Motorcycle Riding Safety Tips

Riding a motorcycle for the first time can be a nerve wrecking experience but exhilarating enough that you want to own one. It can be tough when making that decision to buy a motorcycle, especially when you might find opposition from close relations. Check with a dealer or representative and ask questions,let them know your queries and concerns. Let the dealer assist you in choosing the right bike for your level and in making the right judgments for your safety on the road. Also let them assist you in determining the proper helmet and equipment that can save your life.

Safety Tip for Motor Cycle Users.

  • Always do your Pre-ride checks and evasive maneuvers.

  • Ride with due care and attention.

  • Develop the skill in effective turning and braking.

  • Use protective gear properly.

  • Recognise traffic Regulations.

  • Be cautious in special riding situations.

  • Be cautious on roads or pathways with spilt fuel, it is hazardous.

  • Ride with head lights on at all times-a safety measure to ensure that you are seen by other vehicles on the road.

  • Reduce speed on wet roads, uneven/loose surfaces and when raining.

  • When cornering reduce speed or braking-at high speed cornering capabilities are less.

  • Wear your rain gear to keep you dry from head to toe.

  • Always wear proper riding apparels even if it is a short ride-if you fall it can prevent you from being injured.

  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or any sub-stance-this can limit your judgment in safe riding. Always wear proper riding apparels even if it is a short ride-if you fall it can prevent you from being injured.

  • Never ride under the influence of alcohol or any substance-this can limit your judgment in safe riding.

  • Never ride while on medication especially those that causes drowsiness.

  • Ensure air pressures are correct in tyres and replace before time is up to be replaced-it may prevent you from accidents.

  • Proper motorcycle riding starts with proper clothing. You should be covered well, the clothes should not flutter in the wind. Choose bright colours -they help safe riding. Be sure to wear a helmet of good quality. Choose one that fits well and that does not feel heavy. Avoid using one that has been subjected to an impact before even if it looks all right on the outer shell. Wear only an authorised helmet that conforms to local regulations. They are designed to protect the rider's head in event of an accident. It should fit the size of your head and it should not feel heavy on you if it is worn for a long time. It should not obstruct your view when the straps are fastened to ensure visibility.

  • Gloves protect your hands and fingers in cases of accident and they allow a firm grip.

  • Goggles protect your eyes from wind, dust and fatigue when riding at high speed for long distance. Choose a pair that fits well and permit wide view.

  • Wear light shoes, thick socks, leather with thin soles and a heel. Simple shoelaces if necessary.

  • Do not wear sandals they do not protect your feet.

    Edited and courtesy Trinidad, Express Mix, Magazine, Sunday, March 28th 2004

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