Sweet T&T

I is a Trini to de bone
Easy for some people to say,
But lots ah dem who saying so
Pack dey jaajee and gone away.
Dey run to hell out de kitchen
Cause dey couldn't deal wid de heat.
Safe in London and Toronto
Dey now saying T&T sweet.
Nice woman, food,drink,music, fete,
Is all dese "patriots" recall,
But slackness,crime and pollution
Dey doh talk about dat at all.
Some ah dem, who have business, stay,
But dey wife and children not here,
Cause banditry and kidnapping
Used to have dem living in fear.
Still others, who complain bout crime
In dese sweet islands in de fun,
Involved in the narcotics trade
Or importing and renting gun.
Big shots, who organising crime,
Make life hard for de rest ah we
Who cyar afford to pay to live
In a gated community.
The two most common ways to die
In this so called sugar island
Is either by road accident,
Or some blood thirsty gunman's hand.
Whether you in a vehicle,
Or walk the road in T&T,
Make sure that you at peace with God,
And prepared for Eternity.
Murder and road death statistics,
Are both vying for prominence,
Newspaper headlines everyday
Highlight the latest incidents.
You eh safe whether in your home,
In a restaurant or a fete,
Bandits and rapists on the prowl
Looking to see what they could get.
And even after they rob you,
Like dem brutes still not satisfy...
De devil always chooking dem
To make sure dat somebody die.
Drunken drivers cause accidents
On de road after every fete,
But still Traffic authorities
Cyar bring the breathalyser yet.
The center strip on the highway
Is now one giant litter bin
For motorists of the nation
To throw boxes and bottles in.
Vaps, vai kee vai and now for now
Are de watchwords of de nation...
But we planning for the future...
We have 20-20 vision.
Yet still, if Trinidad bun dong,
Is in de ashes ah livin',
Hell or high water, sink or swim,
Wid de Trini boat ah sailin'.

Gene Wilkes

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