TnTisland FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

note: I currently do not handle any type of booking or tickets requests (hotel/ferry/car/airline/shows reservations etc...) at the moment. I will simply delete your email for such requests.

When is carnival in Trinidad & Tobago?Carnival 2022
February 28th & March 1st

Carnival 2023
February 20 & 21

Carnival 2024
February 12th & 1th3

Carnival 2025
March 3rd & 4th
Can I buy tickets for carnival events/fetes through your website? will need to contact the event organizers or check the local Trinidad & Tobago media outlets to see where you can purchase tickets for an event or fete.

Pan Events

Pan Trinbago
37 Victoria Square (corner of Duke & Melbourne Streets)
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: (868) 623-4486
Fax: (868) 625-6715
Official website:

Carnival Events

National Carnival Commission
Administration Building
Queen's Park Savannah
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Tel1: (868) 627-1351
Tel2: (868) 627-1354
Fax: (868) 623-1391
Official website:

Calypso Assocation ... TUCO (Trinibago Unified Calypso Organization)
#22 Jerningham Avenue
Belmont, Port-of-Spain
Phone: (868) 623-9660
Fax: (868) 623-9660 the promoters of the fete or check the local newspaper
When is Tobago Heritage 2020?The Tobago Heritage Festival that occurs every year from the middle of July to early August.

July 16th to August 1st

Official website:
Where can I buy a T&T carnival video? (panorama, carnival etc..) You may try these places

in TnT

Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport
Airport Connector Road
Crown Point

Rhyners Record Shop
Piarco Airport
Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 669-3187

Crosby's Music Centre
54 Western Main Road
St. James
Tel: (868) 622-7622

in USA

JW Records
2833 Church Avenue
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Tel: (718) 693-9261
Fax: (718) 693-9271

Charlie's Record Shop
1273 Fulton Street
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Tel: (718) 783-8336
When is Republic Day?Republic Day occurs every September 24th.
When is the 2022 Great Fete Weekend in Tobago?July 27th to 31st.
When is the 2022 Great Race from Williams Bay, Chaguaramas to Store Bay, Tobago?August 20th.
Can I send you a copy of your transcipt (grades)?No....I am not connected with any TnT school or the Ministry of Education in addition I am based in Canada, so if you are looking for your school transcipts (grades) to be sent to you, please contact the school you attended for your transcipt!

Ministry of Education
#5 St. Vincent Street
Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 622-2182/83
Officical Website:
Does the Ministry of Education have a website?Yes...MOE offical website:
What accommodations (hotel/inns/resorts/guesthouses) are closes to Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport formerly Crown Point Airport in Tobago?These accommodations are closes to the Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport:


Arthur's By The Sea
Belleviste Apartments
Coconut Inn
Coco Reef Resort
Conrado Beach Resort Hotel
Coral Ridge Studio Apartments
Crooks Apartment
Crown Point Beach Hotel
Golden Thistle Hotel
Hummingbird Hotel
James Holiday Resort
Jimmy's Holiday Resort
Johnston Apartments
Kariwak Village Hotel
Le Grand Courlan Resort
Palm Rings Cottages
Rainbow Holiday Resort
Rovanel's Resort
Sandy Point Village
Shaw Villa
Spence Holiday Resort & Spence Terrace
Store Bay Holiday Resort
Sunshine Holiday Apartment
Surf Side Hotel
Toucan Inn
Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort Ltd
V I P Holiday Resorts
Villas of Tobago
Woods Castle

for a listing on hotels/inns/resorts click here.


