TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: In 2003, who was the first pannist featured in Jazz Artists on the Greeens?

#2: In elite category what junior panside made history as the only band to register a beaver trick (4 consecutive panorama titles)?

#3: When was the last time Desperadoes performed first in a National Panorama final and won the competition?

#4: Since panorama began in 1963 how many titles combined has been won by the 'Big 5' pansides (Desperadoes, Phase II, AllStars, Exodus and Renegades)?

#5 What panside home base (panyard) is called the 'House of Steel'?

#6: What panside was originally known as White Stars?

#7: What year was Buccooneers Steel Orchestra (Tobago) formed?

#8: What south panside started out as band that was first created to cater for the recreational needs of the employees of the San Fernando City Corporation and their children?

#9 Who is the current arranger for Pan Elders?

#10: Pan Trinbago will be celebrating of many years of panorama in 2018?

#11 What panside was sponsored by KLM Royal Dutch Airways and also became a resident entertainment fixture at the Trinidad Hilton in the seventies and eighties?

#12: What is another name for alto pans?

#13: What panside recorded an album while appearing at Expo 67 in Montreal?

#14 What year did the crackshot tenor man Dane Gulston become a member of Trinidad AllStars?

#15 Who won the Single Pans National Panorama Finals for 2017?

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