TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: Alwin Chow Lin On and Ellis Chow Lin On co-founded what East zone panside?

#2: What panside is in the Guinness Book of World Records for headlining a concert in 1990 with renowned French composer Jean Michel Jarre?

#3: Who was Trinidad All Stars first female musical director?

#4: What year was Jit Samaroo bursary established which is awarded to support members of BP Renegades steelband with their academic expenses.

#5 Ray Holman composed his first pan piece entitled “Ray’s Saga”, in what year?

#6: What south pan icon was one of the first pannists to win a national Panorama both as a player and arranger?

#7: The spider web tenor pan created by Anthony Williams has how many notes?

#8: What street corners in Port of Spain has been renamed Neville Jules Junction in February 2021?

#9 What year did Laventille Serenaders switch from the single pan band to the the conventional small band category.?

#10: Anthony Prospect created the first pan theatre for what band?

#11: What Trinidad panside won the inaugural Caribbean Steelband Panorama Championship in Grenada in 2001?

#12: In terms of music function how many pan instruments (designation) can play counter-melody?

#13: What pan icon fashioned a Panorama ‘Bass movement’ that uses pauses and sudden drops in the music?

#14 Matthew Roach was known to everyone as a double kick (boop) drummer and co-founder of what south band?

#15 What year was soloist segment introduced as part of the Pan Ramajay competition?

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