Trinbago Brain Buster

#1: Besides the Salvatori Building (Frederick Street and the then Marine Square, now known as Brian Lara Promenade) what other building did Joseph Salvatori own?

#2: What year did the Trinidad & Tobago declared August 1 Emancipation Day to mark the 1834 declaration of the Abolition of Slavery Act?

#3: On September 13th, 2021 Tobago was awarded what place in the Travel Industry Club (TIC) Destination Awards held in Germany?

#4: In 1979 what bank introduced “Mary-Anne All Day All Night Service,” Trinidad and Tobago’s first automated telling machine?

#5: What town is the birthplace of historian, essayist and journalist CLR James?

#6: What Bay became accessible again to locals in 1977, when the USA bases were fully decommissioned and the land handed back to the T&T Government?

#7: What year did Gregor Turnbull, a Scottish merchant donate the Woodford Square fountain which features a statue of Aphrodite, Greek goddess of love, with her son Eros and several Nereids?

#8: What village is known as 'Mountain Of The Cross'?

#9: In April 2021, how many Tobago accommodation(s) earned the internationally-recognised Green Key Certification for their operations which is committed to sustainable tourism practices?

#10: What National Service Department had its newly consecrated Colour (Flag) presented (January 24th, 2021), in an official ceremony presided over the Minister of National Security, Stuart Young MP?

#11 How many Trinidad and Tobago hotels received the prestigious Healthier, Safer Tourism stamp by the Caribbean Public Health Agency (CARPHA)? note: The Healthier Safer Tourism Stamp is granted to touristic entities and destinations that are implementing the recommended proactive Covid-19 health monitoring and safety measures.

#12 In Tobago, Gilpin Trace is actually known as what to the locals?

#13 What arranger, composer and recording artiste launched his first book in 2014?

#14 What Tobago calypsonian won both the Tobago and Windward Calypso Competition in 2020?

#15 What Internationally-recognized theatre icon founded the National Drama Association (NDATT) – a non-profit organization in 1980?

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