Trinbago Quick Reference Page

TnTisland Quick Reference

TnTisland Creator - information/contact the creator of


  • biography.

TnTisland Contact Information

  • tntisland contact information.

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De Question Korner - frequently asked questions about TnT.

TnTisland FAQ

  • TnTisland Frequent Asked Questions (FAQ).

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Trinbago Christmas - dedicated to a Trinbago Christmas.

Rum Cake

  • trini rum cake.

13 Days of Christmas

  • 13 Days of Christmas.

De Nite before Christmas

  • de Nite before Christmas.

Trinbago Christmas

  • Trinbago Christmas.

Parang Parang

  • parang.

Christmas Rum Cookies

  • Christmas rum cookies.

12 Days of Crixmas

  • 12 Days of Crixmas.

Tobago vs Trinidad Christmas

  • Tobago vs Trinidad Christmas.

Christmas Greetings Worldwide

  • Christmas Greetings Worldwide.

Christmas Beverages

  • Christmas beverages in Caribbean homes.

Christmas Lights

  • decorating your Christmas tree with lights.

De Nite before Christmas (Pan version)

  • de Nite before Christmas (Pan version).

North Pole

  • North Pole Christmas activities for children.

Santa Tracking

  • Santa Tracking website.

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De Twin Island - information about TnT.


  • demographic outline of TnT.


  • communities, districts, towns, villages and cities.

Towns/Villages Name Origins

  • towns and villages name origins.

TnT Lazy Place Names

  • lazy place names.

Street Names

  • street names.


  • tourist attractions.


  • beaches.

Beach Warning Flags

  • beach warning flags system.

Nature Reserves/Wildlife Parks

  • nature reserves/wildlife parks.

National Anthem

  • National Anthem of TnT.

National Birds

  • National Birds of TnT.

Coat of Arms

  • TnT Coat of Arms.

National Flag

  • National Flag of TnT.

National Flower

  • National Flower of TnT.

Independence Pledge

  • Indepedence Pledge of TnT.

Trinbago Facts.... Did You Know?

  • interesting facts on TnT.

Tobago Heritage Festival

  • Tobago Heritage Festival.

Tobago Heritage 2020

  • Tobago Heritage 2020 Events.

Tamana Hill

  • Tamana Hill's Cave.

TnT Map

  • map of of TnT.

Cities Maps

  • cities maps for Scarborough, Port of Spain and San Fernando.

Trinbago Calendar

  • holidays, events and festivals.

Special Events Calendar

  • special events or festivals listings.

Tobago Tourism Month 2019

  • Tobago Tourism Month.

Arts, Culture & Communities Calendar 2020.

  • Ministry of Community Development Culture and the Arts Calendar 2020.

TnT Music Festival 2020

  • Trinidad & TObago Music Festival 2020.

Festival & Holdiays

  • festivals and holidays in TnT.


  • media outlets.

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Trinbago Lingo - dedicated to the dialect of TnT.

De Veranda Lime

  • This page features various trini dialect an stories describing Trinidad & Tobago about who we are and what we are???
  • version 1 ... if you're a true Trinbagonian?
  • version 2 ... if you're a true Trinbagonian?
  • version 3 ... if you're a true Trinbagonian?
  • version 4 ... if you're a true Trinbagonian?
  • version 5 ... if you're a true Trinbagonian?
  • version 6 ... if you're a true Trinbagonian?
  • version 1 ... trini movies titles.
  • version 2 ... trini movies titles.
  • rumshop corner.
  • version 1... we island nice.
  • version 2... we island nice.
  • ole time school daze.
  • simple vs real vs trini friends.
  • We Trinis by Harts Carnival.
  • how I love thee West Indian.
  • Ontarionians vs Trinis.
  • Carib Beer Prayer.
  • flyin BWEE (BWIA) airways.
  • version 1 ... good ole days.
  • version 2 ... good ole days.
  • version 3 ... good ole days.
  • "My Trinidad" by Adonis.
  • West Indian Women taught their children.
  • ten types of trini wine.
  • trini passports.
  • dah is we culture.
  • trini heaven.
  • trini hell.
  • Trini vs North American Translation.
  • a trini love poem.
  • trinbago quiz.
  • and the lord said...
  • top 10 reason wanting to be a trini.
  • I am a West Indian.
  • We legacy as trinbagonians.
  • De Flight.
  • Diary of a Trinibagonian.
  • Top Ten Reasons why WI people cannot be Terrorists.
  • Canadian Kids vs. Trinidadian Kids.
  • 4 stages of trini love.
  • Best West Indian if ...
  • TnT election pt1.
  • TnT election pt2.
  • memories donít leave...
  • 9 deadly words used by a woman.
  • top 10 frustrating trini experiences.
  • maxi taxi colours meaning to town people.
  • trini pickup lines.
  • trini women be like ...
  • 23 signs you were born and raised in TnT.
  • 10 things you'd understand only if you grew up in TnT.
  • 15 struggles you'd understand only if you went to UWI.

