Trinidad & Tobago Diving Information
This page is dedicated to Tobago the sister island of Trinidad. Whether you like swimming, snorkeling, or scuba diving, Tobago has many different species of coral reefs and fishes that make this little Caribbean island a diving mecca of the world!!

Trinidad & Tobago Diving Spots
Dive location a description of the dive spot.
Angel Reef - coral reefs.
Arnos Vale - coral reefs.
Batteaux Bay - a dive location where it has conflicting currents between the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean. See the Atlantic manta rays at this spot.
Blackjack Hole - Little Tobago - sloping reef with extensive corals, sponges, many types of species of fishes, rays, dolphins and nurse sharks.
Bookends - a beautiful reef with hard and soft corals.
Booby Rock - a beautiful diving site for seeing coral reefs and young black coral trees.
Breakfast Bay Reef - coral reefs with many different species of fishes.
Buccoo Reef - a four-acre zone of shallow patch reefs.
Crown Point - coral reefs.
Culloden Bay - coral reefs.
Do-It - corals and sponges of all species, along with many turtles are seen here.
Englishman's Bay - softs coral with a chance of seeing turtles in the area.
Few Man - a group of rocks that just barely breaks the surface of the water.
Flying Reef - coral reefs.
Goat Island - coral reefs.
Innerspace - see the sand dunes between the reefs areas and wander off into the deep blue where one may suddenly meet huge underwater mountains with an abundance of all sorts of marine life.
Japanese Gardens - a beautiful coral garden with corals and sponges.
Little Tobago - home of the Black Forest and the largest brain corals in the world - Kellinston drain.
London Bridge -
St. Giles Island
- underwater canyon with rocky pinnacles, corals, sponges and many types of fishes species.
Long Rock - a group of rocks set with coral reefs in addition you may see lobsters, snappers and the occasional moray eel in caves.
Manta City - Little Tobago - like the word suggest manta rays for viewing, in addition where the current is bizzarre your bubbles goes down before they come up.
Marble Island - view the many marine life both big and small at this dive location such as the moray eels, sharks, turtles and blue, red or green parrotfishes.
Melville Island - coral reefs.
Mt. Irvine Wall - a great diving site for seeing many species of fishes such as batfish, scorpionfish, sea horses, flying gunards, queen angelfish and many more other types of fishes.
Obeahman Point - are two submerged rocks here, one is relatively shallow and the other is a few minutes swim away, and drops off to 130ft, with lots of marine life.
Paradise - a dive location where it takes on the look of storm clouds.
Pirates Bay Reef - coral reefs with small marine life.
Shark Bank - coral reefs where you may see the occasional shark.
Speyside - coral gardens.
The Brothers - a group of rocks and coral reefs that are host to many large fishes.
The Sisters - is a cluster of rock pinnacles which breaks the surface and drops to a depth of 140ft. where you can see many different coral formations, maze of canyons, alpine slopes, species of fishes and sharks.
Three Rock - a group of rocks and coral reefs.
Wild Turtle Dive - coral reefs , plus view the wreckage of MV Maverick

Trinidad & Tobago Diving Shops
Dive Shop NameContact Information
Aqua Marine Dive Ltd.Speyside
868-660-4341 (Tel)
Aquathrills and Trails190 Union Road
868-222-7742 (Tel)
Manta Dive Center (Tobago Dive Pirates)Pigeon Point Road
868-635-1725 (Tel)
Ocean Point's Dive ServicesOcean Point Condo Hotel
PO Box 353
868-639-0973 (Tel)
R&Sea Divers Co Ltd.1Spence Terrace
Milford Road
Bon Accord
868-639-8120 (Tel)
Redman DiveSpeyside
868-660-5464 (Tel)
Ron's Watersports195D Western Main Road
868-622-0459 (Tel)
Scuba Adventure SafariTobago
868-660-REEF (7333) (Tel)
Scuba Specialists120 Kajim Street
868-658-3861 (Tel)
Tobago Dive Experience1PO Box 115
868-660-5268 (Tel)
Tobago Divemasters1Speyside
PO Box 351
868-660-5924 (Tel)
Viking Dive & YachtCrown Point
868-639-0414 (Tel)
Wild Turtle Dive Safari1P.O. Box 154
868-639-7936 (Tel)
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