Trinidad & Tobago Sound Systems & Equipment Rental

CompanyContact Information
A & M Production151 Mohess Road
773-6812 (Tel1)
647-1304 (Tel2)
A.D Sound CompanyClarence Street
St. James
AM Rudden Limited57 Alfredo Street
622-2801 (Tel1)
628-06782 (Tel2)
ACE Special Events Ltd.7 College Trail
St. Augustine
663-5519 (Tel)
Audio Control Sound Company2 Ramkissoon Avenue
Petit Valley
633-8825 (Tel)
Audio Critics Pro Audio of TrinidadChaguanas
348-6328 (Tel1)
707-8202 (Tel2)
Audio Development Sound System#834 Southern Main Road
Claxton Bay
350-4536 (Tel)
Audio Plus Sound & Lighting Co.Malabar Road
774-9179 (Tel)
Audio Tech Sound Reinforcement Company127 Ponderosa Drive
733-4622 (Tel1)
736-2658 (Tel2)
339-5934 (Tel3)
669-3204 (Tel4)
Balroop's Sound System Ltd.corner of Crown Street & Eastern Main Road
640-3816 (Tel1)
640-9431 (Tel2)
Basdeo Mungal Public Address Systems Rental16 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
623-7854 (Tel)
Base-E-Fexx Sound Associates#352 Sampson Street
Waterloo, Carapichaima
756-7913 (Tel1)
673-4069 (Tel2)
Captiv8 Multimedia Productions
(Video Production, PA Sound System, Lighting and effects)
Diego Martin
310-1746 (Tel1)
714-0917 (Tel2)
Caribbean Entertainment Technologies (CET) Ltd1Ground Floor Maritime Plaza
638-6385 (Tel)
Caribbean Integrated System Ltd. (CARISYS)19 Stanmore Avenue
Port of Spain
624-2066 (Tel)
Clarity Sound Solutions173 Eastern Main Road
783-5520 (Tel)
db Zone (Dj Flash) Sound System105 Southern Main Road
Chase Village
746-6800 (Tel)
Deejay Players Sound Company Ltd.#102 Richard Douglas Road
775-6331 (Tel)
DJ Blacksheep IncTrinidad
650-0044 (Tel1)
777-8275 (Tel2)
DJ Emmanuel Entertainment Lighting & Sound CompanySan Fernando
290-7153 (Tel)
DJ Jody Sound Company206 Union Road
658-1438 (Tel1)
497-2052 (Tel2)
DJ Kasey Sound SystemsAllen Street
761-7699 (Tel)
DJ Larry SoundsFive Rivers
307-2930 (Tel1)
381-0343 (Tel2)
491-5909 (Tel3)
DJ Nyo Sound System1Pro Queen Street
741-8826 (Tel1)
352-0621 (Tel2)
DJ Randy Intelligent Sound
(Randy Persad)
Tumpuna Road
484-0066 (Tel)
Dream Makers Ltd.
(Stereo Electronics Ltd.)
Shop #1 The Hilton Hotel & Conference Centre
Port of Spain
623-4243 (Tel)
Cross Crossing (ground floor JTA Supermarket)
San Fernando
653-4155 (Tel1)
657-4719 (Tel2)
Dynamic SoundsMalabar
364-2075 (Tel1)
771-1156 (Tel2)
Eclipse Audio Production1Unit 1
#9 Avenue First
Mucurapo, St. James
628-3545 (Tel)
Eddie G Sound Company110-14 Lutchman Drive
Long Circular
St James
628-7034 (Tel1)
467-2349 (Tel2)
Floops Sound ProductionsSan Fernando
FMI Sound Company#16 Henry Street
344-0384 (Tel1)
345-4403 (Tel2)
George Gonzalez Entertainment Services5 Long Circular Road
Port of Spain
622-3550 (Tel)
GRW Sound Company199 New City Avenue
680-0863 (Tel1)
658-7140 (Tel2)
HS Production Ltd.#53 Hibiscus Drive East
Petit Valley
775-0186 (Tel)
Ice Foundation Crew69 McInroy Street
663-2832 (Tel)
Infinite Acoustics67 Sea Trace
Diego Martin
743-5444 (Tel)
Jackie Johnson ExcelNo- 29 Cinnamon Hill
North Side Road
639-6179 (Tel)
738-2448 (Cell)
Johnny Q Sound Company172 Norfolk Street
625-0868 (Tel)
621-2156 (Fax)
K&S Sound SystemDinsley Village
702-4132 (Tel1)
397-1554 (Tel2)
Karian Sound Co.1Waterloo
752-3980 (Tel1)
465-2340 (Tel2)
Kelvin Sound Company#308 Macaulay Junction
Claxton Bay
