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Welcome to my Trinbago website....dedicated to people looking for information on the Caribbean, specifically the wonderful twin island paradise of Trinidad & Tobago. I hope you find this site very entertaining, exciting and full of information! Please feel free to send me comments and suggestions on how I can make this a better website. Click on the links on the left frame to begin your tour of the island!!

note: I currently do not handle any type of booking or tickets requests (hotel/ferry/car/airline/shows reservations etc...) at the moment. I will simply delete your email for such requests.
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Current Time & Date in Trinidad & Tobago
Trinidad & Tobago Weather
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Tntisland Creator

This section features a brief biography on the owner of Roger's Trinbago Website aka as well as information on how to contact the owner of this website with your questions, comments or suggestions.

Tobago Beach

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De Question Korner

This section features TnTisland aka Roger's Trinbago website frequently ask questions. Be sure to check out the FAQ for the most common questions asked on my trinbago site!

Tobago Port Terminal

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Trinbago Christmas

This section is dedicated for all those people who loves a Trinbago Christmas.

Trinbago Christmas

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De Twin Island

This section has information about Trinidad & Tobago such as island facts, beaches, national emblems, .calendar of events, media outlets and sightseeing attractions. In addition it also lists communities, villages, towns and cities that make up the island of Trinidad & Tobago.

Store Bay

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Trinbago Lingo

This section contains dialect/creole talk that make trinbagonian language unique in the world.

Woodford Square

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Trinbago Beauties

This section is dedicated to past and present Trinbago Queens whether they won Miss Trinidad & Tobago, Miss Universe or Miss World pageant titles.

Trinbago Pageant Queens

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We Heroes

This section is dedicated to Trinbagoians that received medals whether it be The Chaconia Medal, The Humming Bird Medal or the Public Service Medal of Merit.

Order oF The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago

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Island Bachannal

This section host information on the carnival, calypso tents, venues, fetes, parang and the music scene. In addition there is a special dedication section to Aldwyn Roberts better known as "The Grandmaster" aka "Lord Kitchener".


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Pan Jumbie

This section is dedicated to de sweet sound of pan, the national instrument of Trinidad & Tobago, and is the only non-electronic musical instrument invented in the twentieth century.


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We Ting

This section is dedicated to de cultural aspect of Trinidad & Tobago.

vendor stall

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Trinbago Tranquility

This section contains a listing of hotels, inns, resorts and guesthouses for the island of Trinidad & Tobago.

beach sunset

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Cruisin de Island

This section has information on getting around the island of Trinidad & Tobago whether it be by airlines, ferry, car, taxis, limousine or motorcycle.

Piarco Airport

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Limin' on de Island

This section features activities to do on the island whether it is going to a bar, night club, casino, theatre, gallery, museum or cinema.


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De Government

This section has information on Trinidad & Tobago Government such as the fiscal budget, the constitution, ministries department and portfolios, courts system, parliament, political parties, senators, members of parliament, ombudsman, election boundaries commission , Caribbean embassies, consulate offices and Tobago House of Assembly and Members.

Twin Towers

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De Government Services

This section offers information on Trinidad & Tobago government services which includes national security, emergency services, social services, and national companies such as WASA, TTPost and T&Tec.

Port of Spain

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De Business

This section includes information on business hours, currency, commerce, associations, organizations and commonwealth countries.

Chaguanas Main Road

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Trinbago Shopping

This section is for the people that like to shop, which contains TnTisland online shopping mall, duty free shops, department stores and shopping plazas for Trinidad & Tobago.

St James Western Main Road

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Passin by de Shop

This section features various businesses and services operating on the island of Trinidad & Tobago.

vendor stall

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De Health Services

This section features health services in Trinidad & Tobago which include medical centres, regional health authorities, health clubs and nursing homes.

Scaborough General Hospital

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Cuisine ala Rumshop

This section lists recipes that make up the wonderful world of trinbago cuisine.

trinibago food

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De Sports Scene

This section features sports and recreations scene around Trinidad & Tobago such as football, cricket, cycling, diving, fishing, golf, horseracing, and yacht clubs information.

cricket fans

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This section lists schools in Trinidad & Tobago.

Woodbrook Secondary School

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Nex Generation

This section is dedicated to children between the ages of 5 and 12.

children playing on merry-go-round

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Family Tree

This section contains information on the James (5th & 6th generation) Family Genealogy tree that are descendants of Rosetta (Smith) James(3rd generation) from the family of John Chow Martin Family.

Martin Family Crest

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This section features important information for Trinidad & Tobago such as crime, weather, health and travel.

tony's coconut vendor

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Las Lap

This section features TnTisland's site of the week, picture of de week, Caribbean events board and Caribbean Brass Connection club.

Manzannila Bay

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Trinbago Sunset

Bon Voyage, in this section you find TnTisland banners, mailing list, guestbook, credits, website search, and site index. Please come back again to see what new on my trinbago site.

cp airport

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The Trinbago Site of the Week

The University of the West Indies Seismic Research Centre

The UWI Seismic Research Centre

courtesy of Roj's Trinbago Website

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