Let us not mix up these places in Trinidad & Tobago.
List of places that are in different parts of the country, meaning not the same location or
similar place names that are not in the same and not to be confused for each other.

Abercromby Street (St Joseph ... old capital) & Abercromby Street (Port of Spain)
Arima (East) & Naparima (South)
Avocat Falls & Avocat (Fyzabad)
Bagatelle (San Juan) & Bagatelle (Diego Martin) & Bagatelle (Tobago)
Baker Trace (Guaico) & Barker Trace (Coalmine)
Bamboo Village (off San Fernando) & Bamboo Settlements (off Valsayn)
Barker Trace (off the Cunapo Southern Main Road, Sangre Grande) & Baker Trace (off the Main Road, Sangre Grande)
Belmont (Port of Spain) & Belmont (Tobago)
Brasso & Brasso Seco & Brasso Caparo
Buenos Ayres (South Trinidad) & Buenos Aires (Lopinot ... an old estate village)
Calcutta #1 (Freeport) & Calcutta #2 (Freeport) & Calcutta (St James) & Calcutta (San Juan) & Calcutta Road (St James)
Caparo & Carapo
Caura & Little Coora
Chaguanas & Chaguaramas
Cipero Road (San Fernando) & Cipero Street (San Fernando)
'Circular Roads' ... Belmont Circular Road & St.Augustine Circular Road
Cocorite & Cocorite Road
Croisee (San Juan) & Croisee (Couva)
Cumana & Cumaca
Cumuto (East) & Cumuto Road (Barrackpore)
Cunapo & Cunaripo
Dibe & Debe
Dow Village (South Oropuche) & Dow Village (California)
Esperance (San Fernando) & Esperanza (Couva)
Espinet Street & Lespinet Street
Fort George & Fort King George
Gasparillo (South Trinidad) & Gasparillo (Santa Cruz)
Golden Grove Road (Arouca) & Orange Grove Road (Tacarigua)
Guaico & Guaico (Tamana)
Guayamare & Guayaguarare
Harris Street (San Fernando) & Harris Street (Curepe)
Hermitage Road & Hermitage Village
High Street (San Fernando) & High Street (Princes Town) & High Street (Siparia) & High Street (Rio Claro)
Indian Walk & Indian Trail
Industry Lane (La Brea) & Industry Lane (Belmont)
King Street (St Joseph ... old capital) & King Street (Port of Spain) & King Street (Arima)
La Brea (Mayaro) & La Brea
La Horquetta & La Horquette Valley Road
La Pastora (Santa Cruz) & La Pastora (Lopinot)
Laventille Road & Laventille Road
Laventille Road (San Juan) & Laventille ext; & Morvant & Laventille
Manick Street (Guaico) & Manrick Street (Upper Sangre Grande)
Marabella & Malabar
Maracas Bay (Maracas Beach) & Maracas/St Joseph
Maraval Road & Maraval & Maraval Parkway
Matura & Maturita
Matura & Moruga
Mercer Street & Mercer Road
Mon Repos (Morvant) & Mon Repos (San Fernando)
Mucurapo Road & Mucurapo Street
North Oropouche & South Oropouche & Vega de Oropouche
'Old Roads' - Piarco Old Road & Arima Old Road
Orange Field & Orange Valley
Palmiste & Palmyra
Palmiste (Chaguanas) & Palmiste (South Trinidad) & Palmiste (Morvant)
Paramin & Paranging
Perseverance, Perseverance Village & Perseverance Road
Peter Hill (Mayaro) & Peter Hill Ext. (Mayaro)
Pt. Cumana & Cumana
Quarry Street (Laventille) & Quarry Road (Santa Cruz)
Queen Street (St Joseph ... old capital) & Queen Street (Port of Spain)
Queen's Park Savannah & Queen's Park Oval
Real Street (formerly Calle Real ... San Juan) & Royal Road (St. Joseph) note: Calle Real means Royal Road by the bye.
Royal Road (St Joseph) & Royal Road (San Fernando)
Salibia & Salibay
Saline Bay & Salybia & Sally Bay
Salybia Village & Salybia Beach (Toco)
Sobo Village (La Brea) & Sobo (Palo Seco)
St John Road & St John Street & St John Village
St Joseph & St. Joseph Village (San Fernando)
St. Vincent Street (Tunapuna) & St. Vincent Street (St. Joseph) & St. Vincent Street (Port of Spain)
St. James Street, (Marabella) & St James Street (San Fernando)
Tarouba (San Fernando) & Tortuga (Gran Couva)
Tumpuna & Tunapuna
Tumpuna Road & Tunapuna Road
Back Street (almost every District)
Cemetery Street & School Street & Church Street & Calvary Street (literally every town)
In Trinidad & Tobago let us not mix up ...
courtesy of Marcus C. Baptiste
Facebook Post Discussion.
If you know any place that I have left out that fits the above criteria, please let me know. Thanks for email the information.

If you know any place that is not listed that fits the above criteria........
please email me the places information. Thanks for your input!

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