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Past News

Final report on the Martin Family Reunion Committee ...
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Martin Family

This page is the James Family (5th, 6th & 7th generation) ...Roger and Robert James (6th generation); June Marion James & Ralph Eric Vernon James (5th Genreation); Zimenia Haynes & Eric Vernon James (4th generation); Rosetta Smith-James (3rd Generation) & John Johnson James; Matilda Martin (2nd Genration) & Edward James Smith; of John & Margaret (need Agustus) Chow Martin

These are the primary surnames descendants from the John Chow Martin Family dating back to 1850's.

* Headley* James* Lee Young
* Martin* Smith* Walrond
(Smith)James Family - Chow-Martin Family Website

(Smith)James Family on Facebook - Chow-Martin Family on Facebook

Martin Family

For more information on John Chow Martin Family ancestory contact one of the following people

* Wilbur Walrond * Roger James

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