2001 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Results

Carnival Categories

2001 George Bailey Large Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
12001 - Now And BeyondLegends {Big Mike Antonio & Ian McKenzie)
2A TributeMasquerade (Earl Patterson)
3Now And BeyondFuntasia (William Francis)

2001 George Bailey Medium Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1Dynasties In ‘D’ DesertD' Midas Associates {Stephen Derek}
2Winds of ChangeTrini Revellers {David Cameron}
3Mythical LegendsRampage {Wrenwick Brown}

2001 George Bailey Small Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1Faces And PlacesB.O.S.S.{Churchill George}
2I Trini MusicMt Hope Connection (Keith Carrington)
3Tintatonwan Great Sioux NationRamdin & Jackman {Henry Ramdin & Anthony Jackman}

2001 Lil Hart Bands of the Year
CategoryPortrayalBand Leader
Large Bands2001 - Now And BeyondLegends {Big Mike Antonio & Ian McKenzie)
Medium BandsDynasties In ‘D’ Desert‘D’ Midas Associates (Stephen Derek)
Small BandsI Trini MusicMt Hope Connection (Keith Carrington)
Mini BandsJab MalassieT&T Jab Malassie (Elizabeth Charles)

2001 Harold Saldenah Bands of the Year
CategoryPortrayalBand Leader
Large Bands2001 - Now And BeyondLegends {Big Mike Antonio & Ian McKenzie)
Medium BandsDynasties In ‘D’ Desert‘D’ Midas Associates (Stephen Derek)}
Small BandsFaces And PlacesDe B.O.S.S. (Churchill George)
Mini BandsJab MalassieT&T Jab Malassie (Elizabeth Charles)

2001 George Bailey Mini Band of the Year
1Jab MalassieT&T Jab Malassie (Elizabeth Charles)
2Robbers For DemocracyMystery Raiders (Brian Honore)
3A Journey Far EastBerlin and Friends Inc. {Charles Mendoza}

2001 Band of the Day (Monday)
CategoryPortrayalBand Leader
Large BandsAfrica The BeautifulPCS Starlift Steel Orchestra (Keith Diaz)
Medium BandsDynasties In ‘D’ Desert‘D’ Midas Associates (Stephen Derek)}
Small BandsTintatonwan Great Sioux NationRamdin & Jackman {Henry Ramdin & Anthony Jackman}
Mini BandsUprising Of The South Dakota TribeRyan & Associates (Rudolph Ryan)

2001 Best Jouvert Band
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1T&T Famous Limin’ SpotsChris Humphrey and Associates (Chris Humphrey)
2Spanish HaremVictor Rique and Associates, Victor Rique
3Celebration A Trini StyleTrevor Wallace and Associates {Trevor Wallace}

2001 Brass Band Competition

2001 Is We Community Developers Junior Calypso Contest
1Rhoda PaulI Had a Dream
2Cutrece SkeeteAh Not Leaving
3Tigana DuncanDrop it down, Raise your leg

2001 San Fernando Carnival Committee’s Junior Calypso Monarch
1Kimlyn HarringtonQuestions
2Kevin HumphreyPan On Panorama
3Rondell DonawaIndependence Day

2001 Texaco Schools Soca Monarch
1Patrice RobertsPeace Song
2Kevin HumphreyPan in Panorama
3Tecla DuncanFlight Of The Gypsy

2001 Junior Calypso Competition
1Patrice GeorgeCalypso Gold
2Cutrece SkeeteAh Not Leaving
3Akil BristolThe Killer

2001 Other Junior Carnival Winners
Junior Kaiso TUCO/Sunshine SnacksPatrice Roberts - " Doh Go Dey"
Red Cross Kiddies Karnival Junior Carnival QueenAnna-Marie Lee - "Three's Company"
Red Cross Kiddies Karnival Junior Carnival KingAaron Barkarr – "Black Gold"
NYAC Pathfinders MonarchKyle Keith

