Rum Punch

There is a an old saying that trinis like to use when making rum punch ....
"One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak"

  • 3 measures rum (TDL Puncheon Rum, Oak Oak, Crystal or Vat 19 White Rum)
  • 1 measure lime juice ( 1 oz)
  • 2 measures syrup ( made of equal parts of sugar and water , boiled for 5 mins)
  • 4 measures of water and ice combined or ginger ale
  • dash of Angostura bitters
  • dust of nutmeg

    Mix all ingredients, except for bitters and nutmeg and serve over ice, then add a dash of Angostura and sprinkle with nutmeg (garnish glass with slice of lime or orange and a cherry)

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