tenor panstenor pans 2021 Panorama Tunes

These are some of the tunes for panorama 2021 that the big bands will be playing this year.

PM. Dr Keith Rowley has announced NO Carnival/Panorama for 2021 due to Covid virus.
Pan Trinbago may broadcast virtual shows/concerts that will be streamed on the internet.

Band - Arranger(s)Tune - Artist(s)
Antillean All Stars - Glen 'Zola' Williams

Arima Angel Harps - Aviel Scanterbury

Belmont 5th Dimension - Hanif Goodridge

Birdsong - Robert Greenidge

Blue Diamonds - Tristano Marcano

Buccooneers (Tobago) - Seion Gomez

Carib Dixieland (Tobago) - Leon 'Smooth' Edwards

Casablanca - Michael Gabriel

Central Symphony (Tobago) - Tony Williams

Codrington Pan Family - Cary & Keisha Codrington

Couva Joylanders - ???

Curepe Scherzando - Yohan Popwell

Deltones - ???

Dem Boys (Tobago) - Recardo Dennis

Desperadoes - Carlton 'Zanda' Alexander

Exodus - Pelham Goddard/Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle

Fascinators Pan Symphony - Yohan Popwell

Five Rivers Modern Symphony - Keith Salcedo

Fonclaire - Darren Sheppard

Get Down On It (Tobago) - ???

Harmonites - ???

Hatters - Kevin McLeod

Hope Pan Groovers (Tobago) - Tony 'Pan Jumbie' Williams

Humming Birds Odyssey Pan Groove - Murchison Jules

Invaders - Arddin Herbert

Joylanders - Stefon West

Kalomo Kings - Jason Farrell

Katzenjammers (Tobago) - Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle

Lee Chung's Pan Glow - Amrit Samaroo

Longdenville Claytones - Keith Salcedo

Metro Stars (Tobago) - Cory Codrington

Melodians - Amrit Samaroo/Marlin White

Merrytones - Jamal Gibbs

Mt Moriah Pan Movement - Nichaeus Richards

New East Side Dimension (Tobago) - Kersh Ramsey

Our Boys (Tobago) - Anslem 'Moon' Campbell

Pamberi - Andre White

Pan Elders - Duvone Stewart

Pan Fanatics (Tobago) - ???

Panasonic Connections - Junior Sean 'Wiggy' Hinds

Pandemonium - Kwesi Paul & Tristano Marcano

Parry's Pan School - Selwyn 'Parry' Paul

Phase II Pan Groove - Len 'Boogsie' Sharpe

Potential Symphony - Seion Gomez

Redemption Sound Settlers (Tobago) - Micheal Toby

Renegades - Duvone Stewart

San City Steel - Damien St. Clair

Sangre Grande Cordettes - Kion Robinson

Sforzata - Jeannine Remy

Silver Stars - Liam Teague

Skiffle - Marc Brooks/Kendall Williams/Odie Franklin

Solo Pan Knights - ???

Sound Specialists of Laventille - Seion Gomez

St. Margaretís Superstars - Sheldon Peters

Starlift - Robert Greenidge

Steel Xplosion (Tobago) - Akiba 'Panman' Joseph

SuperNovas - Amrit Samaroo

T&Tec East Side New Dimension (Tobago) - Sydney Joseph

T&Tec Power Stars - Terrance 'BJ' Marcelle

Tobago Panthers (Tobago) - Micheal Toby

Tokyo - Richard 'Worm' Jerry

Trinidad AllStars - Leon 'Smooth' Edwards

Tropical Angel Harps - Clarence Morris

Valley Harps - Robert Tobitt

West Side Symphony (Tobago) - Mickiel Gabriel

  • tunes being played by the bands or the band arrangers are unofficial and subject to changed/not perform without notice.

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