Trinidad & Tobago Soft Drink Distillers

Caribbean Bottlers (Trinidad & Tobago) Ltd.
Churchill Roosevelt Highway
tel: 662-4416
fax:: 662-1649

Jaleel S M & Co. Ltd1
Otaheite Industrial Estates
South Oropouche
tel: 677-7520
fax: 677-7825

Solo Beverages Limited
P.O. Box 527 POS
Churchill Roosevelt Hwy & Don Miguel Rd.
El Socorro
tel: 674-7097
fax: 638-2281

  • 1 - website are on the net, please see the "drinks" section on my tnt links page.

  • chubby

    If you know any soft drink distillers that are not listed/changed.......
    please email me the soft drink distillers information. Thanks for your input!

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