Trinidad & Tobago Tents/Canopies Rentals

Tents Rental ShopContact Address
A-Class Tent RentalsCouva
744-9040 (Tel)
All-In-One Tent & Party Rentals Ltd.Churchill Roosevelt Highway
San Juan
674-1684 (Tel)
American Tent & Party RentalsChurchill Roosevelt Highway
674-4982 (Tel1)
675-86242 (Tel2)
South Trunk Road
La Romain
657-3056 (Tel)
Azhar Tents Ltd.Balisier Street
Pt. Lisas Gardens
679-8368 (Tel)
665-4041 (Fax)
Bouncy Castle Rentals23 Grant Street
Rio Claro
774-2940 (Tel1)
644-1863 (Tel2)
Caribbean Shade Tent & Party RentalsNo. 27 Queen Street
Aranguez, San Juan
675-3245 (Tel)
Chris Maharaj Tent and Event Rentals
(formerly Maharaj Tent Rentals)
Facebook: Chris Maharaj Tent and Event Rentals
#19 Temple Street
730-2649 (Tel1)
382-7892 (Tel2)
Classic Tent RentalsAranguez Road
638-4667 (Tel1)
680-4186 (Tel2)
Couva Tent RentalCouva
744-9667 (Tel)
Daren's Tent RentalBaboolal Trace, Todd's Road
672-8204 (Tel1)
706-3334 (Tel2)
Dynamic Party RentalsSt Lucien Road
Diego Martin
637-6743 (Tel)
Ensphere Event Solutions1Martinez Trace, Arima Old Road
292-0169 (Tel)
Extreme Rental Services
Facebook: Extreme Rental Services
Santa Rosa Heights
775-4087 (Tel)
Executive Tent Rentals48 Cipero Street
San Fernando
652-3403 (Tel)
Fashionable Tents & Canopies12 Naparima Mayaro Road
Cocoyea Village
San Fernando
657-2917 (Tel)
657-2917 (Fax)
Fete Lovers20 Dere Street
Port of Spain
623-2446 (Tel)
Fiesta Tent RentalsChurchill Roosevelt Highway & Boundary Road
San Juan
674-8368 (Tel)
48 Cipero Street
San Fernando
652-1006 (Tel)
Glory Tent Rentals
Facebook: Glory Tent Rentals
#15 Gregory Street
Point Fortin
Tel1: 709-1323
Tel2: 312-5985
God Sent RentalsJohnson Street
747-9388 (Tel)
Hans Party Rentals1
Facebook: Hans Party Rentals
Instagram: Hans Party Rentals
4 Sunset Drive
642-3242 (Tel1)
646-4267 (Tel2)
692-4894 (Fax)
Lee-Tech RentalsSolomon Street
394-7864 (Tel1)
475-1827 (Tel2)
390-7276 (Tel3)
Papan Party RentalsSouthern Main Road {opp. Key Donna Drive In}
Spring Village
663-4069 (Tel)
663-4069 (Fax)
Party & Event Company Ltd.#8 IDC Industrial Estate
Biljah Road
663-2384 (Tel)
663-2384 (Fax)
Physical P.R. Service Ltd.51A Simpson Brown Terrace
Cocoyea Village
San Fernando
657-8025 (Tel)
657-8025 (Fax)
cor Perez St & Mn RD & Harriman Park
Point Fortin
648-1172 (Tel)
R.B.J. United Tent & Party Rentals23 Grant Street
Rio Claro
774-2940 (Tel1)
644-1863 (Tel2)
Rajesh Tent & Party Rental1#66 Carli Bay Road
679-8784 (Tel1)
460-4560 (Tel2)
Safari Enterprises Ltd.La Clave & John Streets
Montrose, Chaguanas
665-8744 (Tel)
665-8119 (Fax)
Shakeer & Sons Sales & Services Ltd.Shakeer Plaza
Main Road
Montrose, Chaguanas
665-5715 (Tel)
Sigar Ltd.18 Hilda Lazzari Terrace
San Fernando
657-7470 (Tel)
Special Events Tent & Party Rentals147 Old Southern Main Road
665-8368 (Tel1)
675-86242 (Tel2)
69 South Trunk Road
La Romain
657-3056 (Tel)
Southern Main Road
662-9178 (Tel)
675-4103 (Tel)
Stischa Tent & Party Rental Ltd.6 Cross Crossing {opp Tucker Pumping}
San Fernando
653-2207 (Tel)
The Rental Centre149-50 Southern Main Road
665-3323 (Tel)
665-3323 (Fax)
Timmy's Tent Rental
email: Timmy's Tent Rental
326-8040 (Tel1)
469-8876 (Tel2)
Trinidad Tent RentalsL.P 51 Mondesir Jct
677-5130 (Tel1)
677-5130 (Tel2)
Tropical Tent Rentalscor First Street & Railway Road
642-5921 (Tel1)
646-2891 (Tel2)
Veets Events1Bejucal Road
290-6409 (Tel1)
355-7899 (Tel2)
461-1451 (Tel3)
222-5375 (Fax)
West-Tech Tent RentalsCrystal Stream Avenue
Petit Valley
Diego Martin
637-8181 (Tel1)
642-25852 (Tel2)
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  • 2 - after hours contact

  • If you know any tent/canopy company that are not listed/changed or no longer exist........
    please email me the tent/canopy company information. Thanks for your input!

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