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edited from Guardian Newspaper;
"He did not want to go"
By Camille Clarke, Trinidad Guardian, Tuesday, July 15th, 2008

hiking The UWI Hiking Club­not the club that organised the hike to the Heights of Guanapo on Sunday­ gave the following safety tips yesterday.

Before the hike
  • At least one week before, a group is sent out to ensure that the trail is good.
  • Observations are made about the weather, days before the hike.
  • Information on hikers­names, telephone numbers, emergency contact.
  • It is taken to the nearest police station.
  • The police are informed of the time hikers are expected to return.
  • If the police station is near to the hiking site, the club enquires whether rain fell the previous night.
  • Permission is sought from the police to enter hiking site.
  • Information from police about activities taking place at the site.
  • Leaders are informed of medical conditions of hikers.
  • People with medical issues are supposed to walk with personal medication.

    hiking During the hike
  • In each maxi, two experienced people are present to assist.
  • A person who knows the trail leads the group.
  • This individual must have a fair knowledge of how to handle and approach wildlife in forested areas.
  • An experienced hiker is the last person in the group (the backmarker).
  • People are not allowed to pass the leader or trail the backmarker.
  • The backmarker stays behind with people who need to rest.
  • Six walkie-talkies are carried for long and strenuous trails.
  • The leader carries one and the backmarker carries another. Others are distributed within the group.
  • Two walkie-talkies are distributed to each maxi.
  • Two safety kits are carried on the journey.
  • A nurse or individual certified in CPR and first aid is present.
  • Along the hiking trail there is one walkie-talkie for every 20 people.
  • If swimming is required, life jackets are given to those who cannot swim.
  • A rope is used as an aid in crossing deep waters.
  • No alcohol is allowed on the hike.
  • No littering is allowed during the hike.

    (Compiled by Ayanna Alexander)

    nb: Hiking images courtest of Calvin Antoine.

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