2001 Other Adult Carnival Winners
Neville Jules Bomb CompetitionExodus
East Zone Panorama ChampsExodus - "A Happy Song" - Roger George
Downtown Carnival Band of the YearLegends - "2001 Now and Beyond"
TTUTA CalypsoJohn Baptiste - "President Robinson"
Best Instrumental Brass Band - Queens Park SavannahTrevor Wallace
Limbo CompetitionCory Herbert - Northwest Laventille
Downtown Jouvert CompetitionExodus
Miss Carnival Queen 2001Chantal Le Fevre
Miss Carnival Queen 2001 - Best CostumeMichelle Belgrove
Miss Carnival Queen 2001 - Best Evening GownChantal Le Fevre
Miss Carnival Queen 2001 - Miss PhotogenicLeslie Knights
Miss Carnival Queen 2001 - Ms AmityHema Thackurie
Tobago Road MarchShadow - Strangers
Tobago Large Band of the YearDis Is Paradise {Margaret Hinds}
Tobago Medium Band of the YearTribal Explosion {Peter Archer}
Tobago Windward Calypso MonarchTobago Rio - "Domestic Violence" & "The Recipe”
Tobago Young KingsTobago Rio - "Domestic Violence" & "The Recipe”
Tobago MonarchTobago Rio - "Domestic Violence" & "The Recipe”
Tobago J'ouvert KingCarnival Monday {Kelvin Parks}
Tobago Afro QueenNadine Joefield
Tobago Zone PanoramaRedemption Sound Setters - "Raindrops on My Pan" - Wayne Rodriguez
Unattached Calypso MonarchRikki Jai
San Fernando Calypso MonarchRikki Jai
Arima Calypso MonarchSkatie
San Juan Calypso MonarchSean Daniel

2001 Carnival Queen
1Alana WardIt’s All In the GameArena
2Anra BobbMidnight At the OasisDynasties in D Desert
3Marlene MoraldoNut–Goddess of The SkyDynasties in D Desert

2001 Carnival King
1Geraldo Vieira Jr.Winds–An Element of ChangeWinds of Change
2Curtis EustaceThe SurvivorArena
3Fareid CarvalhoBharat Ka Suryodaya - Dawn of IndiaCulture Shock

2001 Calypso Monarch
PositionCalypsonian1st Tune2nd TuneTent
1Denyse PlummerHeroesNah LeavingRevue
2ShadowYou Looking For HornStrangerKaiso House
3Sugar AloesGolden Memories of the GrandmasterI Plead the FifthRevue

2001 Conventional Panorama Finals
1ExodusA Happy Song - Roger GeorgePelham Goddard471.0
2Neal & Massy Trinidad All StarsRain Melody - PreacherLeon "Smooth" Edwards468.0
3Witco DesperadoesYou Looking For Horn - ShadowClive Bradley466.0

2001 Single Pans Panorama Finals
1Arima AllstarsTo Take Away - TouchTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle279.5
2Laventille SerenadersFire And Steel - Denyse PlummerAuburn Wiltshire277.0
3Pan on the MoveQueen of the Road - Defosto???274.0

2001 Soca Monarch Winners
2Bunji GarlinFete is Fete
3Peter C. LewisTay Lay Lay

2001 Road March of the Year
2Peter C. Lewis & XtatikTay Lay Lay
3Destra GarciaTremble It

2001 Young Kings
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Bunji GarlinBlessingsLicks
1Rikki JaiA Good FatherIdentity
3CJ (Colin Jackman)Celebration TimeDo So Doh Like So

2001 NACC National Calypso Queen Monarchs
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Shirlane HendricksonTeach the YouthAfrican Unity
2Maria BholaGone Too SoonOne In the House
3Heather MacIntoshAh Not MarchingIf Is True

2001 TUCO Calypso Queen Monarchs
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Denyse PlummerHeroesNah Leaving
2Lady BCastara KidNot for Sale
3Singing SoniaJenny's DelimaThe Wish

2001 Ragga Soca Monarchs
1Bunji GarlinLicks
2MagadanShow me de Hand
3TallpreeLash Satan

2001 Du Maurier Chutney Soca Monarch
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Rikki JaiKanhijaAh Coh Show You
2Rooplal G (Rooplal Girdharrie)Balam GayeaTassa Man
3Drupatee RamgoonaiLati La MangaMalin Di Bali

2001 Panorama South/Central Zones Single Pan Final
1Rio Claro KoskerosRain Melody - Preacher234.0
2La Romaine Super VibesRain Melody - Preacher231.0
3Shades in SteelRain Melody - Preacher226.0

2001 Panorama South/Central Zones Final
1Tropical Angel HarpsRaindrops on My Pan - Wayne Rodriguez270.0
2TCL Skiffle BunchStrangers - Shadow271.0
3Trinmar HattersRaindrops on My Pan - Wayne Rodriguez266.0

2001 Panorama North Zones Final
1Neal and Massy Trinidad All StarsRain Melody - Preacher282.0
2Petrotrin Phase II Pan GrooveFreedom - David Rudder278.0
3WITCO DesperadoesYou Looking for Horn - Shadow277.0

2001 Pan Competition (Sparrow Tune)
1Neal and Massy Trinidad All StarsDoh Back Back274.0
2Petrotrin Phase II Pan GrooveBand Conductor267.0
3BWIA InvadersFire and Steal254.0

