T&T Fire Service House Fire Safety Guidelines

Trinidad & Tobago Fire Service Safety Guidelines for protecting yourself and your family from a house fire.

*Install Smoke detectors/heat detectors

*Purchase Fire extinguishers

*Install burglar proofs on windows that can be adjusted and opened with a key in the case of a fire and other emergencies

*Ensure that there is a key in a safe place nearby to open the burglar proofs in the case of an emergency

*Remove all combustibles from the home that can cause a fire (such as paint)

*Have a plan to leave the house in case of a fire. Establish exit points

*Ensure you have the phone number for the closest fire station at hand

*All T&T's fire stations provide training to members of the public on how to use fire extinguishers, contact them for guidance

For people who want to build a new house, he advised:

*Ensure that when installing burglar proofs, they are adjustable and can be opened with a key in case of emergency

*Make sure that every room is built in a certain way where there is an escape point

*If a two-storey house is being built, make sure it is designed in a way that allows family members to escape without hurting themselves. For example, a family member can get out of window on the top floor and get onto a ledge, then jump to the ground

'People ignoring fire guidelines' ...tips to keep yourself and your loved ones safe
Trinidad Guardian, Raphael John-Lall; Sun Aug 01 2021

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