Kiddies Korner Brain Buster

#1: What Tobago community does Calypso Rose (MacArtha Lewis) comes from?

#2: What year was the National Steel Symphony Orchestra (N.S.S.O.) founded?

#3: What month does Charlotteville Harvest Festival take place in Tobago?

#4: Bonswč means what in patois (creole) language?

#5: According to Trinidad and Tobago folklore legend who lives in the forest and is also the father or protector of the animals that live there?

#6: What village was refer to as Cunapo/Cunape village in the early 1900's?

#7: How many Borough corporations are there in Trinidad?

#8: What beach is the widest when the tide is out?

#9: The largest brain coral in the world can be found where?

#10: Roughly how many seaports are there in Trinidad and Tobago?

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