Trinbago Brain Buster

#1: What year was The Red House originally built?

#2: What country was the shipyard located that built the A.P.T. James ferry?

#3: The Belmanna Riots of 1876 occurred on a cocoa estate when disgruntled workers protested the bad working conditions in what Tobago community?

#4: Which individual was a playwright, screenwriter, actor and director that had his own video production house known as Banyan Ltd?

#5: Main Ridge Forest Reserve celebrated what anniversary of being proclaimed a legally-protected forest reserve as of April 13 2020.

#6: What year did masman Lionel Jagessar starting producing mas?

#7: Mayor John Francis Wallen purchased the Arima Dial from what country in 1898?

#8: What Tobago village has been listed as the 12 best fishing spots in Caribbean for 2020?

#9: What parang band was initially called Los Alumnos de Trinbago?

#10: What past President of the Senate donated a clock in 2019 which is now displayed at the top of Chancery Lane, San Fernando, just in front of the San Fernando General Hospital?

#11 Canari Bay is near what town/community?

#12 Fred Chin Lee, owner of the Hotel Normandie established 'Under the Trees' as a performance venue for celebrations of Carnival, highlighting calypso and steelband music in what year?

#13 In November 2019, The Tobago Agency Ltd. won the Silver Award for the Best National Tourism Board Campaign at the International Travel and Tourism Awards hosted by the World Travel Market. What was the name of Tobago Agency’s campaign?

#14 During the 1950’s and 1960’s what individual has been credited with introducing limbo dancing and steel-pan playing to Britain?

#15 What renown local musician was the first to hit the American Billboard charts with a tune called 'Heaven' in 1975?

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