2001 Pan Kaiso
1Colin LucasPan Jumbie
2Sugar AloesBand Conductor
3Denyse PlummerFire and Steal

2001 Pan in the 21st Century
1Neal & Massy Trinidad All StarsPrecious Lord278.0
2TCL Group Skiffle BunchHow Great Thou Art274.0
3Petrotrin Phase II Pan GrooveLove Me Tender273.0

2001 Extempo
Sheldon JohnWhy tonight is MineExtempo
Brown BoyAh DreamingHumorous
Denyse PlummerHeroesSocial Commentary
Sugar AloesI Plead The FifthPolitical Commentary

2001 Red Cross Kiddies Karnival
Babes in Arms Boys and GirlsBabes in Arms Boys and Girls1Denzil JenningsJu Ju Warrior
2Michaela WeekesMama, Dis is Mas
3Jessie JagnarineA Ballerina's Dream
Most Original Costume: Zack Correia - "A Tribute to Archbishop Anthony Pantin"
Boys 3 to 5 Years1Eyvon FrancisThe Sun Shines Over the Salty Sea
2Xavier SiewlalPan in 'A' Minor
3Alexander GomesVirus X.com
Most Original Costume: Alexander Gomes - "Virus X.com"
Girls 3 to 5 Years1Faith ArmourWife of Nana Owusu
2Tenisha WeekesThe Garden of Living Flowers
3Denesha JulianMexican Dolls
Most Original Costume: Naomi Gomez - "Crazy Ant"
Most Outstanding Under Six: Faith Armour - "Wife of Nana Owusu"
Boys 6 to 8 Years1Cavon SeymourKenwyn Murray's Santimanitay
2Jabari ArmstrongBlack Bellamy - The Pirate
3Keagan RattanBzzz - The Flash
Most Original Costume: Simon Cunningham - "Chief Fireman"
Girls 6 to 8 Years1Emily Hart1Tinkerbell, The Magic Fairy
2Olivia Xavier-HarfordPrincess Hyacinth
3Amanda McCleanThe Stolen Brooch
Most Original Costume: Dena-Marie Blanc - "21st Century Virus X.com"
FloatsFloats1Rosalind GabrielWho's Hiding
2Rose Mary PerkinsTeddy Bear's Picnic Basket
3SLAC's and AssociatesLet's Follow the White Rabbit
Boys 9 to 11 Years1Keigan FordeThunder and Lightning
2Mark HarriotEnter the Dragon
3Mikhail RobertsCarlisle Harris' Equestrian
Most Original Costume: Aaron Barkarr - "Black Gold"
Girls 9 to 11 Years1Anna-Marie LeeThree's Company
2Dominique SamarooEnchantress
3Melissa MillerLady Marianne
Most Original Costume: Renee Burke - "Hotter than a Chulha"
Boys 12 to 15 Years1Alberto MendezChasing Tigers - A Tribute to Peter Minshall
2Colin MillsHigh Chief of the Great Plains
3Shawn BelgraveNothing Sweeter than Doubles and Pan
Most Original Costume: Chad Jardine - "Twister"
Girls 12 to 15 Years1Colleen MillsNandi - The African Doll
2Raisa ThorneWings Ablaze
3Whitney FullertonThe Melody Maker - I Command You to Dance
Most Original Costume: Cherise Akeung - "Misty Magic in Aripo"
Couples1Nikkei Lander and Jehann LanderNuff Honey, Nuff Pancakes
2Anita Griffith and Jean­Marc StephensLa Belle Risette and Dingolay
3Cyan Sylvester and Jade AllengSea Nymphs of the Nylon Pool
Small Bands1Trinity Carnival FoundationGallery
2Rose Mary PerkinsTeddybear's Picnic
3Bois CanotA Tribute to Peter
Medium Bands1Betty SpenceShine On
2Chick-A-D's ProductionD'Sea-Cret Storm
3Noble DouglasCircus de Follie
Best Local Theme: Success Laventille Mas Camp - "From Town to Arima"
Large Bands1Rosalind GabrielEnchantment, Who's Hiding?
2IHA ProductionsHarlequin - The Show
Junior Carnival Queen1Anna-Marie LeeThree's Company
2Colleen MillsNandi - The African Doll
Junior Carnival King1Aaron BarkarrBlack Gold
2Keigan FordeThunder and Lightning

2001 Huggins Carnival Tiny Tots Mas Competition
PositionIndividual & Portrayal
1Luke Williams - "Chewing Gums"
2Michaela Weekes - "Mama this is Mas"
3Anila Maria Mulzac ­ "Pure Heart"

