Kiddies Korner Brain Buster

#1: In 2017, what frontline singer is the first Chutney Soca Ambassador spokesperson for Orchard Drinks?

#2: On November 5, 2017, Asa Wright Nature Centre (AWNC) celebrated what anniversary of its existence?

#3: In a steelband (tenors, double tenors, double seconds, double guitar, triple cello, four cello, quadrophonics, tenor bass and bass) how many of these instruments can play counter-melody?

#4: What tertiary institution honoured Lord Kitchener with a posthumous honorary doctorate (Doctor of Letters) in December 2017?

#5: Coconut Bay is a private man-made beach belonging to what resort?

#6: Chachalaca Bird is also known as what other name?

#7: Pelican Island belongs to what island group in Trinidad & Tobago?

#8: The Blue Basin is considered to be the deepest part of what river?

#9: Trinidad & Tobago Government have implemented a colour-coded national security alert system in 2014. What does the Orange Level means in terms of national security threat?

#10: What maxi taxi coloured scheme operate the route between Port of Spain to San Fernando (including Chaguanas, Couva, Gasparillo)?

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