TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: In 2015 Junior Panorama (Primary Category) who was the arranger for St Paul's Boys Anglican School that won panorama with a Machel Montano's tune 'Too Young To Soca'?

#2: Who won the ensembles category in Pan is Beautiful XII playing a Michael Jackson tune entitled 'Earth Song'?

#3: In October 2003, various members of Hatters, Phase II Pan Groove and Siparia Deltones form what band with Boogsie Sharpe as the arranger to perform in Petrotrins's 10th Anniversary Republic Day 'Rainbows' - A Tribute To Excellence concert staged at the Manny RamJohn Stadium, in Marabella?

#4: In panorama judging what 2 categories are awarded 40 points each?

#5 What current panside used to be called Blue Stars?

#6: What former Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago performed with 'Playboys' in 1968 at UWI Mona Jamaica?

#7: How many players were chosen from the Tobago region for National Steelband in 1964 to perform in USA?

#8: What pan pioneer designed the spider web pan, using the musical theory of 'the circle of 5ths'?

#9 Alfred 'Sacks' Mayers an, a earlier pan pioneer had the distinction of what?

#10: How many times was the Tobago panorama competition cancelled?

#11 In 2016 Junior Panorama (Secondary Category) who won the panorama with Lord Kitchener's tune Guitar Pan?

#12: In 1965 panorama what band played Sparrow's Steering Wheel?

#13: In terms of music function what 2 instruments play melody, counter melody and harmony?

#14 What year was Cordettes Steel Orchestra from Sangre Grande roughly established?

#15 What was Earl Rodney first tune that he arranged for Solo Harmonites?

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