Balgobin Deolal
Belleviste Apartments
Candle in the Wind
Crooks Apartment
Douglas Apartments
Golden Thistle Hotel
Jeffrey's Guest House
Jetway Holiday Resort
Jimmy's Holiday Resort
Jordan's Guest House
Sandy's Guest House
Shaw Villa
Sunshine Holiday Apartments
Surf Side Hotel
Tranquility Villa
Woods Castle

for a listing on guesthouses click here.
Do I have accommodation (hotels/inns/resorts/guesthouses) rates or prices avialable on my website? No...Due to prices varations between carnival season, peak and non-peak tourism season, I do not offer prices for accommodations on my website. You must contact the hotel/inns/resorts or guesthouse establishment yourself for rates and too make reservations.
Can I book my reservation through your site for accomodations at a hotel/inns/resort or guesthouse?No..I am not affiliated with any hotel/resort and/or guesthouse where you can make reservations via my trinbago site. You must contact the hotel/inns/resorts or guesthouse establishment yourself for rates and too make reservations. In addition I am also based in Canada. I will simply delete your email if you require reservations bookings!!!
What accommodations (hotel/inns/resorts/guesthouses) are closes to Piarco International Airport in Trinidad?These accommodations are closes to Piarco International Airport in Trinidad:


Airport Suites Ltd
Airport View Guesthouse
Holiday Inn Exp Suites Trincity
Piarco International Hotel
Tecu Holiday Resort

for more information on hotels/resorts click here.


Airport View Guesthouse

for more information on Guesthouses click here.
What areas of Port of Spain can I find accomodations close to carnival events/fetes and/or actvities?Depending on the area of POS some carnival events/fetes are closer to your accommodation location then others. Nonetheless it is fairly easy to move around the city to different events.

Places to consider are: Woodbrook, St. Clair, Newtown, St. James, Maraval and downtown POS

For a listing of hotel/inns/resorts: click here.

For a listing of guesthouses click here.
Does Trinidad & Tobago have a departure tax?There is no departure tax between Trinidad and Tobago, however for all other departures are TT$200 which is inlcuded in the price of your ticket. Departure Tax must be paid by everyone under 60 years of age when leaving the country.
How long is the trip between Trinidad and Tobago?The trip between the two islands is as follow:

By air.....
Piarco International Airport (Trinidad) to Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport (Tobago)....roughly 20 mins by air.

By sea.....
Port of Spain Port (Trinidad) to Scarborough Port (Tobago)....roughly 2 1/2 to 5 1/2 hours depending on the ferry.
Can I make ferry reservations through your site? would have to contact the Port Authority either in Port of Spain, Trinidad or Scarborough, Tobago for information on reservations and purchasing tickets for the ferry.

Port of Spain
Tel1: (868) 625-4906
Tel2: (868) 625-3055
(868) 639-2417

for more information on the ferry click here.
What side of the road do they drive on in Trinidad & Tobago?Trinidad & Tobago follows the British rule of driving.....they drive on the left hand side of the remember "KEEP LEFT". Trinidad's speed limit is 100kph (60mph) on highways and 50kph (30mph) in built-up areas. While in Tobago do not exceed 50kph (30mph). There is no left turn on a red light and u-turns are illegal. Drivers and front-seat passengers are legally required to wear a seat belt: the fine for not doing so is TT$1000.
Is there ferry service between Venezuela and Trinidad & Tobago?No..there is no ferry service between Venezuela and TnT.
How much is the taxi fare in Trinidad & Tobago?The taxi fare varies from $3 to $25 tt dollars depending on destination. (This includes both maxi taxi, regular taxis and private hired taxis)

Off-routes drop off is an extra fare charge in addition to the normal fare. (off-routes fare vary from $1.00 to $10.00 tt dollars)

All taxis/maxi taxis begin with the letter "H". All private hired taxis begin with the letter "PH".

