Remember Carnival in the 90s?

Some might say playing Carnival in the 90s was a simpler time, when costumes were cheaper and had more fabric, soca was less 'groovy' and more 'power', and the beauty of a big mas band was more prevalent. Here are 10 ways you know for sure you played mas in the 90s:

1. You had a ‘full-coverage’ bottom piece. Back in the day the regular bikini bottom was the norm. These days, however, bottom pieces can go from ‘cheeky’ to a full-on thong.

2. Your costume cost under $1,000. This was definitely wayyy back in the early-to-mid 1990s.

3. Footwear consisted mainly of big chunky white sneakers, until people got fancy and started wearing boots. Strangely enough, people are returning to sneakers because (surprise) they are extremely comfortable.

4. Many bands still included standards as part of their costumes (until they realised everyone dropped them in the road by the end of the day).

5. Everyone followed the dance instructions – people moved it to the left, right, down south, spun around, ‘toro toro’-ed, did the bicycle wine, the donkey, tay-lay-lay-ed, and held onto the big truck.

6. Superblue was climbing a speaker-box or scaffolding somewhere, trying to get as high as possible and causing people to have mini-heart attacks.

7. With the powers of Machel and Xtatik combined, unforgettable soca hits were created, such as ‘Music Farm’, ‘Big Truck’, ‘Footsteps’ and ‘Toro Toro’.

8. The 90s was the decade of epic monster fetes: WASA, Brass, National Flour Mills, WITCO, Licensing, Bacchanal Wednesday, Boy Scouts, etc.

9. Fay-Ann and Bunji both had a lot more hair. However, the duo have both evolved their looks to the sharp, edgy styles we see today.

10. The carnival bands of the day were Poison, Barbarossa, Harts, Peter Minshall, Wayne Berkeley, Legends, George Bailey, Trini Revellers, and many more – many of which are still going strong.

Rest assured that no matter when you play mas, it's always the best time, with your best friends and family members at your side.

Happy Carnival!

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10 signs you played mas in the 90s
BY: Alina Doodnath
16:43, February 17, 2017

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