Decorating your Christmas tree with lights

Lights are a common feature to Christmas trees that help add to the Christmas ambiance and feeling. The colours, shapes and features of lights that are used usually depend on the theme chosen for the tree.

Once the specific lights are chosen, you can use these tips as a rule of thumb:

1. For every vertical foot of artificial Christmas trees to be decorated, use 50 - 100 lights depending on the desired brightness or glow required.

2. Lights should be strung on the tree first, before any other ornaments or decorations are added. Strings should be the same colour of the tree, usually dark green to help conceal the wires that are attached to the lights.

3. Extension cords should be wrapped around the trunk of the tree and at the bottom.

4. Remove the strings of lights from packaging and plug them on, to ensure all connected bulbs are working before placing them on the tree.

5. The lights should be left on when decorating the tree. If any gap in light placement occurs, it would be easily visible.

6. The actual placement of the lights is up to you, but a good idea is to start from the bottom of the tree and work upwards.

7. Lights could be wrapped around every major branch from the trunk to the tip and then repeated until the tree is covered. Alternatively lights could be wrapped in circles around the tree, starting at the trunk and moving outwards to the branches in separate spirals. Remember to avoid criss-crossing strands of lights which would make their removal after the Christmas season a tedious task.

8. The base of the tree may require more lights to obtain the desired effect, since this is usually the densest section of the tree.

Article entitled: "At Home...Do it Yourself: Decorating your Christmas tree with lights" courtesy of Newsday
Derek Achong Trinidad Guardian, Published: 21 Nov 2010

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Decorating your Christmas tree with lights Decorating your Christmas tree with lights