Under the Palm Tree

  • poems written by Trinbagonians.
  • 'Ah True Trini' by Gene Wilkes.
  • 'Bacchanal Time' by Gene Wilkes.
  • 'Car Nah Val' by Gene Wilkes.
  • 'Christ Mas' by Gene Wilkes.
  • 'Robbery Under de Trees' by Gene Wilkes.
  • 'Sweet TnT' by Gene Wilkes.

Patois (Creole) Language

  • patois (creole) language.

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Trinbago Beauties - dedicated to a trinbago beauty queens.

Miss T&T

  • Miss T&T pageant winners.

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We Heroes - dedicated to a trinbago heroes.

Ancestors List

  • Ancestors List.

National Icons

  • National Icons.

Sports Legends

  • 50 sport legends.


  • 2017 TnT National Awardees (Chaconia Medal, Hummingbird Medal, Public Service Medal of Merit).

TnT 9-11 Memorial

  • Trinbagonians who died on September 11, 2001 in New York City at the Twin Towers.

Top 25 Surnames

  • top 25 Surnames in TnT.

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Island Bachannal - dedicated to TnT carnival and music.


  • carnival information.
  • mas (masquerades) camps.
  • traditional mas characters.
  • Jouvert celebrations.
  • brass/combo bands.
  • panyards.
  • defunct pansides (steelbands).
  • tassa bands, rhythm bands and tamboo bamboo bands.
  • calypsonians.
  • Port of Spain carnival route.
  • future carnival dates.
  • carnival 2020/2021 events.
  • pan events.
  • calypso/kaiso tent's performers for 2020.
  • carnival media coverage.
  • Road March Winners.
  • carnival results 2021.
  • carnival pictures 2021.
  • carnival results 2020.
  • carnival pictures 2020.
  • carnival results 2019.
  • carnival pictures 2019.
  • carnival results 2018.
  • carnival pictures 2018.
  • carnival results 2017.
  • carnival pictures 2017.
  • carnival results 2016.
  • carnival pictures 2016.
  • carnival results 2015.
  • carnival pictures 2015.
  • carnival results 2014.
  • carnival pictures 2014.
  • carnival results 2013.
  • carnival pictures 2013.
  • carnival results 2012.
  • carnival pictures 2012.
  • carnival results 2011.
  • carnival pictures 2011.
  • carnival results 2010.
  • carnival pictures 2010.
  • carnival results 2009.
  • carnival pictures 2009.
  • carnival results 2008.
  • carnival pictures 2008.
  • carnival results 2007.
  • carnival pictures 2007.
  • carnival results 20006.
  • carnival pictures 2006.
  • carnival results 2005.
  • carnival pictures 2005.
  • carnival results 2004.
  • carnival pictures 2004.
  • carnival results 2003.
  • carnival pictures 2003.
  • carnival results 2002.
  • carnival pictures 2002.
  • carnival results 2001
  • carnival pictures 2001.
  • carnival results 2000.
  • carnival pictures 2000.
  • carnival results 1999.
  • carnival pictures 1999.
  • carnival results 1998.
  • carnival results 1997.
  • some of the tunes that the bands are playing for panorama.
  • panorama results 2020/2021.
  • TSTT Pan in the 21st Century & Pan Down Memory Lane Competition.
  • 2021 pan competitions.