Maxi Taxis Coloured Scheme

Port of Spain (POS)
* operates from/around Port of Spain westward to the Valley
* colour: yellow stripes

Eastern Trinidad
* operates from POS to Sandre Grande
* colour: red stripes

South Trinidad
* operates from POS to San Fernando (including Chaguanas, Couva, Gasparillo)
* colour: green stripes

Princes Town - La Romaine
* operates from San Fernando to Princes Town
* colour: black stripes

Southwestern Trinidad
* operates from San Fernando into Southwest (Erin, Penal, Point Fortin, Siparia)
* colour: brown stripes

* operates around the island of Tobago
* colour: blue stripes
Can I make travel arrangements through your site?No..I am not associated with any travel agency nor do I run my own travel agency in which I can help you with your travel plans and arrangements.
Is there a ferry/water taxis service service between San Fernando and Port of Spain?Yes...we have what they call water taxis running between San Fernando and Port Spain costing $15/per trip.

water taxi schedule
water taxi shuttle bus service

Tickets can be purchased at $15 (one way) at the two Water Taxi terminals located at Flatrock, Lady Hailes Avenue, San Fernando, and at the Cruise Ship Complex, Port-of-Spain.

Water taxis are run by NIDCO.
For more information on the water taxis click here.
Is there ferry service bettwen Toco (Northeastern part of Trinidad) to Scarborough Tobago? No..currently there is no ferry service between Toco, Trinidad to Scarborough, Tobago. You will have to go the capital city of Port of Spain to catch a ferry to the sister island.
How far is Piarco International Airport from the Port of Spain, the capital of Trinidad?Piarco Airport to Port of Spain is roughly 28 km (17 miles) rougly 30 mins trip.
How far is Piarco International Airport from San Fernando, Trinidad?Piarco Airport to San Fernando is roughly 37 km (23 miles) rougly 60 mins trip.
How far is it from the airport Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport formerly Crown Point International Airport to Scarborough the capital of Tobago?Arthur Napoleon Raymond Robinson International Airport to Scarborough is 13 km (8 miles) roughly 15 mins trip.
Piraco or ANR Airport InformationFor more information ANR or Piraco Airport click here.
What cruise ship sails to Trinidad & Tobago?Cruise ships that sail to T&T are:

Carnival Cruise Line -

Royal Caribbean Cruise Line - Royal Caribbean

Princess Cruise Line -

Seabourn Cruises -

Holland America Cruise Line -

MSC Cruises -

Fred Olsen Cruises -
What type of electricity current (voltage) is in Trinidad & Tobago?TnT Electrical Current is rated at 110 and 220v, 60 cycles (similar to USA and Canada standards)
What timezone is Trinidad & Tobago?The timezone for TnT is Time Zone EST +1; GMT -4
How long must I be on the island of Trinidad & Tobago to get married?You must be on the island for at least 3 days (72 hrs) before you can get married in Trinidad & Tobago.

For more information contact Registrar Generalís Office:

Tobago - Registrar Generalís Office
Jerningham Street
Tel: (868) 639-3210

Trinidad - Registrar Generalís Office
Red House
Abercromby Street
Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 623-2450
Can I send you a police badge or crest?No....currently I am not aware of any police badges/crests avialable for collectors. In addition I have no connection with the Trinidad & Tobago Police Force in redirecting your enquiries for a police crest/badge.
What is the currency of Trinidad and Tobago?The currency is TT dollar floats against the US dollar (roughly $6 USA to $1 TT). For the exchange rate contact your local bank for the current rate. Travellers' cheques, US currency and international credit cards are readily accepted at major hotels and shops. TT cash can be accessed from ABMs (automatic bank machines) around the island.
Is there a TSTT directory online?TSTT ... Whitepages.
TSTT ... Yellowpages.
What age must you be to drive in Trinidad & Tobago?Visitors with valid licenses issued in U.S., Canada, France, U.K., Germany and the Bahamas may drive for up to three months. International licenses are also accepted.

