1998 Trinidad & Tobago Carnival Results

Carnival Categories

Large Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1LegendsBig Mike Antonio, Ian McKenzie and Friends
2RedPeter Minshall
3Amarant: The Secret GardenWayne Berkeley

Medium Band of the Year
PositionPortrayal Band Leader
1Space & OdysseyStephen Derek & the D' Midas Associates
2From Brazil to BroadwayZzanadoos
3Fever AmericaKamboulay Productions

Small Band of the Year
PositionPortrayalBand Leader
1WildlifeGlendon Morris
2Coyote TrailRamdin & Jackson
3Beauty of the Coral SeaNeville Aming

Band of the Year
1Wayne BerkeleyAmarant: The Secret Garden
2Big Mike Antonio, Ian McKenzie and FriendsLegends
3Peter MinshallRed

Junior Band Winner
1Rosalind GabrielsTempo
2Allyson BrownStarchild 2000
3Rosary Boy's SchoolLand Ahoy

Junior Panorama Winner
1WoodtrinClear de Way - Melanie Hudson265
2Arima ComprehensiveHigh Mass - David Rudder263
3Southeast Port of Spain Youth GroupSymphony in the Streets - Kitchener262

Other Junior Carnival Winners
Junior Calypso MonarchKarene Asche
Junior KingArmed & Dangerous - Darren Murray
Junior QueenHeart Light - Kizzy Gift
Junior Male Individual of the YearGuardian of D Galaxy - Lennard Warner
Junior Female Individual of the YearKing Sailor - Sylvia Berguesse
Junior Male Most OriginalArmed & Dangerous - Darren Murray
Junior Female Most OriginalRoast Corn Woman - Cathy Ann Duncan
Junior J'ouvert KingSuperblue Says - Andrew Griffith
Junior J'ouvert QueenThe Observance of the 90th Anniversary of Downtown Carnival - Tenika Joseph

Junior Band of the Year Winner
SmallGold Silver and MudTunapuna Musicmakers
MediumA Day in PiparoSimeon Road Mud Players
LargeAround the CoastChris Humphrey & Associates

Other Adult Carnival Winners
Soca Chutney Monarch WinnerRikki Jai
Calypso QueenShirlaine Hindrickson
Top Carnival '98 Soca TuneToro Toro - Machel Montano & Xtatik
Limbo Group WinnerCocorite Ujama Folk Group
Individual Limbo WinnerNydia Byron - Malick Folk Performers
Mini-Band of the YearBionic Bandits - Matthew Alexis
Best J'ouvert BandRecollection of the Blue Devils of St. Clair - Dr. Johnny Lee
Band of the Day MondaySpace Odyssey - Stephen Derek & D' Midas Associates
Monday Music Band of the DayFashion Festival - Starlift

Carnival Queen
1Anra BobbHigh Priestess of Shakari
2Crystal AmingOf the Coral Seas
3Wendy KallicharanPan Explosions

Carnival King
1Curtis EustaceDis is we Carnival
2Geraldo Viera Jr.In de Balisier
3Roland St. GeorgeJouvert

Calypso Monarch
PositionCalypsonian1st Tune2nd Tune
1Mystic ProwlerLook Below the SurfaceNational Unity in the Year 20
2Sugar AloesAh Ready to Go To JailIsh
3Sheldon ReidMy ApologyOne Billion and Rising

1998 Conventional Panorama Finals
1NutonesHigh Mass - David RudderClive Bradley475
2ExodusPan Parade - Tony PrescottPelham Goddard464
3Neal & Massy AllstarsMe & My Lady - Lawrence/Puston CarwashLeon 'Smooth' Edwards457

1998 Traditional Panorama Finals
1Arima AllstarsMosquito - CrazyTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle264.5
2SerenadersClear de Way - Melanie HudsonLen 'Boogise' Sharpe264
3Pan on De MoveClear de Way - Melanie HudsonCurtis Betaudier259.5

'98 Soca Monarch Winners
1SuperblueAto Party
2Iwer GeorgeAh Reading
3Wayne RodriguezFootsteps

Road March of the Year
1Wayne Rodriguez & XtatikFootsteps
2Machel Montano & XtatikToro Toro
3David RudderHigh Mass

Best Musical Instrumental Bands
1Charlie's Roots
3Roy Cape & Kaiso Allstars

Humorous Calypso
1Puppet-MasterGreatest Care
2Mystic ProwlerNational Unity in the Year 20
3Pink PantherMisprint

Extempo Competition
1Big B
3Black Sage

Flag Waving Competition
1Trinidad Connoisseurs200
2High Larks198
3Silver Stars184

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