  • 2020 pan competitions.
  • 2019 pan competitions.
  • 2018 pan competitions.
  • 2017 pan competitions.
  • 2016 pan competitions.
  • 2015 pan competitions.
  • 2014 pan competitions.
  • 2013 pan competitions.
  • 2012 pan competitions.
  • 2011 pan competitions.
  • 2010 pan competitions.
  • 2009 pan competitions.
  • 2008 pan competitions.
  • 2007 pan competitions.
  • 2006 pan competitions.
  • 2005 pan competitions.
  • 2004 pan competitions.
  • 2003 pan competitions.
  • 2002 pan competitions.
  • 2001 pan competitions.
  • 2000 pan competitions.
  • 1997-1999 pan competitions.
  • Test your knowledge on how much you know about pan?
  • TnT Independence Calypso Competition 2005.
  • TnT Political Calypso Competition 2007.
  • Large Conventional Bands Panorama Hall of Fame.
  • Medium and Small Conventional Bands Panorama Hall of Fame.
  • Single-Pans Panorama Hall of Fame.
  • Tobago Panorama Hall of Fame.
  • Junior Panorama Hall of Fame.
  • Panorama Arrangers Hall of Fame.
  • King of Carnival Hall of Fame.
  • Queens of Carnival Hall of Fame.
  • Overall Band of the Year Hall of Fame.
  • Large Mas Bands Hall of Fame.
  • Medium Mas Bands Hall of Fame.
  • Small Mas Bands Hall of Fame.
  • Road March Hall of Fame.
  • Soca Monarchs Hall of Fame.
  • Calypso Monarchs Hall of Fame.
  • Young Kings of Fame.
  • Soca Chutney Hall of Fame.
  • National Chutney Foundation Hall of Fame.
  • Ragga Soca Hall of Fame.
  • carnival do's and don'ts information.
  • carnival health and food safety information.
  • carnival safety information.
  • carnival skincare protection.
  • vehicles safety information at carnival time.
  • 10 signs you played mas in the 90s in TnT.
  • fetes information.
  • dance information (wine, jam and roll).
  • Courtesy of Harts carnival mas band.
  • De Carnival Soul courtesy of Hot_Trini_Gurl1.
  • We Kind of Ting courtesy of Harts Carnival.

Carnival Events 2020/2021

  • carnival 2020 events.

NCCTT Carnival Calendar 2021

  • NCCTT Carnival Calendar 2021

Normandie Under the Trees 2020

  • Normandie Under the Trees 2020 Carnival Events.

Port of Spain Carnival Route

  • Port of Spain carnival route.

Carnival Coverage

  • carnival media coverage.

Mas Camps

  • mas (masquerades) camps.

Traditional Mas Characters

  • traditional mas characters.

Jouvert Celebrations

  • Jouvert celebrations.


  • venues.

De Fetes

  • fetes information.

Grandmaster Tribute to Lord Kitchener

  • tribute to late Aldwyn "Lord Kitchener" Roberts ...aka... De Grandmaster.

Calypso Tents

  • calypso tents.

Caylpso Tents 2021

  • calypso tents's performers for 2020.

Brass/Combo/Music Bands

  • brass/combo bands.

Riddem Bands

  • tassa bands, rhythm bands and tamboo bamboo bands.


  • calypsonians.


  • parang music history.

Parang History Month 2020

  • parang hostory month 2020.

Tribute to Daisy

  • tribute to late Daisy Voisin ... "De Queen of Parang".

Tribute to Lara Brothers

  • tribute to late Lara Brothers ... Antonio, Tito, Victor and Willie.

