Technical Schools & Universities

Technical School/UniversityContact Address
Caribbean Institute for Security and Public Safety100A Eastern Main Road
Champs Fleurs
222-8347 (Tel/Fax)
College of Science, Technology, and Applied Arts of Trinidad & Tobago (COSTAATT)1City Campus
9-11 Melville Lane
Port of Spain
625-5030 (Tel)
624-3911 (Fax)
South Campus
40-44 Sutton Street
San Fernando
625-5030 ext. 5700, 5771, 5775-8 (Tel1)
223-1114 (Fax)
Tobago Campus
Glen Road #1, Wilson Road
Tobago635-1384 (Tel1/Fax); 625-5030 ext. 5600 (Tel2)
Sangre Grande Campus
Corner of Co-operative Street and Eastern Main Road
Sangre Grande
625-5030 ext. 5650 (Tel)
Trincity Campus
Bishop Anstey/Trinity College East
1 College Avenue
625-5030 ext. 5080 (Tel)
640-2584 (Direct Line)
Department of Nursing at Port of Spain General Hospital
Port of Spain
623-7455 (Tel1)
625-5030 ext. 5800 (Tel2)
623-8776 (Fax)
St. Annís Learning Centre
Department of Nursing
St. Annís Hospital
St. Annís
623-0378 (Tel/Fax)
North Learning Centre
6 Alcazar Street
St. Clair
Port of Spain
628-4600-2 (Tel)
628-8088 (Fax)
John S. Donaldson Techinical SchoolWrightson Road
Port of Spain, Trinidad
625-1511 (Tel1)
623-8214 (Tel2)
San Fernando Technical InstituteTarouba Road (off Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway)
San Fernando, Trinidad
653-4451 (Tel)
653-4452 (Tel2)
School of Accounting and Management1North Campus
1,3 & 6 McCarthy Street
St. Augustine
663-6681 (Tel1)
662-5739 (Tel2)
662-6940 (Tel3)
South Campus
17-25 Blanche Fraser Street (off Rushworth Street)
San Fernando
653-1064 (Tel1)
653-9488 (Tel2)
School of Business and Computer Science (SBCS)1Champs Fleurs Campus
53-54 Sagan Drive
Champs Fleurs
663-SBCS (7227) (Tel1)
645-4463 (Tel2)
662-3882 (Tel3)
663-1813 (Tel4)
663-3497 (Tel5)
645-2524 (Tel6)
Port of Spain Campus
46-50 Picton Street
622-1993 (Tel1)
628-8670 (Tel2)
San Fernando Campus
27-31 Fran Street
Cocoyea Village, San Fernando
652-2388 (Tel1)
653-6331 (Tel2)
657-2681 (Tel3)
Tobago InstituteSangster's Hill
Scarborough, Tobago
660-7476 (Tel)
The Academy of Engineering Technicians11 McDougal Street
Saint Joseph Village
San Fernando
653-0915 (Tel)
652-0883 (Fax)
United World College, Trinidad & Tobago (UWC TT)14 Henry Pierre Street
Port of Spain
628-0220 (Tel1)
622-6575 (Tel2)
684-9710 (Tel3)
University of the Southern Caribbean1Royal Road
Maracas Valley, St. Joseph
662-2241 (Tel1)
662-2242 (Tel2)
662-2206 (Tel3)
Rockley Vale
University of Trinidad & Tobago1Point Lisas Campus
Esperanza Road
Brechin Castle
Couva, Trinidad
636-4125 (Tel1)
636-5001 (Tel2)
636-5003 (Tel3)
University of West Indies1St. Augustine Campus
St. Augustine, Trinidad
662-2002 (Tel)
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