Tobago Heritage Festival

Tobago Heritage Festival

Tobagonians are very proud of their culture and history namely The Tobago Heritage Festival that occurs every year from the middle of July to early August. Villagers from different communities comes out in their glory to perform with folk singing, dancing and feasting. The villagers dress up in traditional costumes that depict village life from the early 1900's . During the year each Community has its own festival. Each Villages have different events which range from ole time mas, ole time dance, old time wedding, limbo and jig to stick fighting.

2021 Heritage Festival Dates

Pembroke Harvest Festival - January 3
Parlatuvier Harvest Festival - January 10
Spring Garden Harvest Festival - January 10
Besetha Harvest Festival - January 24
St. Patrick Harvest Festival - January 24

Hope Harvest Festival - February 7
Adelphi Harvest Festival - February 14
Buccoo Harvest Festival - February 21
Bon Accord Harvest Festival - February 28
Franklyn Harvest Festival - February 28

Mt. St. George Harvest Festival - March 7

Charlotteville Harvest Festival - April 11
Goodwood Harvest Festival - April 28

Belle Garden Harvest Festival - May 2
Mason Hall Harvest Festival - May 9
Whim Garden Harvest Festival - May 16
Delaford Hall Harvest Festival - May 23

Bloody Bay Harvest Festival - June 6
Roxborough Harvest Festival - June 13
Lambeau Harvest Festival - June 20

Castara Harvest Festival - July 4
Tobago Heritage Festival - mid July to early August (July 16 to August 1)

Speyside Harvest Festival - August 1

Patience Hill Harvest Festival - October 24

Black Rock Harvest Festival - November 7
Les Couteaux Harvest Festival - November 14
Moriah Harvest Festival - November 14
Scarborough Harvest Festival - November 14
Mt. Gomery Harvest Festival - November 21

Plymouth Harvest Festival - December 5

tobago heritage map
Tobago Heritage Festivals fall roughly the same time every year...see below

  • Pembroke (1st Sunday in January)
  • Parlatuvier (2nd Sunday in January)
  • Spring Garden (2nd Sunday in January)
  • Besetha (4th Sunday in January)
  • St. Patrick (4th Sunday in January)
  • February

  • Hope (1st Sunday in February)
  • Adelphi (2nd Sunday in February)
  • Buccoo (3rd Sunday in February)
  • Bon Accord (4th Sunday in February)
  • Franklyn (4th Sunday in February)
  • March

  • Mt. St. George (1st Sunday in March)
  • April

  • Charlotteville (3rd Sunday in April)
  • Goodwood (4th Sunday in April)
  • May

  • Belle Garden May 1 (1st Sunday in May)
  • Mason Hall (2nd Sunday in May)
  • Whim Garden (3rd Sunday in May)
  • Delaford Hall (4th Sunday in May)
  • June

  • Bloody Bay (1st Sunday in June)
  • Roxborough (2nd Sunday in June)
  • Lambeau (3rd Sunday in June)
  • July

  • Castara (1st Sunday in July)
  • Tobago Heritage Festival - mid July to early August
  • August

  • Speyside (1st Sunday in August)
  • October

  • Patience Hill (4th Sunday in October)
  • November

  • Black Rock (2nd Sunday in November)
  • Les Couteaux (3rd Sunday in November)
  • Moriah (3rd Sunday in November)
  • Scarborough (3rd Sunday in November)
  • Mt. Gomery (4th Sunday in November)
  • December

  • Plymouth (1st Sunday in December)
    special thanks to Karen for the Tobago Heritage Information

    Tobago Heritage Festival 2021
    Check back at a later date for 2021 Tobago Heritage events.

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