Pt. Fortin Borough Celebrations 2020

  • Point Fortin Borough Celebrations 2020 Events

WeBeat Festival 2020

  • WeBeat Festival 2020 Events

Tobago Heritage 2020

  • Tobago Heritage 2020 Events

Emancipation Celebrations 2020

  • Emancipation Celebrations 2020 Calendar

National Patriotism Month 2020

  • National Patriotism Month 2020.

TUCO History Month 2020

  • TUCO History Month 2020 Calendar

Socalypso Splashdown

  • caribbean oriented music stations.

TnT Music & Entertainment Awards

  • music and entertainment awards.
  • 2019 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2018 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2017 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2016 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2015 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2014 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2013 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2012 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2011 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2010 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2009 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2008 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2007 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2006 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2005 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2004 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2003 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 2002 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 1999 Music & Entertainment Awards.
  • 1998 COTT Winners.
  • top 20th century awards by Kaisoca International.
  • top 50 calypsonians in the 20th century compiled by Kaisoca International.
  • top 100 calypsos in the 20th century compiled by Kaisoca International.
  • TUCO'S Top 50 Kaisonians.

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Pan Jumbie - dedicated to "sweet pan" the only new acoustic instrument to be invented and accepted worldwide in the 20th century.

Sweet pan

  • steeldrum (pan) history and function.

Tamboo Bamboo

  • Tamboo Bamboo information.


  • panyards.

Defunct Pansides (Steelbands)

  • defunct pansides (steelbands).

Panorama 2021 Schedule

  • panorama events.

Pan Events 2020/2021

  • pan events.

Pan Month (August) 2020

  • pan events.

Pan Tunes 2021

  • some of the tunes that the bands are playing for panorama.

Pan Factories/Suppliers

  • pan factories/suppliers.

Panoroma Results 2020/2021

  • panorama results 2020/2021.

Pan Events 2021

  • 2020 pan events competitions.

TSTT Pan in 21st/Down Memory Lane

  • TSTT Pan in the 21st Century & Pan Down Memory Lane Competition.

Pan Quiz

  • Test your knowledge on how much you know about pan?.

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We Ting - dedicated to TnT culture - canboulay riots, limbo, supersitions, folklore etc.

Canboulay Riots (Cannes Brulees)

  • Canboulay Riots (Cannes Brulees).


  • folklore stories.

Limbo Dance

  • limbo dance information.


  • stickfighting information.


  • superstitions stories.

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Trinbago Tranquility - information on accommodations in TnT.

Tobago Accommodations

  • Tobago's hotels/inns/resorts..

Trinidad Accommodations

  • Trinidad's hotels/inns/resorts.

Tobago Guesthouses

  • Tobago's guesthouses.

Trinidad Guesthouses

  • Trinidad's guesthouses.


  • hostels.

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Cruisin de Island - information on travelling around TnT.

TnT Airports Information

  • airport information for A.N.R. Robinson International Airport (Tobago) and Piarco International Airport (Trinidad).

Airline Information

  • airlines information.

Flight Schedules

  • flight schedule.

Airline Travel Information

  • airline travel tips.

A.N.R. Robinson Airport Flights Infomration

  • A.N.R. Robinson Airport Flights Information.

Piarco Airport Flight Information

  • Piarco Airport Flight Information.

Ferry Schedule

  • ferry schedule.

Ferry Fares & Information

  • ferry fares and information.

Water Taxis Service

  • water taxis service.

Water Taxis Schedule

  • water taxis schedule.

Helicopter Service Companies

  • helicopter service companies.


  • marinas.

Taxis Route

  • taxis route guide.

Taxi Survival Tips

  • taxi survival tips.

Auto Rentals Companies

  • auto rentals companies.

Hired Cars Companies

  • hired cars companies.

PTSC Routes

  • Tobago Bus Schedule (PTSC).

PTSC Services

  • Trinidad Bus Schedule (PTSC).

Limousine Service Companies

  • limousine service companies.

Motorcycle Rental Companies

  • motorcycle rentals agency.

