Trinidad & Tobago National Flag

Trinidad & Tobago National Flag
The Black represents for us the dedication of the people joined together by one strong bond. It is the colour of strength, of unity of purpose, and of the wealth of the land. Red is the colour most expressive of our country; it represents the vitality of the land and its peoples; it is the warmth and energy of the sun, the courage and friendliness of the people. White is the sea by which these lands are bound; the cradle of our heritage; the purity of our aspirations and the equality of men and women under the sun. Thus, the colours chosen represent the elements of the Earth, Water and Fire which encompass all our past, present and future; and inspire us as one united, vital, free and dedicated people. (With compliments of the permanent mission of Trinidad and Tobago to the United Nations.)

The National Flag was designed by Trinidadian artist Carlisle Chang. Mr. Chang has been involved in the promotion of art throughout his 60-year-long career, holding the Hummingbird Medal for Community Service, the bronze medal of the VII Sao Paulo Bienal for painting (1963), and a citation from the Press Club of Lausanne (1972) for Best Foreign Pavillion at the Comptoire Suisse.
The National Flag of Trinidad & Tobago information is courtesy of Alana Ochoa Trafford

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