Protecting Your Home & Family against Burglary

While you cannot make your home totally burglarproof, you can make entry difficult for the Burglar. Remember: Burglars do not like delays, too many risks or too much attraction.

1. Use good door locks (Dead Bolts) and window locks.

2. Have exterior lights on at night when you’re home, and lights on inside when you are not at home. As a general rule leave lights on at all times at night.

3. Have alert watch-dogs.

4. Ensure your fence is secure and gates are in working order. Do not delay repairs.

5. Ensure the dark areas are well lit and that all light switches are located in the interior of your home, where you and your family alone would have access.

6. If your neighbourhood has a crime watch programme then get involved.

7. Report any suspicious looking characters in the area to the police ­ giving full descriptions.

8. Be alert when entering & leaving your home.

9. If you have a touch tone phone service enter emergency numbers on speed dialing

10. Make entering your home as difficult as possible for the burglar.

Information courtes of MTS (National Maintenance Training and Security Company Ltd)

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