Traditional Games
Some of the traditional games with a brief description played in Trinidad & Tobago

A Sailor -- went to see see see(touch around your eyes, & then clap your palms with your partner, to see what he could see see see (eyes& clap palms) and all that he could see see see (eyes, clap palms) was the bottom of the ocean see see see (eyes etc) then a sailor went to knock knock knock (knock on your elbow, clap palms) repeat movement like by "see" then same with 'knee' & the last was 'see knock knee" to see what he could see knock knee etc. Also great for co-ordination.
Bail Cup -- you fill a milk pan with stones, any amount of people can play, one person has to find the others who goes into hiding, and say Bail Cup while shaking the pan (NAME CALLED) behind the fence or tree, come out. also the ones in hiding can run out and shake the pan. The game then starts over.
Blind Man -- A person eyes are covered, and has to feel his or her way to catch the others the first one to get touched is it.
Brown Girl -- A circle is formed and holding hands while singing brown girl in the ring, when the song is finished the girl has to kiss one of the boys.
Marble Games
  • Rings - A circle is drawn in the ground and marbles put in you take turns to knock them out.

  • 3 Hole - 3 holes are dug, 3 or 4 players they stand at one end and pitch the marble to the other end and try to get it in the hold in one, if they do they try for the 2 hold , if they get it they go for the 3 one , then go back down to the 2 one then 1 st one then, repeat the first step again, if a hold is not made one the first try turns are taken. the fist person to come back up the 2nsd time is the winner.

  • 10 20 - a fun game mostly played by the younger kids the pitch the marble to knock or hit the other person marble and points are given.
    Oliver Twist -- being a ball game - more for girls maybe where one throws the ball against a wall and before it bounces back to you have to do some action. It went like-Oliver Twist can do this, (action) if so touch your toe(action) turn around(action) touch the ground(action) merry go round etc. always bouncing the ball against the wall-it was a very good co-ordination game.
    Red Over -- Two teams mostly Girls vs Boys both form a line and hold hands, them call a name while saying Red over red over send (name called ) right over and the person has to break through. if not they go back to the team.
    Rescue -- A game of catch, where a person catches the others one by one and puts them in jail or holding, he or she still has to catch all, but any one who is not caught, and run into the jail and rescue the others with out getting caught.
    Rounders -- Like base ball, except you hit the ball with your hand, and run the bases, then the next person comes to bat. and the other team have to get you out, by hitting you with the ball.
    Non-Traditional Games
    More common games and sports played in Trinidad & Tobago
    Basketball -- no difference.
    Cricket -- similiar to baseball in North America.
    Football -- better known as soccer in North American
    Netball -- similar to basketball
    Swimming -- no diffenence

    If you know any traditional children game not listed........
    please email me the game with a brief description. Thanks for your input!

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