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Full Name: Roger Eric Vernon James

Place of Birth: Women's Pavilion - Health's Science Centre, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Parents: Drs. Ralph and June James (Mother's maiden name: James)

Sibling: Robert Eliot Dana James (Brother)

Marital Status: Single...never been married.

  • University of Winnipeg, Collegiate Division (High School Diploma), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Red River Community College (Computer Anaylst/Programmer Certificate), Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
  • Seneca College (Computer Operations), Toronto, Ontario, Canada
  • International Corresponding School (PC Repairs Diploma), Montreal, Quebec, Canada
  • Excelnet Technical School (CNE - Certified Network Engineer) Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

From left to right clockwise:
myself, my late father, my brother and my mother.

First thing you must be wondering is did I make a mistake with my mother's maiden name....well, the answer is no. Yes, it is true my late father actually married my mother with the same last name which is very rare and in any case if you are still wondering there is no relationship between the two families. To make a long story short, my mother's roots are from Tobago and my father's roots are from Barbados.

Secondly, you may asked yourself what is a Canadian born Trinidadian writing about Trinidad for? Well to tell you the truth...I love Trinidad & Tobago! For some strange unknown reason I consider Trinidad as my home more than Canada. I don't know if it because I spent a year there when I was younger or the fact that I used to go back every two or three years. In 1998, it was the first carnival experience since I was young (of course the school year prevented me from going to TnT for the "Greatest Show on Earth") and before that my last visit was 1992 Christmas. As a matter of fact since I love Trinidad and Tobago, I manage to gain dual citizenship!

I guess the main reason I am writing on Trinidad & Tobago is to bring information to my readers. (unique information that is hard to find). When I first started this venture in the fall of 1996, to put it bluntly I could not find information on Trinidad & Tobago that proved to be useful for travellers, and when I did find the information it was in some very obscure places where people would never think of looking. (had to use less known search engines that I don't even remember anymore)

My profession by trade is a computer consultant, although this doesn't really describe the work I do. Basically I am a computer programmer and technician who installs hardware and software components. I also provide computer maintenance. In addition, I do internet searches and web pages designs. As a consultant, I advises people about buying computers, internet and webpages design. Finally, I also dabble in desktop publishing which includes business cards, flyers, letterheads and brochures.

panWhen I am not glued to the computer screen and getting aggravation, I like cooking, photography, swimming, fishing, sea cruises, travelling and last but not least playing pan (steeldrum). I played mostly the double second (2 pans), although I can played tenor (1 pan), guitar (2 pans) and bass (6 pans). On the weekends I am rarely home, you'll mostly likely find me "liming with the boys" (hanging out), one good ole-fashion trini lime. "Those of you who know what I am talking about may asked yourself", that is someting that I haven't had in good long while. Well there is a brief biography on myself. I hope you enjoy my site and come back every month or two to see what is new.

Me beating pan, on the right of the post.

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