Carnival Kings Hall of Fame

Ted Eustace portraying "Lords Of De Savannah" from Paparazzi Carnival's - "Hidden" is King of Carnival 2020.

Carnival Kings WinsCarnival KingYearPortrayalBand Leader
9Curtis Eustace1997'D' MatadorRichard Affong (Barbarossa)
1998Dis Is We CarnivalRichard Affong (Barbarossa)
2000D Rough RiderRichard Affong (Barbarossa)
2002Jab MolassieBig Mike & Ian (Legends)
2003D Sky is D LimitBig Mike & Ian (Legends)
2004Drums of FreedomBig Mike & Ian (Legends)
2005War Chant, D' Rise of TatankaCarnival Tribe
2007The Wrath of TutankumhanIsland People
2010Spirit of Mandingoan African LegendSpice Carnival
8Peter Samuel1976The SerpentStephen Lee Heung (Stephen Lee Heung & Assoicates)
1979Devil RayPeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
1980The Midnight RobberPeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
1982The Sacred and the ProfanePeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
1983Man CrabPeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
1984Callaloo Dancing Tic Tac Toe Down the RiverPeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
1987The Merry MonarchPeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
1989Lord of the FliesPeter Minshall (Callaloo Co.)
4Ted (Tedder) Eustace Jr.2013Moko In FlamesTrini Revellers
2016Pshedelic NightmaresAlvin Kallicharan
2017'Crypto'- Lord Of The GalaxyPaparazzi Carnival
2020Lords Of De SavannahPaparazzi Carnival
Albert Moore1968The Phantom FlyIrwin Mc Williams (Irwin Mc Williams & Associates)
1969The Man in the Moon Irwin Mc Williams (Irwin Mc Williams & Associates)
1965The Bandit of GaruIrwin Mc Williams (Irwin Mc Williams & Associates)
1971Lay Me ReIrwin Mc Williams (Irwin Mc Williams & Associates)
Hilton Cox1978The Demon MantisNeville Aming (Neville Aming & Associates)
1981First Quarter of the MoonNeville Aming (Neville Aming & Associates)
1990The Devil's SorcererEdmond Hart (Harts Carnival)
1995Mystic DawnStephen Lee Heung (Stephen Lee Heung & Assoicates)
3Colin Edghill1963King Henry VIIIArchie Yee (Archie Lee & Associates)
1966War God of the Snow KingdomJohn Humphrey (John Humphrey & Associates)
1973Jupiter SuperstarWayne Berkeley & Bobby Ammon(Masquerade)
Tedder Eustace Sr.1975Cock FightCito Velasquez (Cito Velasquez & Associates)
1977King CorbeauCito Velasquez (Cito Velasquez & Associates)
1985The Big FishermanThorne & Celestine
Geraldo Vieira Jr.1996Rain FestCascadoux Productions
1999Let there be LightTrini Revelers
2001Winds - An Element of ChangeTrini Revelers
2Tony Serville1972King of the Midnight SunStephen Lee Heung (Stephen Lee Heung & Assoicates)
1974The Heart of the MatterStephen Lee Heung (Stephen Lee Heung & Assoicates)
Wade Madray2011Pacific TsunamiMike 'Big Mike' Antoine (Legacy)
2014Quars Al Sahraa: Desert StingMike 'Big Mike' Antoine (Legacy)
Roland St. George2012Ralliez-Vous A Mon Panache BlancRoland St. George (D'Krewe)
1Stephen Alexis2009Ndlovu In SearchBrian MacFarlane
Tony Alleng1986The Hat I Got for Christmas Is Too BigStephen Lee Heung (Stephen Lee Heung & Assoicates)
Barry Auguste1993Splendoria, Glory of the SunStephen Lee Heung (Stephen Lee Heung & Assoicates)
Daniel Barker1964Alaric of the VisigothsBoyie Smart (Boyie Smart & & Associates))
Sean De Freitas1988The VisitorEdmond Hart (Harts Carnival)
Joseph Lewis2019Ghelgath - The Demon Lord of IceAntourage Production
Gregory Medina1992Tonight Is the Bongo NightPoison Committee
Errol Payne1967The Jewelled PeacockErrol Payne (Errol Payne & & Associates)
Anthony Paul1994The ConquestRaoul Garib (Raoul Garib Associates)
Roderick Snell1991Flight of the DragonJulian Boldon (Julian Boldon & Associates)
Jhawhan Thomas2008Pandemic RageBrian MacFarlane
Earl Thompson2018Death And The Maiden, The Fancy King Sailor Plays Pegasus(Callalloo {Peter Minshall} and Exodus)
Geraldo Vieira Sr.2006The Might of RomeGeraldo Vieira Sr. (Trini Revellers)
McDonald Ward1970Cylindul, Sun God from the Golden City of PalengueGeorge Bailey (George Bailey & Associates)
Gerard Weekes2013Ai To Yujo No Yorokobi (The Joy of Love and Friendship)Brian MacFarlane
  • The first Carnival King was crowned in 1963; 58 king of the band titles.
  • 1 - tie in 2013 between Gerard Weekes and Ted Eustace

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