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Airports Authority of Trinidad and TobagoAirport Administration Centre
Piarco International Airport, Trinidad
669-8047 Tel1
669-8049 Tel2
669-4101 Tel3
669-4103 Tel4
669-2319 Fax
Local Information OfficesArthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport
639-0509 Tel1
639-8547 Tel2
639-8389 Tel3
Piarco International Airport
Ground Handling ServicesPiarco Air Services Ltd
623-1073 Tel
General Aviation Services Ltd
669-2636 Tel
Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport/A.N.R. Robinson International Airport Facts:
  • distance from capital Scarborough - 11km (7mi)
  • airlines: Caribbean Airlines, British Airways, Condor, Virgin Atlantic
  • Services available: Banks(2), Restaurant(s), Duty Free Shops(3), Non Duty Frees Shops(4) - (perfumes & creams, souvenirs items, steelpan items, liquor, newspapers, magazines, beach-wear, t-shirts, recorded music, handicraft)
  • Airport operations: 5am to 12 midnight/7 days a week
  • Customs and Immigration Service: 5am to 12 midnight/
  • Piarco International Airport Facts:
  • distance from capital Port of Spain - 25km (16mi)
  • airlines: Caribbean Airlines, American Airlines, Condor Airlines, Copa Airlines, Jet Blue, L.I.A.T., Surinam Airways, United Airlines, Westjet Airlines, Federal Express (courier only), DHL (courier only)
  • Services available: Banks(4), Bureau de Change, Restaurant(s), Duty Free Shops(12), Non Duty Frees Shops(14) - (perfumes, crystals, jewelry, sun-glasses, leather bags, souvenirs, handicraft, t-shirts, recorded music, liquor, cosmetics, books, magazines, gift items, newspapers)
  • Airport operations: 24 hrs/7 days a week
  • Customs and Immigration Service: 24 Hrs
  • note:
  • outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868
  • Sky Cap Porter Service operates the concession for both the Porter & Left Luggage Services; a fee of $2.00TT per piece of luggage. Left luggage service: a fee of $5.00 per piece of luggage per day. (prices subjected to change without notice)
  • for airlines flying into TnT, contact number(s) click here.
  • for flights schedule click here.
  • Caribbean Airlines baggage claim:
  • 868-669-3000 (Trinidad)
  • 868-639-8741/2 (Tobago)
  • 1-305-526-5273 (Miami)
  • 1-866-538-2942 (New York)
  • 1-905-672-9991 (Toronto)

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