TnTIsland Pandemonium Quiz

#1: What all-girls school was one of, if not the first to incorporate a panside into school activities in 1972 as part of a project for the Duke of Edinburgh Award (now President's Award)?

#2: What year did Enterprise Angel Harps and Golden Glow Tropical Melody merge to become Tropical Angel Harps?

#3: How many Executive committees does Pan Trinbago have?

#4: In the 'Engine Room' another name for the Tumba Drums is what?

#5 What large conventional panside made Panorama history in 2005 by winning the competition by the widest margin ever with 20 points, playing 'Trini Gone Wild'?

#6: In 1975, what Tobago panside toured Quebec, Canada and held several summer camps promoting pan music?

#7: What pan aficionado was recognized by Queen Elizabeth II for the 220th Commonwealth Point of Light Award in honour of their exceptional voluntary service running pan music education programmes for young people and seniors?

#8: What panside has the longest unbroken bond with their sponsor world over (worldwide)?

#9 What panside won their first National Panorama title in the medium conventional band category in 2020?

#10: What panside played in 1964 Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in New York City?

#11: What pan aficionado received the ‘Cultural Ambassador Award for their Musical Creativity and Promotion of the Steel Pan’ from an organization called Trinidad & Tobago Alliance (North America) Inc., based in NYC on November 20th, 2022?

#12: In 1999 Andy Narell became the first foreigner to compose a tune for a Panorama Competition, What was the name of the band that played his tune called 'Coffee Street'?

#13: Dr Mia Gormandy-Benjamin is the artistic musical director for what panside?

#14 What tune did Andre White arrange for Chord Masters to win Single-Pan Bands Finals for 2023 from Ken 'KMC' Marlon Charles?

#15 What Pan virtuoso, composer, arranger, lecturer and university professor received the ‘Keys to the City of San Fernando’ during it annual San Fernando Week Celebrations in 2022?

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