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Limin on de Island - dedicated to history, religion and night life in TnT.

Nite Spots

  • nite clubs.


  • bars.


  • discotheques.


  • casinos.


  • theatres and entertainment halls.

Art Galleries/Museum

  • art galleries and/or museums.


  • movie cinemas.


  • churches/temples/mosques.

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De Government - information about TnT government.

TnT Constitution

  • constitution of TnT.

Fiscal Budget 2021

  • fiscal budget for the year 2021.

Ministries Departments

  • ministries departments.

Ministry Portfolios

  • ministry portfolios.


  • courts.

Government Officials

  • past and present government officials.


  • Members of Parliament.


  • Senators.

Local Government

  • Local Government.

Political Parties

  • political parties.

Political Party Offices

  • political parties offices.

Elections and Boundaries Commission

  • elections and boundaries commission.

Tobago House of Assembly Members

  • Tobago House of Assembly.

Tobago House of Assembly Cabinet

  • THA Cabinet Members.

Tobago House of Assembly of Services and Divisions

  • THA services and divisions.


  • Ombudsman

Auditor General's Branches

  • Auditor General's Branches.

Passport & Visa Offices

  • passport and visa offices.

Caribbean Embassies Offices

  • Caribbean Embassies offices.

Foreign Consulate Offices

  • Foreign Consulates offices.

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De Government Service - information on TnT government services.

Ambulance Stations

  • ambulance stations.

Coast Guard

  • coast guard.

Defence Force

  • defence force.

Fire Stations

  • fire stations.

Police Stations

  • police stations.

Office Of Disaster Preparedness and Management

  • ODPM offices.

Buried Cable Contact

  • utilities buried cable contact numbers.


  • libraries.

Consumer Affairs Division

  • Consumer Affairs Division offices.

Educatrion District Offices

  • Education District Offices.

Licensing Authority

  • licensing Authority offices.

Notaries Public Agents

  • notaries public agents.

Postal Outlets

  • postal outlets.

Regional Corporations

  • regional corporations.

Rent Assessment Boards

  • rent assessment boards offices.

Transportation Districts

  • transportation districts.

T&TEC Offices

  • T&Tec (Trinidad & Tobago Electricity Commission) offices.

VAT Offices

  • VAT (value added tax) offices.

VMCOTT Locations

  • vmcott locations.

WASA Offices

  • WASA (water and sewage authority) offices.

Welfare Offices

  • welfare offices.

Youth Activities

  • youth activities.

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De Business - information on doing business in TnT.


  • banks.

Credit Unions

  • credit unions.

Finance Companies

  • finance companies.

Financial Services

  • financial services.

Business Hours

  • businesses, government, retail, and banks hours of operation.


  • bills (denominations).

Bills (New Polymer Notes)

  • bills (denominations - new polymer notes).


  • coins.


  • money information.

Currency Converter

  • currency converter.

Tax System

  • tax system information.


  • commerce organizations.

Conference Rooms

  • conference facilities.

TSTT Exchange

  • TSTT prefix telephone exchange numbers.

TSTT Service

  • TSTT services and offices.

TSTT Whitepages/Yellowpages

  • TSTT Whitepages/Yellowpages.


  • associations.


  • societies.

Trade Unions

  • trade unions.

International Organizations

  • International Organizations.

British Commonwealth Countries

  • British Commonwealth Union Countries.

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Trinbago Shopping - a shopping guide for TnT.

Carnival Mas Accessories

  • carnival mas accessories shops.

Department Stores

  • department stores.

Duty Free Shopping

  • duty free shops.

Fabric Shops

  • fabric shops.

Florists Shops

  • florists shops.

Handicrafts Shops

  • handicrafts shops.

Jewellery Shops

  • jewellery shops.

Leather Shop

  • leather shops.

Outdoor Funiture Stores

  • outdoor furniture stores.

Shopping Plazas

  • shopping plazas.

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Passin by de Shop - a service guide for TnT.

Air Cargo Companies

  • air cargo companies.

