Trinidad & Tobago Nursing Agency

Nursing AgenciesContact Information
Hamilton Home Health Care AgencyPort of Spain
283-6949 (Tel)
Healthwise Services Nursing Agency60 Brunton Avenue
Diego Martin
633-4957 (Tel)
Home and Personal Health Care Services
357-3710 (Tel)
Everbless Nursing Services58-60 Charlotte Street
Port of Spain
460-5510 (Tel)
Premier Nursing Services Agency Ltd31 Pinto Circle
667-7477 (Tel)
Premium Quality Nursing Services#47 Dowlat Circular North
Coal Mine
Sangre Grande
734-1371 (Tel)
Rovon Home Health Care Ltd76 Zephyr Drive
694-0866 (Tel)
694-0920 (Fax)
TCD Nursing Service Ltd.
Diego Martin
321-1047 (Tel1)
473-6166 (Tel2)
695-8436 (Tel3)
Trinidad & Tobago Resgistered Nurses Association26 Victoria Square West
Port of Spain
623-8330 (Tel)
Visiting Nurse Services Trinidad & Tobago1San Fernando
315-0034 (Tel1)
485-2024 (Tel2)
  • outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868
  • 1 - website are on the net, please see the "health" section on my tnt links page.

  • If you know any nursing agency that are not listed/changed........
    please email me the nursing agency information. Thanks for your input!

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