2001 BP Junior Panorama
PositionBand ArrangerTunePoints
1St Augustine Senior Secondary Comprehensive and Exodus
Desmond Waithe
Rain Melody - Preacher268.0
2Malick Senior Comprehensive
Lisa Durieux
Kitchener Say - Defosto264.0
3Gary Straker's Pan School
Gary Straker
Raindrops On My Pan - Wayne Rodriguez259.0

2001 Roaring Lion Pan on the Move Competition
Best Overall
(Test Piece & Tune of Choice)
1TCL Group Skiffle Bunch
3Pan Elders
Test Piece (Lion's "Six Feet of Earth")1TCL Skiffle Bunch
3Southern Marines
Tune of Choice
(Any Roaring Lion tune)
1TCL Skiffle Bunch
3Pan Elders
Best Flag WaverSouthern Marines

2001 Arouca Panorama
Conventional Panorama Competition1Harmonites Steel OrchestraWrong Name(Kim) - TC185.0
3Simple SongStart the Jam - Surface153.0
Conventional Bomb Competition1Harmonites Steel OrchestraMore - Nat King Cole178.0
2Simple SongMore - Nat King Cole152.0
3SforzataMore - Nat King Cole145.0
Single Pan Panorama competition1Arima All StarTo Take Away - Touch187.0
2Brazil Rx Steel OrchHow Great Thou157.0
Single Pan Bomb competition1Arima All StarTo Take Away - Touch187.0
2Brazil Rx Steel OrchMore - Nat King Cole154.0

2001 Tassa Drumming Competition
1McCoon Tassa Drummers
2Tassa Drummers
3Tassa Bobby

2001 Arouca Carnival
CategoryPositionPortrayal/Individual or Group
Junior Carnival Small Bands1"Gallery" - Patrick Roberts
2"Great Empires" - Kenneth Greaves
3"Mask in yuh Masque" - Judy Davis
Junior Carnival Large Bands1"From Town to Arima" - Success/Laventille
2"Dance, Dance, Dance" - Jacqui Koon How/Ivan Kalicharan
3"Colour Switch" - Child Support Collective
Junior King1"Jumbie Jamboree" - Town to Arima
2"Black Lagoon" - Colour Switch
3"Planetary Invasion" - Planetary Invasion
Junior Queen1"Aura of a Carib Princess" - Town to Arima
2"Queen of the Masque" - Mask in yuh Masque
3"Melody Maker" - Dance, Dance, Dance
Junior Individuals1"Thunder and Lightning"
2"Hotter than a Chulha"
3"Wife of Nana Owusu"
Senior Parade of the Bands1"Flag Fantasy" - Bernadette Nanlal
2"D'Collection of Jewelry" - Enid Reid
3"Nocturne" - Claire Moreau
Individual (Male)"The Enchanted Bat" - Fitzroy Dickson, Nocturne
Individual (Female)"Flames of Fire" - Bianca Augustus, Nocturne
Special PrizeWinston and Rodney Alfred, Couva Jab Jabs
King of the Bands1"Copulation Wheel" - Len Frederick, Extract of Nature's Beauty
2"The Bird Keeper" - Ryan Emrit, Flying High
3"Chief Servant" - Kelly Ramdass, Wild Indians of the Amazon
Queen of the Bands1"The Pollen Game" - Lenore Guy, Extract of Nature's Beauty
2"Keeper of the Sun" - Neesha Sookraj, The Aztec Kingdom
3"Symbol of Marriage" - Janelle Reid, D'Collection of Jewelry
J'Ouvert Bands1"Games" - Robert Banfield
2"Y2K Madness" - Junior Sandiford
3"D'Gardeners" - RATT Express
J'Ouvert Individual (Male)"Dinosaur/From Whence They Came" - Julien Jack and Herman Soochit
J'Ouvert Individual (Female)"They Have We In Bag" - Carol Mohammed

2001 San Fernando Carnival
CategoryPositionPortrayal/Individual or Group
Large Band of the Year1"In Our Space" - Ivan Kalicharan
2"Ritual Dancers" - Lionel Jaggessar
3"Celebration Time" - Fireworks Promotions
Medium Band of the Year"High Mas" - Miguel Marc-Han
Small Band of the Year"Natures Beauty 2001" - Rising Star
Masquerader of the Year"Thundera Goddess of the Sky" - Rose Marie Jaggessar
Female Individual of the Year"Thundera Goddess of the Sky" - Rose Marie Jaggessar (Ritual Dancers)
Male Individual of the Year"Aqua-pyrus" - Leroy Prieto (Fireworks Promotions)
Band of the Day (Monday)1""In Our Space" - Ivan Kalicharan
2"Ritual Dancers" - Lionel Jaggessar
3"Somewhere in the Pacific Isles" - Owen Hinds

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