TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: What panside was once called Eastside Symphony when it was formed in 1965?

#2: What junior and senior side have both won 11 National Panorama titles?

#3: In the Medium Category what band won the inaugural Panorama Finals that was held in Tobago?

#4: Another name for the trapset (trap set) is what?

#5 What pan icon invented the porta pan (tenor pan minus what is called the skirt) and a collapsible pan stand for tuning?

#6: What year was soloist segment introduced as part of the Pan Ramajay competition?

#7: Who invented the triple second Pan with foot bass?

#8: What Tobago panside won 2 'Beaver Tricks' (3 in a row) in THA panorama (1989 to 1992 and 1995 to 1998)?

#9 Denzil 'Dimes' Fernandez completed the first 'Bore Pan' (a pan with greater tonal range and clearer, longer notes), in what year?

#10: Andre Boldan was a performer in a quartet (Caribbean Uni Sounds) for what cruise line for two tours? (first was 1997–1999 and the second was 2000–2003)

#11: Pan Trinbago’s Headquarters (from around 2000 to this present day) along the Churchill Roosevelt Highway still sit unfinished in deteriorating conditions where?

#12: In terms of music function how many pan instruments (designation) can play counter-melody?

#13: What panside has won the most Single Pan (Traditional) panorama titles?

#14 Pan Trinbago designates what month as Pan Month?

#15 What pan icon was honoured with a street between upper High Street and Harris Promenade, San Fernando?

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