your questions and concerns about the appliance you are about to buy are properly addressed before you make a purchase. Have the following important questions answered.
* How easy is it to clean inside and outside?
* Is the instruction manual easy to understand and in English?
* Does the company have qualified technicians to fix the appliance?
* Are there parts in stock for servicing?
* Is there a written warranty?
* Are there different warranty periods for different parts of the appliance?
* How do I care for this appliance to get the most from it?

Remember, the power is yours!

article courtesy of Trinidad Guardian, June 16, 2003

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