2002 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Results

If anyone has the results of Harold Seldnah & Lillian Hart Mas Awards,
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Carnival Categories

2002 George Bailey Large Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
2And De Rains CameMasquerade

2002 George Bailey Medium Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1Six Days Seven Nights in ShanghaiTrini Revellers {David Cameron}
2Invasion--Trini StyleD' Midas Associates {Stephen Derek}
3Paradise in the SunRampage {Wrenwick Brown}

2002 George Bailey Small Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1The Joy of SpringB.O.S.S.{Churchill George}
2Fire Make D’ Dragon DanceMt Hope Connection (Keith Carrington)
3Ceremonial Tribal DancersTribal Connections

2002 George Bailey Mini Band of the Year
1Vote Fuh Yuh RobberMystery Raiders (Brian Honore)
2Demons from HellT&T Jab Malassie (Elizabeth Charles)
3Great CivilisationsBerlin and Friends Inc. {Charles Mendoza}

2002 South Bands of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1C’est La Vie (That’s Life)Ivan Kalicharan
2MururiOwen Hinds
3Sioux CeremonyLionel Jagessar

2002 Downtown Carnival Large Bands of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1PicopatPeter Minshall
2NostalgiaLegends (Big Mike & Ian)
3And De Rains CameMasquerade

2002 Downtown Carnival Medium Bands of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1Six Days and Seven Nights in ShanghaiTrini Revellers
2Invasion Trini StyleD Midas Associates
3Paradise in SunRampage

2002 Downtown Carnival Small Bands of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1The Joy of SpringDe Boss
2Pony Pow Wow—HenryRamdin and Anthony Jackman
3Fire Make the Dragon DanceMt Hope Connection

2002 Arouca Carnival
CategoryPositionPortrayal/Individual or Group
Tuesday Parade of Bands1"Treasures of Trinidad and Tobago" - GBM & Associates
2"Legend of a Lost World" - Claire Moreau & Associates
3"Sheer Elegance" - Cheryl McKenzie & Associates
Individual (Male)"Poseidon, God of the Sea" - Legend of a Lost World
Individual (Female)"Keeper of the Jewels" - Legend of a Lost World

2002 Tobago Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1Tribal FantasyMargaret Hinds/Annette Alfred
2FantasiaFantasia Mas Producers
3Carnival Is ColourPearl Caruth

2002 Is We Community Developers Junior Calypso Contest
1Tracy MartinCry of Frustration
2Amrika MutrooWe Need Love and Peace in the World
3Yasin Akil RashidWayward Boy
Best Social CommentaryTracy Martin"Cry of Frustration"
Best LyricsTracy Martin"Cry of Frustration"
Best Party CalypsoShamelie Ali???
Best Nation BuildingAmrika Mutroo"We Need Love and Peace in the World"
Best HumorousYasin Akil Rashid"Wayward Boy"

2002 Sunshine Snacks Junior Calypso Monarch
1Patrice RobertsAids Education
2Olatunji YearwoodLittle Mickey
3Karissa JosephA Little Joy

2002 Calypso Pioneer Competition (National Organisation of Rededicated Students & Clico)
1Shinesse Simmons, St Gabriel's Girls RCVoice From Within
2Gabrielle Isaac, St Theresa's Girls RCWeh Meh Country Gone
3Sheynenne Hazell, Melville Memorial Girls ACPlay With Me

2002 13th Annual Primary Schools East/West Corridor Kaiso Competition
1Kerisa Joseph - Tunapuna Girls' RCI Want Some Joy
2Tenaj Smith of Arima Girls' RC???
3Rue Ann Cabralis of Arima Girls' RC???
Most Promising CalypsonianErphano Alves from Rosary Boys' RC???

2002 Tobago Junior Calypso Winners
1Melissa ThomasTell Me Why
2Afeisha MosesTake Some Time
3Karelle DanielHIV Awareness

2002 Junior Panorama
1BP Renegades Youth Side
Amrit Samaroo
Dulahin - Preacher276
2St Augustine Senior Secondary Comprehensive
Sean Thomas
Do What U Want - Natalie Yorke272
3Woodbrook Government Secondary

2002 Other Junior Carnival Winners
Junior Tobago PathfindersRenee Alfred
Tobago 2002 Calypso QueenRenee Alfred - “Dark Angel”
Tobago 2002 Carnival QueenRenee Alfred

