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If yuh see meh in a red top and a brong pants.. yuh know? Wit meh blue shoes….is Me…ah trini! Ah eh dress bad… Ah jus dress up to go out. When ah laugh… anywhere in de world yuh could tell is me cause ah go laugh out loud…and hard…and long! Is just how ah is. Wit meh brown paper bag full of tings for meh family in de cole… LUK MEH.. goin’ through the airport in Foreign. Das me! Five suitcase and tree bag full of peppersauce, mango, a bottle of rum and a piece of Auntie Ellie Pone!
Yuh know meh by de way ah walk… ah takin every ting in as ah go…lookin up… sideways an ting. Yuh know? Ah have dis need to maco well an get every ting stick in meh brain so dat when ah get back ah could expouse on what ah did see an ting!
When ah doin meh wuk…lef meh alone…ah wukin! An ah eh leavin de ting till I done wuk. When cricket come and Lara battin’ doh even sit next to meh… cause you could end up hurt when yuh see meh hand start flyin’ as de runs begin. When yuh see de umpire tief one ah we…move yes… because if yuh thought it was bad, when tings was good, pardner…is now meh whole body movin’…especially meh mout.
Carnival time is meh real ting…by October ah round de Savannah tryin’ to lose weight So ah lookin’ good for dem two days when ah start to wine. Ah want meh music loud and meh head bad… But ah startin’ to party since Christmas yuh know?… After all we Trinis does take we tings real serious!

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