Trinidad & Tobago Fabric Shops

Fabric ShopContact Information
Aboud Jimmy The Textile KingQueen & Henry Streets
Port of Spain
(Tel) 625-2904
Abraham's StoreBurnett Hill
(Tel) 639-2369
Alicia's114 Coffee Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 652-2686
Angie's Fabric & Puja Store LtdHigh Street
Princes Town
(Tel) 655-8482
Ramsaran Street
(Tel) 672-3895
Rampersad Plaza
(Tel) 647-3319
Penal Junction
(Tel) 647-1766
Montano Plaza
San Fernando
(Tel) 653-7252
Assad's Bed & BathMid Centre Mall
(Tel) 671-7867
Bachu's Company Ltd6 Main Road
(Tel) 671-2449
Bradford Trading Ltd22 & 24 Henry Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 623-8474
Cindy Fabric & Bridal PalaceOundhan Trace
San Juan
(Tel) 674-4703
Classy Fabrics31 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 627-8862
Daisy's Exclusive11 Main Road
(Tel) 665-5212
Deluxe Fabric Centre22 High Street
(Tel) 649-3243
Fabric Land Nationwide48 Queen Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 623-2635
84 High Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 657-0178
27 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 623-3938
129 Eastern Main Road
Sangre Grande
(Tel) 668-5735
Gulf City Mall
La Romain
(Tel) 653-2440
Fabric World Ltd8 Fifth Street
(Tel) 674-8431
Hi Fashion FabricsValpark Shopping Plaza
(Tel) 663-1859
House of Taylor's LtdCharlotte Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 627-7176
K A F Enterprises LtdHigh Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 655-4357
Kalloo's Craft & Flower ShopUpper Level Plaza 2001
Main Road, Chaguanas
(Tel) 665-0536
Ma'bRobinson & Main Streets
(Tel) 639-2775
Mansoor G & Sons Ltd63 Queen Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 623-2740
Miguel Moses & SonsFrederick & Hart Streets
Port of Spain
(Tel) 627-4278
Mode Alive34 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 627-5483
Nina's The Curtain People29 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 623-2170
Radica Trading Company Ltd91 Montrose Main Road
(Tel) 665-0391
36 Cipero Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 652-0277
68-70 Henry Street
Port of Spain
(Tel) 627-2315
Ramahan's Fashion Fabrics Ltd33 High Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 653-4739
Singh's Dry Goods Store10 Market Street
(Tel) 658-5754
Tunapuna Shopping Centre60 Eastern Main Road
(Tel) 663-1479
Vanity FairValpark Shopping Plaza
(Tel) 663-3117
Yufe's Chain of Fabric Stores49 Saddle Road
(Tel) 628-4304
23 Stanmore Avenue
Port of Spain
(Tel) 624-4552
208 Eastern Main Road
Sangre Grande
(Tel) 668-3877
1-2 Main Road
(Tel) 665-3077
Ground Floor
Trincity Mall
(Tel) 640-4101
Western Main Road & George Cabral Street
St. James
(Tel) 622-9119
50-51 Tumpa Road
(Tel) 643-2562
Retail Outlet & Warehouse
El Socorro
(Tel) 675-5146
37 Saddle Road
San Juan
(Tel) 674-6702
9 Queen Street
(Tel) 667-0011
50 High Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 652-7074
36 Cipero Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 657-5549
32-34 Lower High Street
San Fernando
(Tel) 652-8330
210 Eastern Main Rd
Sangre Grande
(Tel) 668-1517
  • outside TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868

  • If you know any fabric shop that are not listed/changed or no longer exist........
    please email me the fabric shop information. Thanks for your input!

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