Air Charter/Rental or Leasing Companies

  • air charter/rental or leasing companies.

Air Condition Companies

  • air-conditioning companies.

Appliances Companies

  • appliance dealers/parts/services & repairs companies.

Cellular Service Companies

  • cellular companies.

bMobile Cellular Stores

  • bMobile cellular partner stores.

Digicel Cellular Stores

  • digicel cellular partner stores.

Courier Services companies

  • courier service companies.

Cyber Cafes

  • cyber cafes.

Equipment Rental Companies

  • equipment rental companies.

Events Planning Companies

  • events planning companies.

Fence Building Companies

  • fence building companies.

Household Gas Dealers

  • household gas dealers.

Generators Companies

  • generator companies.

Ice Companies

  • ice companies.

Imports/Exports Companies

  • imports/exports companies.

Internet Companies

  • internet companies.

Land/Property Development Companies

  • land/property development companies.

Landscape Companies

  • landscape contractors/designers companies.

Laundry Marts/Cleaners

  • laundry mart/cleaners.

Luggage Stores

  • luggage stores.

Money Transfer Companies

  • money transfer companies.

Moving/Storage Companies

  • moving/storage companies.

Music Shops

  • music shops.

Musical Instruments Shops

  • musical instruments shops.

Ocean Cargo Companies

  • ocean cargo companies.

Paging Service Companies

  • paging service companies.

Pests Control Companies

  • pest control companies.

Picture Frames Dealers

  • picture frames dealers.

Photo Finishing Shops

  • photo finishing shops.

Plasticware Companies

  • plasticware companies (paper plates, cups, utensils etc..}.

Real Estate Companies

  • real estate companies.

Recording Studios

  • recording studios.

Security Guards/Patrols Companies

  • security patrol/guard service companies.

Security Services Companies

  • security services companies.

Sound Systems & Equipment Companies

  • sound systems and equipment rentals companies.

Swimming Pool Companies

  • swimming pool contractors/dealers/services companies.

Tailor Shops

  • tailors shops.

Telephone Equipment & Systems

  • telephone equipment & systems.

Tents/Canopies Rental Companies

  • tents/canopies rentals companies.

Tour Companies

  • tour companies.

Travel Services Companies

  • travel service companies.

Tuxedo Rentals Shops

  • tuxedo rentals shops.

Uniforms Shops

  • uniforms shops.

Video Clubs

  • video clubs.

Video Tapes Recording Companies

  • video tape recording companies.

Waste Recycle Companies

  • waste recycling companies.

Water Cooler Companies

  • water cooler companies.

Water Tanks Companies

  • water tank companies.

Wrecking Services

  • wrecker service companies.

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De Health Services - information on healthcare services in TnT.

Health Contacts

  • health contacts.

Medical Centres

  • medical centres.

Medical Laboratories

  • medical laboratories.

Dental Offices

  • dental offices.

X-Rays Centres

  • x-rays centres.

Tobago Pharmacies

  • Tobago pharmacies.

Trinidad Pharmacies

  • Trinidad pharmacies.

Regional Health Authorities

  • regional health authorities.

Health Clubs

  • health clubs.

Nursing Homes

  • nursing homes.

Nursing Services

  • nursing services.

First Aid Training

  • first aid training companies.

Yoga Centers

  • yoga centers.

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Cuisine ala Rumshop - information on local cuisine, beverages, markets and restaurants TnT.

Tobago Restaurants

  • Tobago restaurants.

Trinidad Restaurants

  • Trinidad restaurants.

Bakeries Shops

  • bakeries shops.

Pastry Shops

  • pastry shops.

Roti Shops

  • roti shops.

Catering Companies

  • catering companies.

Local Cuisine Dishes

  • local cuisine dishes.

12 Must-Have Foods

  • 12 Must-Have Foods from TnT.

Fish Markets

  • fish markets.

Fruit/Vegetable Markets

  • fruit/vegetable markets.


  • supermarkets.

Caribbean Fruits

  • caribbean fruits.