2002 Other Adult Carnival Winners
Best Beating Steel Orchestra of Carnival 2002Exodus - "Good News" - Roger George
Carapichaima Monday MasPancham Ramsaroop - "All That Glitters"
Carapichaima Monday Mas (Queen)Julie Persad - "Hope Diamond"
CCN’s Calypso CompetitionAllison “B.I.G.” Joseph-Grant - “What ah want for my Birthday”
Chaguanas J'Ouvert Band of the Year (Monday)Tribes of Patrambas
Chaguanas J'Ouvert Band of the Year (Tuesday)Biting Insects
Citibank Calypso CompetitionDebbie Garcia
Citibank Road MarchMighty YT & the Big Belly Jammers - "Running From Bull
Downtown Carnival - Most Colourful BandMasquerade - "And De Rains Came"
Miss Carivog Trini Carnival Queen 2002Ria Edwards
NFM Calypso CompetitionJoey Williams - "The Spirit"
Pan Trinbago J'Ouvert Bomb CompetitionNeal & Massy Trinidad Allstars
South Carnival KingLeroy Prieto - "Nocturnos - Protector Of Darkness"
South Carnival QueenRose Marie Kuru-Jagessar - "Zitkala-sa - The Ritual Dancer"
Tobago Road MarchAinsley King - “For The Love Of It!”

2002 Carnival Queen
1Alana WardDance De ButterflyNostalgia
2Marlene MoraldoEmpress Borte - Wife of Genghis KhanMongolia—D Legacy of Genghis Khan
3Pamela GordonA Sailor's DreamNostalgia

2002 Carnival King
1Curtis EustaceJab MolassieNostalgia
2Geraldo Vieira Jr.Shanghai - a Tunnel of StrengthSix Days, Seven Nights in Shanghai
3Roland St. GeorgeShadows of the Past - the Dragon Can't DanceNostalgia

2002 Brass Band Competition
2Charlie's Roots

2002 Calypso Monarch
PositionCalypsonian1st Tune2nd Tune
1Sugar AloesContributionJubilation
2ChalkdustAh Lost RoyFrom Naipaul To Shame
3Denyse PlummerNo WinnersCatharsis

2002 Soca Monarch Winners
1Iwer GeorgeGimme a Bligh
1Bunji GarlinDown in the Ghetto
3Onika Bostic & Burning FlamesMash it up

2002 Road March of the Year
1Naya George & Invasion BandTrinidad
2Iwer GeorgeGimme a Bligh
3Ronnie McIntosh & AtlantikStart to Run

2002 Young Kings Competition
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1ManchildPoverty of the MindPan Sleeping
2Brian LondonManBlack
3CJ (Colin Jackman)Breaking NewsIron Genius

2002 NACC National Calypso Queen Monarchs
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Heather MacIntoshYou eh ThinkPromises
2Marva McKenzie??????
3Lydia PetersHeavenHave You Ever

2002 TUCO Calypso Queen Monarchs
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Denyse PlummerNo WinnersCatharsis
2Singing SandraGround ZeroNational Pride
3Heather MacIntoshYou eh ThinkPromises

2002 TSTT Calypso Competition
1Benedict "D Collector" CupidAbove and Beyond
2Vernon "The Big Fisherman" BereauxRiddles
3Jinoh "Jimoh" JackmanDo Unto Others

2002 Du Maurier Chutney Soca Monarch
PositionIndividualTune #1Tune #2
1Rikki JaiShe Leave Meh and Gone AwayRock-a-by Baby
2Heeralal RampartapTreat Your Woman NiceCome leh we go to Mayaro
3Drupatee RamgoonaiDomestic ViolenceMohan Bina Gowna

2002 Conventional Panorama Finals
1Neal & Massy Trinidad All StarsFirestorm - DeFostoLeon "Smooth" Edwards482
2Phase II Pan GrooveDo What You Want - Natalie YorkeLen "Boogsie" Sharpe480
3ExodusSavannah Party - Candy HoytePelham Goddard473

2002 Single Pans Panorama Finals
1Shades in SteelDuhalin - PreacherKenneth Guppy268
2La Horquetta Pan GrooveHairy Bank - PoorsahAuburn Wiltshire266
2Trinidad Nostalgic"Duhalin - PreacherJit Samaroo266

2002 Panorama South/Central Zones Single Pan Final
1Shades in SteelDulahin - Preacher445
2Self Help MarinesBiting Insects - Ronnie McIntosh & Atlantik413
3Rio Claro KoskerosPlay Anything - Scantie397

2002 Panorama Conventional South/Central Zones Final
1TCL Skiffle BunchDulahin - Preacher459
2Tropical Angel HarpsPan Dispute - Steve Sealey453
3Trinmar HattersMusic for the Soul - Hollis Wright431

2002 Conventional Panorama North Zones Final
1Neal and Massy Trinidad All StarsFirestorm - DeFosto478.5
2WITCO DesperadoesSavannah Party - Candy Hoyte472.5
3Phase II Pan GrooveDo What You Want - Natalie Yorke471.5