Note: "Keep Left when Driving"......Trinidad & Tobago drives on the left hand side of the road like in England. Trinidad's speed limit is 100kph (65mph) on highways and 50kph (30mph) in built-up areas. While in Tobago do not exceed 50kph (30mph). There is no left turn on a red light and u-turns are illegal. Drivers and front-seat passengers are legally required to wear a seat belt: the fine for not doing so is TT$500.
In case of emergency assistance what numbers do I called?Emergency - 911
Police Service - 999
Fire Sevice - 990
Ambulance Sevice - 811
Coast Guard Search & Rescue - 634-4440
Tobago Emergency Relief - 211
ODPM - 511
National Operations Centre Hotline - 627-0408
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex (Mount Hope Medical Complex): 645-HOPE (4673)
Port of Spain General Hospital: 623-2951
St Clair Medical Centre: 628-1451
San Fernando General Hospital: 652-3581
Scarborough Hospital (Tobago) - 660-4744
Community Hospital - 622-1191, 622-3302, 628-8330
Child Abuse Hotline - 131/800-4321
Operator - 0

T&T area code - 868
Is the water safe to drink in Trinidad & Tobago?Tap water is process, but boil the water to be on the safe side. Bottle water can be puchased.
Can I forward your resume (curriculum vitae/cv) to an employer/agency/company.No, I am not an job referreal agency nor do I know if individuals/company that are hiring people. Please send the resume yourself to the individual or company I will not forward any resumes.
The word "Spain" refers to caribbean island of Trinidad's capital city...Port of SpainThe word "Spain" refers to "Port of Spain" the capital city of the caribbean island of Trinidad and not the European country Spain.
What are some traditional games played by children in Trinidad & Tobago?(1) Rounders - Like base ball, except you hit the ball with your hand, and run the bases, then the next person comes to bat. and the other team have to get you out, by hitting you with the ball.

(2) Bail Cup - you fill a milk pan with stones, any amount of people can play, one person has to find the others who goes into hiding, and say Bail Cup while shaking the pan (NAME CALLED) behind the fence or tree, come out. also the ones in hiding can run out and shake the pan. The game then starts over.

(3) Rescue - A game of catch, where a person catches the others one by one and puts them in jail or holding, he or she still has to catch all, but any one who is not caught, and run into the jail and rescue the others with out getting caught.

(4) Blind Man - A person eyes are covered, and has to feel his or her way to catch the others the first one to get touched is it.

(5) Red Over - Two teams mostly Girls vs Boys both form a line and hold hands, them call a name while saying Red over red over send (name called ) right over and the person has to break through. if not they go back to the team.

(6) Brown Girl - A circle is formed and holding hands while singing brown girl in the ring, when the song is finished the girl has to kiss one of the boys.

(7) Marble Games

(a) Rings - A circle is drawn in the ground and marbles put in you take turns to knock them out.

(b) 3 Hole - 3 holes are dug, 3 or 4 players they stand at one end and pitch the marble to the other end and try to get it in the hold in one, if they do they try for the 2 hold , if they get it they go for the 3 one , then go back down to the 2 one then 1 st one then, repeat the first step again, if a hold is not made one the first try turns are taken. the fist person to come back up the 2nsd time is the winner.

(c) 10 20 - a fun game mostly played by the younger kids the pitch the marble to knock or hit the other person marble and points are games.
What language is spoken in Trinidad & Tobago?The primary language spoken on the islands is English. Although some locals can also speak Hindu, Spanish, French. and Patois (Broken French language).
Can I book scuba diving lessons/instructions? No, I am not affiliate with any diving program nor diving school you will have to contact diving instructor/school directly for scuba diving lessons/instructions.
Government/Business Services
How do I get employement with a hospital, nursing home or register with the medical or nursing board in Trinidad & Tobago?Please conntact the Ministry of Health

Ministry of Health
General Administration
IDC Building
10-12 Independence Square
Port of Spain
Tel: 627-0010/12/14
Fax: 623-9528
website: Ministry of Health
How do I contact the resturant or hotel association?Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants and Tourism Association
c/o Trinidad & Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute
Airway Road, Chaguaramas
PO Box 243
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Tel1: (868) 634-1174
Tel2: (868) 634-1175
Fax: (868) 634 1176
email: THRTA
How do I get employment with the Trinidad & Tobago Police service?You best bet is too contact the Police service:

T&T Police Service
2 Piccadilly Street
Port of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: (868) 625-3789

For more information on joining the police department click here.

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