Garlic Pork
A dish mostly cooked at the Christmas season.

  • 5 lbs lean pork, no bones
  • white vinegar to wash pork in (don't use any water to wash pork)
  • 1/2 lb garlic
  • 2 oz salt
  • 2 small bottles malt vinegar
  • same amount of boiled and cooled water
  • large amount of fresh oregano leaves

    Squeeze the wite vinegar from the pork after washing it, then rub meat with salt, garlic and oregano leaves. put malt vinegar and cooled, boiled water into a large glass jar (without any metal cover) and add the pork. Marinate pork for about 5 days in this mixture. Heat a heavy iron pot, then drop about one tablespoon of water into it, add as much pork as you may want to fry at a time and lower the fire. Fry until tender on a slow fire, about 1/2 hour.

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