2002 Single Panorama North Zone Final
1Woodbrook Playboyz???437
2Scrunters Pan GrooveDulahin - Preacher384

2002 Single Panorama Tobago Zone Final
1Tobago Panthers???441.5
2Pan FanaticsDo What You Want - Natalie Yorke410.5
3Mason Hall’s Dem BoysMusic for the Soul - Hollis Wright397

2002 Conventional Panorama Tobago Zone Final
1Redemption Sound SettersMusic for the Soul - Hollis Wright445.5
2Carib DixieMusic for the Soul - Hollis Wright416.0
3Buccoo BuccooneersMash up the Place - Blackie396.5

2002 Downtown Pan on the Road Competition (Monday)
2Phase II Pan Groove
3Neal & Massy Trinidad Allstars

2002 Pan Kaiso
1Roger GeorgeGood News
2Steve SealeyPan Dispute
3SkatieDr. Manette

2002 Guardian Calypso Competition
1Valentino "Urchin" SinghThe New Anthem
2Lester "Lensman" FordeDoh Worry
3Petrotrin Phase II Pan GrooveLove Me Tender
Best Social CommentaryValentino "Urchin" SinghThe New Anthem
People's ChoiceAlicia "Alicious" WilliamsPlus Size"
Road March CrownKeith "Santa Claus" Anderson???

2002 Extempo
Sheldon JohnCan You Repeat Your FeatExtempo
Myron B???Humorous
(1) Heather McIntoshYou Eh ThinkUnattached Monarch Finals
(2) Kizzie RuizYou Eh Think
(3) Leona "Golden" GouldJudgement Day
Corey BurkeLimbo
North West LaventilleBest Limbo Group

2002 Carib Calypso Monarch
1Fabian "Calypso Jerry" HospezdalesRumours In The Brewery/TD>
2Ian "High Grade" FerretteVenga
3Samuel "Mad Max" JamesGive Mih Some Room
Most Humorous CalypsoFabian "Calypso Jerry" HospedalesRumours In The Brewery
Road March TitleSamuel "Mad Max" JamesGive Mih Some Room

2002 T&T Regiment's Annual Calypso Competition
1L/Cpl Wayne "Sapper" PierreIn Defence
2Cpl "Papa Neppy" FarrellJam Them
3Cpl "Soldier" RomanyFor Kaiso

2002 Petrokaiso King
1Patrick "Black Joy" JohnsonGive Richie
2Wilfred "Original Natty" Simonhere Humanity Gone
3Richie Eccles???
Humorous CategoryVernon "De Doc" SylvesterMr Small's Cocoa
Best LyricsPatrick "Valley" ValentineLet us work together

2002 National Calypso King
1Sugar Aloes

2002 National Humourous King
1Myron B
2Lil Jean

2002 National Social Commentary King
1Sugar Aloes
2Singing Sandra

2002 National Political Commentary King
1Sugar Aloes
2Devon Seale

2002 T&TEC Power Monarch Calypso Competition
1Godwin "Gardo" JeromeLet's Say a Prayer for T&T
2Peter "Cephus" LawrenceRepresentation
3Hilary DuncanMan Created War
TATECO Carl Cooper Memorial Trophy - People's ChoiceLyle JamesFeeder Trip
Chairman's Challenge Trophy - Best T&TEC CalypsoPeter "Cephus" LawrenceRepresentation

2002 Rhand Credit Union's Members' Calypso Competition
1Cyril "Gully" Gulston
2Leona "Golden" Gould
3Peter Edwards
Best HumorousJoel Parsons
Most OriginalMarva Mc Kenzie
People's ChoiceErrol "De Pensioner" Nero - "De Wardsmaid"
Best LyricsCyril "Gully" Gulston

Guardian Life Calypso Competition
1Dena "Dena Mint" Glasgow - "Love Today"
2Leah "Smooth Operator" Gordon - "Sex Addiction"
3Marvin "Rude Boy Ravi" Andrews - "Soca Therapy"
Best HumorousMichael Leacock - "Terrorists"
GospelypsoMarvin "Rude Boy Ravi" Andrews - "War"
Road MarchMarvin "Rude Boy Ravi" Andrews -"Soca Therapy"
People's ChoiceMichael Leacock - "Terrorists"
Best LyricsDena "Dena Mint" Glasgow - "Love Today"

2002 BWIA's Kingdom of the Clouds Staff Kaiso & Mas Competition
Kaiso1Nerissa GrandersonCry of the Youth
2Andrew "Tommy" ThomasDreadlock
3Tamara "Tammy" LeslieCheck Them Out
CategoryPositionBandIndividual - Presentation
Mas1MasqueradeGillian John - "White Rain"
2Skandal-UsCharlotte John-Williams - "Extasy"
3PoisonTamara Leslie - "Junglelicious"

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