Trinidad & Tobago
Tax System

DEPARTURE TAX A Departure Tax of TT$200.00 must be paid by everyone under 60 years of age when leaving the country. This tax goes into the government's consolidated fund, which is used to meet the development costs of the country.
HOTEL TAX A government tax of 10% is standard to all hotels and guesthouses across our islands. Again, this is used to help meet the development expenses of our country. Each hotel may additionally charge you its own rates for service and utility charges or for security deposits, but this varies depending on where you choose to stay. The best way to find out your total expected charge is to call the hotel or guesthouse directly.
VALUE ADDED TAX The Value Added Tax, or VAT, as it is commonly called, is a 12.5% tax added to goods and services. The prices displayed in stores are deemed to include the VAT-able amount unless otherwise stated. If a store or company is registered to charge VAT, their Certificate of Registration needs to be prominently displayed at their place of business. If you are interested in finding out more, information booklets are available at the VAT Administration Centre, 20 St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain, or at any VAT Regional Office. Call 623-4735 or 4737 for more information.

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