Special Events Calendar

Parang 2021
Mon. 27th Sep.Instrumental Showdown - Ensemble Premier and Final round
Thu. 30th Sep.Instrumental Showdown - Grand Finale - winners announced.
Sat. 2nd Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sun. 3rd Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sat. 9th Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sun. 10th Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sat. 16th Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sun. 17th Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sat. 23rd Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sun. 24th Oct.Parang Telethon.
Sat. 30th Oct.For the Love of Parang Telethon and Bar-b-que.
Thu. 4th Nov.Drive-in Parang Theatre
Fri. 5th Nov.Drive-in Parang Theatre
Thu. 11th Nov.Drive-in Parang Theatre
Fri. 12th Nov.Drive-in Parang Theatre
Thu. 18th Nov.Drive-in Parang Theatre
Fri. 19th Nov.Drive-in Parang Theatre
Sat. 20th Nov.Junior parang Virtual Explosion.
Sun. 21st Nov.Junior parang Virtual Explosion.
Sat. 4th Dec.Drive In Parang Theatre.
Sun. 5th Dec.Drive In Parang Theatre.
Sat. 11th Dec.Drive In Parang Theatre.
Sun. 12th Dec.Drive In Parang Theatre.
Sat. 18th Dec.Drive In Parang Theatre.
Sun. 19th Dec.Drive In Parang Theatre.
For more information call 362-0557 or email: secretarynpatt@gmail.com.

TUCO Calypso History Month 2021.
Thu. 8th, Oct.Vintage - WACK Virtual Platform, 5 pm.
Sun. 10th, Oct.TUCO’s Thanksgiving Service, TTT, 8.30 pm.
Thu. 14th, Oct.Education and Research Officer, TV6, 7 am.
Fri. 15th, Oct.Long Gone but Living On in Calypso (Humour), WACK Virtual Platform, 5 pm.
Fri. 22nd, Oct.We Know Calypso (Youths), WACK Virtual Platform, 5 pm.
Sat. 23rd, Oct.Talk De Calypso Preliminary, judging place to be confirmed.
Fri. 29th, Oct.Mother of Them All (Women), WACK Virtual Platform, 5 pm.
Fri. 29th, Oct.Rhand Credit Union Calypso Event, WACK Virtual Platform, 6 pm.
Sat. 30th, Oct.Crackers and Cheese – Stacey Sobers.
Sun. 31st, Oct.South/Central Zone: Calypso Showkase – Gayelle The Caribbean, 9 pm .
Sun. 31st, Oct.Central Bank Show - To Be Announced.
Wed. 3rd, Nov.TUCO Gala, Queen’s Hall, St Ann's, 5 pm.
Fri. 5th, Nov.Calypso is Christmas Too – WACK Virtual Platform, 5 pm.
Sat. 6th, Nov.Extemporama – I ENT live streaming, 5 pm.
Sat. 6th, Nov.Talk De Calypso: Final – to be confirmed.
Sat. 6th, Nov.South/Central Zone: Calypso Showkase – WACK 90.1 FM. 4 pm.
For more information check out TUCO Facebook page or call 623-9660.

If you know any important dates in history, events or festivals that are not listed........
please email me the information. Thanks for your input!

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