tenor panstenor pans 2019 Panorama Tunes

These are some of the tunes for panorama 2019 that the big bands will be playing this year.

Band - Arranger(s)Tune - Artist(s)
Antillean All Stars - Glen 'Zola' Williams

Arima Angel Harps - Aviel Scanterbury

Iron Love - Nailah Blackman
Belmont 5th Dimension - Clive Telemaque

Birdsong - Robert Greenidge

Blue Diamonds - Tristano Marcano

Blazing The Trail - Machel Montano
Buccooneers (Tobago) - Seion Gomez

Carib Dixieland (Tobago) - Leon 'Smooth' Edwards

Pan On Fire - Winston 'The Original Defosto Hiself' Scarborough
Casablanca - Michael Gabriel

Central Symphony (Tobago) - Tony Williams

Codrington Pan Family - Cary & Keisha Codrington

Couva Joylanders - ???

Curepe Scherzando - Yohan Popwell

Deltones - ???

Dem Boys (Tobago) - Recardo Dennis

Desperadoes - Carlton 'Zanda' Alexander

Iron Love - Nailah Blackman
Exodus - Pelham Goddard/Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle

Rag Storm - Austin 'Super Blue' Lyons feat 3 Canal
Fascinators Pan Symphony - Yohan Popwell

Ah Come Out To Party - Winston 'Shadow' Bailey
Five Rivers Modern Symphony - Keith Salcedo

Fonclaire - Darren Sheppard

Heart Ah Love - Darren Sheppard
Get Down On It (Tobago) - ???

Harmonites - ???

Hatters - Kevin McLeod

Hope Pan Groovers (Tobago) - Tony 'Pan Jumbie' Williams

Humming Birds Odyssey Pan Groove - Murchison Jules

Invaders - Arddin Herbert

Hooking Meh - Darryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry
Joylanders - Stefon West

Fire In The Area - Leston Paul & The N.Y. Connection
Kalomo Kings - Jason Farrell

Hooking Meh - Darryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry
Katzenjammers (Tobago) - Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle

Stranger - Winston 'Shadow' Bailey
Lee Chung's Pan Glow - Amrit Samaroo

Longdenville Claytones - Keith Salcedo

Metro Stars (Tobago) - Cory Codrington

Melodians - Amrit Samaroo/Marlin White

Merrytones - Eric McAllister

Mt Moriah Pan Movement - Nichaeus Richards

New East Side Dimension (Tobago) - Kersh Ramsey

Hello - Kes dieffenthaller
Our Boys (Tobago) - Anslem 'Moon' Campbell

Hulk - Dexter 'Blaxx' Stewart
Pamberi - Andre White

Gyal Owner - Dexter 'Blaxx' Stewart
Pan Elders - Duvone Stewart

De Will - Irwin 'Scrunter' Reyes
Pan Fanatics (Tobago) - ???

Panasonic Connections - Junior Sean 'Wiggy' Hinds

Hello - Kes dieffenthaller
Pandemonium - Kwesi Paul & Tristano Marcano

Goumangala - Winston 'Shadow' Bailey
Parry's Pan School - Selwyn 'Parry' Paul

Phase II Pan Groove - Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe

Party Start - Marvin 'Swappi' Davis and Ultimate Rejects (Edghill 'MX Prime' Thomas; Johann Seaton; Avaron Vanloo; Joel Aming)
Potential Symphony - Seion Gomez

Redemption Sound Settlers (Tobago) - Micheal Toby

Iron Love - Nailah Blackman
Renegades - Duvone Stewart

Hooking Meh - Darryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry<
San City Steel - Damien St. Clair

Sangre Grande Cordettes - Kion Robinson

Professor Say - Destra Garcia
Sforzata - Jeannine Remy

Silver Stars - Liam Teague

Rag Storm - Austin 'Super Blue' Lyons feat 3 Canal
Skiffle - Marc Brooks/Kendall Williams/Odie Franklin

Hooking Meh - Darryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry
Solo Pan Knights - ???

Sound Specialists of Laventille - Seion Gomez

The Phung-Uh-Nung Sweet - Kelvin 'Mighty Duke' Pope
St. Margaretís Superstars - Clive Telemaque/b>

Hooking Meh - Darryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry
Starlift - Robert Greenidge

Steel Xplosion (Tobago) - Akiba 'Panman' Joseph

She Want Me To Sing In She Party - Irwin 'Scrunter' Reyes
SuperNovas - Amrit Samaroo

Hooking Meh - Darryl 'Farmer Nappy' Henry
T&Tec East Side New Dimension (Tobago) - Sydney Joseph

T&Tec Power Stars - Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle

Tobago Panthers (Tobago) - Kenneth 'PanAm' Clarke

Sweet Fuh Days - Patrice Roberts
Tokyo - Richard 'Worm' Jerry

Trinidad AllStars - Leon 'Smooth' Edwards

So Long - Nadia Batson
Tropical Angel Harps - Clarence Morris

Rag Storm - Austin 'Super Blue' Lyons feat 3 Canal
Valley Harps - Robert Tobitt

Dingolay - Winston 'Shadow' Bailey
West Side Symphony (Tobago) - Mickiel Gabriel

Bachannal - Austin 'Super Blue' Lyons
  • tunes being played by the bands or the band arrangers are unofficial and subject to changed/not perform without notice.

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