Trinbago Brain Buster

#1: For carnival 2019, Chutney Brass is now known as what?

#2: Roughly how many years has goat racing been in existence in Tobago?

#3: Roughly what year was the Observance of Phagwa (Holi) introduced to Trinidad &Tobago by indentured East Indian labourers?

#4: In 1992 what was Shadow (Winston Bailey) big runaway Caribbean music hit?

#5: A new 23 acre green space currently being develop called the West Park Savannah. Where is the savannah located?

#6: As of August 2018, the Great Race will be what anniversary of the annual event?

#7: What year was the first Guardian newspaper edition?

#8: Where can you find Lovers Beach which has bright pink almost red-coloured fragments of coral strewn across the sand with each incoming breaker.

#9: What year did Trinidad & Tobago switched from area code 809 to 868?

#10: What Governor was responsible for creating The Royal Botanic Gardens?

#11 Cleve Calderon started working in the music business for his cousinís music shop before opening his own music shop called 'Cleve's One Stop Music Shop'. What is the name of his cousinís music shop?

#12 Chief of Defence Staff Hayden Pritchard made history in August 2018 by becoming the first Trinbagonian to hold the rank of what?

#13 In San Fernando, the streets from Paradise Street corner to Library corner is to be renamed after what icon?

#14 Where is the Mud House Museum located?

#15 Some people refer this song as the second anthem of Trinidad & Tobago, what is the name of the tune?

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