Liquor Stores

  • liquor stores.

Wine & Spirits Stores

  • wine and spirits.

Rum Distillers

  • rum distillers.

Rum Labels

  • past to present to past rum labels.

Beer Distillers

  • a list of beer distillers in Trinidad & Tobago.

Beer Labels

  • past to present to past beer labels.

Pop Distillers

  • soft drinks distillers.

Soft Drinks Labels

  • past to present to past soft drink labels.

TrinTob Cookbook

  • recipes.

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De Sports Scene - information on the sports scene in TnT.

Bicycles Rentals

  • bicycles rental.

Diving Information

  • diving sites and diving shops.

Diving Contractors

  • diving contractors.

Diving Instructors

  • diving instructors.


  • fishing.


  • golf.

Hockey Clubs

  • hockey clubs.

Horse Racing

  • Horse racing.

Horse Racing Schedule

  • horseracing schedule.


  • kayaking.

Multi-Sports/Triathlons Clubs

  • Multi-Sports/Triathlons Clubs.

Olympics Sports Affiliation

  • Olympics Sports Affiliation.

Recreation Centres

  • recreation centres.

Recreation Clubs

  • recreation clubs.

Men Soccer (football) Ranking

  • men football ranking.

Women Soccer (football) Ranking

  • women football ranking.

Sports Associations

  • sports associations.

Sports Venues

  • sports venues.


  • stadiums.

Swimming Facilities

  • swimming facilities.

TnT Cricket Schedule

  • TnT Cricket schedule.

Water Parks

  • water parks.

CPL T20 2020 Schedule

  • Caribbean Premier League T20 2020 Schedule.

WI Men Cricket Schedule

  • WI Men Cricket Schedule.

WI Women Cricket Schedule

  • WI Women Cricket Schedule.

West Indies Cricket (Men Ranking)

  • WI Men Cricket Ranking.

West Indies Cricket (Women Ranking)

  • WI Women Cricket Ranking.

Yachting Clubs

  • yachts clubs.

Yacht Chandlers

  • yachts chandlers.

Yacht Services

  • yachts services.

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Education - a list of schools/universities in TnT.

MoE Schools Re-Opening (Covid Virus)

  • MoE Schools Re-Opening (Covid Virus).

Grade School Levels

  • schools levels.

Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Schools

  • Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Schools.

Tobago Pre-Schools

  • Tobago Pre-Schools (nursery, kindergarten, prep or montessori schools)

Tobago Schools

  • Tobago Schools

Trinidad Pre-Schools

  • Trinidad Pre-Schools (nursery, kindergarten, prep or montessori schools)

Trinidad Primary Schools

  • Trinidad Primary Schools.

Trinidad Secondary Schools

  • Trinidad Secondary Schools.

Special Schools

  • Special Schools.

Technical Schools & Universities

  • Technical Schools and Universities.

School Safety Tips

  • School Safety Tips & Guidelines.

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Nex Generation - facts/quizzes for kids on TnT along with games/summer camps information.

Kiddies Korner

  • kiddies korner (information and quizzes on TnT).


  • traditional children's games.


  • camps.

Holiday Spots

  • kids holiday spots.

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Family Tree - information on James Family Genealogy in TnT.

James Family Genealogy

  • James family tree descendants of John Chow-Martin.
Chow-Martin Family on Facebook
  • Chow-Martin Family on Facebook.
John Chow-Martin Family Website
  • Chow-Martin Family Website

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Information - information/tips on different topics.

Airline Travel Information

  • airline travel information.

Appliance Information

  • appliances information.

ATM Card Information

  • atm card information.

Bandits Safety Information

  • bandits safety information.

Batteries Safety Information

  • batteries safety information.

Bottle Water Safety Information

  • bottle water safety information.

Camping Information

  • camping information.

Car Fuel Information

  • car fuel information.

Car Jacking Safety Information

  • car jacking safety information.

Car Maintenance Information

  • car maintenance information.

Carnival Do's & Don'ts Tips

  • carnival do's and don'ts information.

