Trinidad & Tobago Medical Laboratories

Medical LaboratoriesContact Address
Advantage Lab Services Ltd.5A Lord Street
San Fernando
653-6993 (Tel1)
290-3211 (Tel2)
Guapo Cap-De-Ville Road
Point Fortin
648-0549 (Tel)
Alexandra MRIAlexandra Street
St Clair
Analytical Health Services (AHS)
Dr. Derek Emmanuel

AHS is specialized in the PRE-DETECTION of Cervical Cancer(PCR-DNA Testing locally),
We also offer targeted health intervention strategies using diagnostic and interpretative
analysis of Blood by our very own Molecular and Clinical Pathologist.
37 Eleanor Street
283-6675 (Tel)
Bio-Medical Laboratory Ltd.9 Circular Road
St. James
622-8450 (Tel)
Bio-Q Laboratory ServicesCouva Shopping Complex
636-5535 (Tel)
Central Medical Lab Ltd.102 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
625-6603 (Tel)
Clin Lab102A Frederick Street
Port of Spain
623-5620 (Tel)
Curepe Medical Laboratory Services Ltd.11 Eastern Main Road
662-1217 (Tel)
Haema-Tec Medical Laboratories10 Foster Road
Sangre Grande
668-4000 (Tel)
Hi Tech Laboratory Services Ltd.86 Main Road
665-2049 (Tel)
Labquick Ltd.#125 SS Erin Road
Duncan Village, San Fernando
313-5618 (Tel)
Lab Medica ServicesSt. James Street & Poine-A-Pierre Road
San Fernando
652-4947 (Tel)
653-1409 (Fax)
10A Chancery Lane
San Fernando
657-5096 (Tel)
Wickham Street
Point Fortin
648-1456 (Tel)
107A Southern Main Road
636-2621 (Tel)
14 Irving Street
San Fernando
652-2821 (Tel)
Laboratory At Doctors' Inn, TheOxford & Henry Streets
Port of Spain
624-8934 (Tel)
624-8969 (Fax)
Life Lab Ltd.1
88-90 Lady Hailes Avenue
San Fernando
657-1LAB/1522 (Tel)
Maraval Laboratory Services24 Alexandra Street
St. Clair
628-5849 (Tel)
628-5849 (Fax)
Med Lab Services Ltd.#30 Cipero Street
San Fernando
657-1326 (Tel)
#7 Adventure Road
Point Fortin
357-5016 (Tel)
Medical Laboratory95 Eastern Main Road
663-7318 (Tel)
Omega Medical Laboratory11 Eastern Main Road
662-5427 (Tel)
Ramsaran Bal DrOxford & Henry Streets
Port of Spain
624-8934 (Tel)
St Augustine Medical laboratory1
(Dr. Bal Ramsaran, Chem Path.)
Mik Arl Building
143 Eastern Main Road
St Augustine
663-2387 (Tel)
662-2802 (Fax)
St. Elizabeth's Laboratory69 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
623-1893 (Tel)
Scarborough Medical LaboratoriesMain Street
Scarborough, Tobago
639-6256 (Tel)
Southern Medical Services Co. Ltd26 Quenca Street
San Fernando
657-4525 (Tel)
Spectrum Medical Services21 Woodford Street
667-7989 (Tel)
Valsayn Medical Laboratory11 Kairi Roa
663-3252 (Tel)
20 Irving Street
San Fernando
652-5142 (Tel)
Victoria Laboratories Ltd9-13 Archibald Street
Vistabella, San Fernando
652-4583 (Tel1)
652-4579 (Tel2)
657-0761 (Fax)
West Shore Medical
#239 Western Main Road
628-3214 (Tel1)
628-0435 (Tel2)
Chaguanas Medical Associates
Centre Pointe Mall
Ramsaran Street
665-5568 (Tel)
#14 Endeavour Road
665-1928 (Tel)
#22 Southern Main Road
636-4567 (Tel)
#73A Saddle Road
628-4194 (Tel)
#43 Adventure Road
Point Fortin
648-1862 (Tel)
#69 Woodford Street
Port of Spain
622-5817 (Tel)
#7 Lothians Road
Princes Town
6559932 (Tel/Fax)
St. Helena Junction
Via Caroni, St. Helena
669-4720 (Tel)
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  • If you know any medical laboratory that are not listed/changed or no longer exist........
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