659-2291 (Tel1)
745-5105 (Tel2)
399-7452 (Tel3)
Korban Audio15 Bazilon Street
662-8678 (Tel1)
688-7297 (Tel2)
Kumar Sound and Lighting1Temple Street
Streatham Lodge Road
St. Augustine
485-3412 (Tel)
Lab Sound Systems7 College Trace
St. Augustine
663-5519 (Tel)
Lloyds Sound SystemPalo Seco
389-6753 (Tel1)
462-3380 (Tel2)
Madaboo Sounds Inc.LP 50 Bunsee Trace
Penal Rock Road
722-5625 (Tel1)
706-5040 (Tel2)
Mario Sound & Entertainment#106 Lamp Pole Caura
Royal Road
El Dorado
868-290-2688 (Tel1)
305-290-5842 (Tel2)
Millennium Sound Company (MSC)2mm Lopinot Road
773-7820 (Tel)
MSI Sound110 Bone Adventure Road
683-0386 (Tel)
NAC Sounds62 Chandai Avenue
Friendship Village
397-3107 (Tel)
Omega Sound Company30 Bournes Road
St James
628-1167 (Tel)
294-4557 (Cell)
Orin Orun Enterprises Limited - More Than Just Sound58 Seaview Drive
750-7254 (Tel1)
396-2388 (Tel2)
Orthopaedics and Electronics PlusRRM Plaza
51-53 High Street
San Fernando
657-0272 (Tel)
Panchoo SoundsLp #10 Thavenot Street
640-3475 (Tel1)
488-0677 (Tel2)
468-6151 (Tel3)
Peggy Sound CompanyJattan Lane
El Socorro
674-6377 (Tel1)
728-4519 (Tel2)
Performance Audio Sound & Light Co.16 Delhi Street
St. James
628-5623 (Tel)
Premiere Multimedia Services
Vishnu Ragoonanan
Riverside Road
Tel: 774 2436
Pro-Audio Sound Reinforcement Ltd.36 El Soccorro Road
San Juan
674-3683 (Tel)
R&A sound System & Company Ltd.Siparia
685-4612 (Tel)
Randall Sookoo150b Clarke Road
647-4379 (Tel1)
488-1666 (Tel2)
Recession Sound CompanyTrinidad
496-7190 (Tel1)
701-3530 (Tel2)
654-5759 (Tel3)
Rent-A-Amp Sound Company13 Upper Bournes Road
St. James
628-1366 (Tel)
Richard Sound Company31A Peterloo Street
Friendship Village
San Fernando
760-5494 (Tel1)
751-4352 (Tel2)
Robin Sound Systems#768D Papourie Road
654-0065 (Tel1)
766-9945 (Tel2)
Scorpion Sound SystemCipero Road
San Fernando
657-2360 (Tel1)
652-1710 (Tel2)
Sel Construction Sound System1Trinidad
638-6165 (Tel)
Shammi Professional Sound Co.El Soccorro Road
San Juan
638-3032 (Tel)
SlyFox Sound SystemBay View
La Romaine
467-0348 (Dave)
697-1231 (Tel)
716-7571 (Bruce)
Sound Pro Sound SystemBarrackpore
654-0774 (Tel1)
465-9602 (Tel2)
Sound Sensation MovementMalgretoute Road
Princes Town
770-6524 (Tel)
Special Guest Sound System#4 Marie Street
678-9942 (Tel1)
323-7995 (Tel2)
Standby Power13 Upper Bournes Road
St. James
628-1366 (Tel)
Steve Sound RentalsMaracas Valley
St. Joseph
368-8724 (Tel1)
499-2134 (Tel2)
Tehilla Music8 Pro De Verteuil Street
667-2302 (Tel1)
664-0322 (Tel2)
680 5989 (Tel3)
TNT Project35 Victoria Square
Port of Spain
627-4327 (Tel)
Trex Sound Systems27 Jean Street
Cocoyea, San Fernando
657-5044 (Tel)
Trinity Sound Crew1#66 Carli Bay Road
679-8784 (Tel1)
460-4560 (Tel2)
Triple R ElectronicsGulf City Shopping Complex
La Romain, San Fernando
657-4469 (Tel)
TRS Sound CompanyTrinidad
497-7358 (Tony)
489-7572 (Terrence)
374-1785 (Ramesh)
Twin Tone Sound Co.Arima
680-8132 (Tel)
Ultimate Sounds System68A Panka Street
St. James
779-1937 (Tel)
Venom Sound System19 Waterloo Road
363-9781 (Tel)
Xtreme Sound SystemGoodman Trace
Lachoos Road
647-6051 (Tel1)
735-6921 (Tel2)
389-9898 (Tel3)
354-0478 (Tel4)
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  • 2 - after hours contact number

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