Carnival Health and Food Safety Information

  • carnival health and food safety information.

Carnival Safety Information

  • carnival safety information.

Carnival Skincare Protection Tips

  • carnival skincare protection.

Child Abuse Information

  • child abuse information.

Child Abduction Prevention Information

  • child abduction prevention information.

Christmas Season Information

  • Christmas season information.

Common Toxic Substances

  • common toxic substances information.

Credit Card Information

  • credit cards information.

Crime Fighting Information

  • crime fighting information.

Crime Safety Information

  • crime safety information.

Counterfeit Money Information

  • counterfeit money/tickets information.

Demerit Points System

  • demerit points system for licensed drivers.

Disaster Coping Tips

  • helping children cope with natural disasters.

Disaster Survival Kit

  • disaster survival kit.

Dog safety tips for Kids

  • dog safety tips for kids.

Dyslexia Information

  • dyslexia information .

Earthquake Tips

  • earthquake precaution information.

Emergency Shelter Information

  • emergency shelters information.

Environmental Tips

  • environmental tips.

Examination Tips

  • students examination tips.

Exercise Information

  • exercises information.

Fireworks Safety

  • fireworks safety.

Floods Controls Information

  • flood tips (before, during and after a flood).

Floods Information

  • floods information.

Floods Precautions

  • flood precautions.

Floods Remedies

  • flood remedies.

Floors Information

  • floors information.

Heat Stroke

  • heat stroke tips.

Hiking Tips

  • hiking tips.

Holiday Pet Safety Tips

  • holidays pet safety tips.

Home Safety Tip #1

  • home security tips.

Home Safety Tip #2

  • home safety tips.

House Plants Care

  • house plant care.

Hurricanes Information

  • hurricanes information.

Hurricanes Names

  • hurricanes names.

Identifying Utilities Workers

  • identifying utilities workers.

Identity Theft

  • identity theft.

Interest Groups Information

  • interest Groups.

Job Tips

  • job tips.

Kidnapping Information

  • kidnapping precautions for kids.

Landslides Information

  • landslides information.

Marathon Tips

  • marathon information.

Marine Conservancy

  • marine conservancy.

Motorcycle Safety

  • motorcycle safety.

Online Seller Safety Tips

  • Online Seller Safety Tips.

Pet Care (Basic)

  • pet care basic.

Pet Care (Information)

  • pet care information.

Purifying Water Tips

  • purifying water tips.

Resume Tips

  • resumes writing tips.

Rip Currents Information

  • rip currents information.

Salvaging Documents
  • salvaging documents.

Swimming Safety Tips

  • swimming safety tips.

Swimming Pool Information

  • swimming pools information.

Taxi Survival Tips

  • taxi survival tips.

Tools Safety

  • tools safety.

Toys Information

  • toys information.

Travelers Checklist Information

  • travelers checklist information.

Tsunami Information

  • tsunami information.

Turtle Watching Information

  • turtle watching information.

Vacation Safety Information

  • vacation safety information.

Vehicle Safety Information at Carnival Time

  • vehicles safety information at carnival time.

Vendor Information<

  • vendor food safety information.

Water Conservation

  • water conservation.

Wedding Music Information

  • wedding music information.

West Nile Virus Information

  • West Nile Virus Information.

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Las Lap - links, flyers, tntisland quiz along with website/picture of the week.

Website of the Week

  • website of the week.

Picture of the Week

  • picture of the week.

Flyer Board

  • flyer board.

TnT Links

  • TnT website links.

Lotto Numbers

  • lottery numbers generator for Lotto, Pick2 and Whe Whe.

NLCB Result

  • NLCB lottery results.

TnTisland Survey

  • monthly survey.

TnTIsland Quiz

  • quiz to see how much you know about TnT.

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Trinbago Sunset - website index/search along with awards and credits for

Web Banners

  • web banners.


  • guestbook.


  • contributors/credits.


  • search

Web Awards

  • TnTIsland web awards.

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