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Ten ways to stop marine debris
courtesy of Newsday News, Thursday, September 11th 2008

1. Join Ocean Conservancy’s International Cleanup! Visit

2. Clean up your trash. Throw all trash away in proper receptacles, even when you’re not on the water. Pick up any debris you see while out.

3. Collect your monofilament fishing line. Don’t leave fishing line behind and retrieve any other line you may find while fishing, but be careful not to tug on snagged lines, which could be caught on habitat below the surface.

4. Contain and properly clean spills when boating. Use oil-absorbent rags and materials to clean spills. Check Ocean Conservancy’s Good Mate manual for helpful tips on reducing your negative impacts on the water.

5. Recycle used motor oil and oil filters. Local gas stations should have appropriate facilities for recycling these materials. NEVER pour oil, paint, antifreeze, or other household chemicals into an open sewer or down a storm drain.

6. Consider organic alternatives to household detergents and cleaners. Use lemon juice, vinegar, and baking soda for household cleaning. Avoid using fertilisers, pesticides, herbicides, and harsh chemical cleaners that can wash into waterways.

7. Choose reusable items and use fewer disposable ones. Use fewer disposable bags when shopping or bring your own reusable ones.

8. Properly dispose of used batteries and electronics. Don’t dump them in landfills, use your local recycling centre. These items leach harmful chemicals into the environment that take a long time to disperse.

9. Keep streets, sidewalks, parking lots, and storm drains clear of trash and debris — they empty into our ocean.

10.Contact your elected representatives and let them know you care about marine debris — and that they should care too. Vote for candidates who support marine debris prevention and policies that protect our environment.

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