Medium Band of the Year Hall of Fame

K2K Alliance & Partners with it presentation "The Greatest Show (Welcome to the Circus Called Life)" is Medium Band of the Year for carnival 2020.

Medium Band WinsMas Leader/BandYearPresentation
13'D' Midas Associates1989'D' Howlin
1990Out of Africa
1991In 'D' Heat of 'D' Nite
1992Quelque Chose
1993Heads And Tails
1994Where? In 'D' Pacific
1995Ebony And Ivory
1996'D' Legends of Fire And Ice
1997Lost Realms
1998Space Odyssey
2000Tribal Rage
2001Dynasties In D Desert
1978Standard Bearers
1980Space Encounters
1982Smoke Signals
1984The Crusaders
6K2K Alliance & Partners2015M3 (Millennia Three): The Long Walk From Home
2016Searching for Shangri-La
2017At The Helm
2018We Stand United
2018Through the Stain Glass Windows
2020The Greatest Show (Welcome to the Circus Called Life)
4Ronnie & Caroline McIntosh
(Ronnie & Caro Mas)
2008De Gulf
3Trini Revelers1999Savage Garden
2002Six Days Seven Nights in Shanghai
2003Gathering of the Tribe1
2Max Awon1987Dance We Dance
1Charlie Thomas1976Chessmen
Neville Aming1979Legend of The Mayans
Thorne & Celestine1983Sing Sing Festival in New Guinea
???2004Banquet of D Nile
Brian McFarlane2005D Washing by Fire
Peter Minshall - The Callaloo Company2006Sacred Heart
The Words & Associates2012Exodus The Second Book Of The Bible
Colorz Fuh So2013The Conquest
Jus Wee & Friends2014Jus Wee & Friends
  • medium band of the year competiton began in 1976; 43 medium band of the year titles.
  • 1 - 2003 result is void due to a protest in the court.
  • If anyone know what small band portray "Banquet of D Nile", please email me with the information, thanks.

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