Roger's Trinbago Website Credits


I would like to thank the following people and organizations for their contribution  and support to my trinbago site.  Theses individuals/groups supplied  courtesy pictures of Trinidad & Tobago, articles and information to my web site. I appreciate all the help from these contributors enabling me to promote the island we all love Trinidad & Tobago.


Berthlyn & Chris

A. Khadaroo-Kumar

Adrienne deBoucher

Alana Ochoa Trafford

Angela Forde

Angie Beth

Carlton Allie

Chavaughn Bain

Cheryl Seepersad

Claudette Matthews

Cordell Salandy


Emrold Gray

G. Godwin Oyewole

George Maharajh

Hazel B Designs

Helen Houle

Jacqueline A. Morris

Janene Johnson

Jeremy Darmani

John Camacho

Kiasoca International

M. Jansson

Marvel Henry

Nigel Caasar

Nigel Mahibir

Rolly Gray

Shelly Robinson

Sherland Doolgar

Trinidad Express

Trinidad Guardian

Tropical Ensemble

Trudi Latchman

Wilbur Walrond


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