Tobago Conventional Panorama Hall of Fame

Congratulations to Katzenjammers for winning Tobago panorama for carnival 2020.

WinsBandYearTune - Composer/SingerArranger
9BPTT Redemption Sound Setters2001Rain Melody - PreacherWinston Gordon
2002Music for the Soul - Hollis WrightWinston Gordon
2003Pandora - DeFostoWinston Gordon
2004War 2004 - DeFostoWinston Gordon
2005From Beyond - DeFostoWinston Gordon
2006Tribute to Clive Bradley - DeFostoWinston Gordon
20091First in de line - Eunice PetersWinston Gordon
2016No No We Eh Going Home - Christopher 'Tambu' HerbertMicheal Toby & Darren Sheppard
2019Iron Love - N.Blackman/M.Teja/A.SoverallMichael Toby
7East Side Symphony1969The Bull - Kitchener 
1970Sell The Pussy - Sparrow 
1986Leggo - DeFosto 
1990We ent goin' home - Tambu 
T&TEC East Side New Dimensions1991Get Something and Wave - Blueboy (Superblue)Edward Wade
1992One for the Road - BaronEdward Wade
1994Earthquake - KitchenerEdward Wade
1995 Edward Wade
1996Raise Yuh Hand - PreacherEdward Wade
1997 Edward Wade
1998Pan Messiah - DeFostoEdward Wade
6Katzenjammers20091Wild & Wonderful - Olatunji YearwoodSydney Joseph
2011Wake Up - Denyse PlummerEdwin Pouchet
2012This Is Bacchanal - Eunice Peters/Edwin Pouchet/Alvin DaniellEdwin Pouchet
2014Spankin - Austin 'SuperBlue' LyonsLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2018Lorraine - Winston 'Explainer' HenryLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
2020Caribbean Connection - Dennis 'Merchant' FranklynTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle
5Our Boys1974 Kennith Guppy
1977Hasley Crawford - KitchenerKennith Guppy
1987Pan Progress-Len "Boogsie" SharpeKennith Guppy
1993Birthday Party - Super BlueKennith Guppy
1994 Kennith Guppy
Tobago Buccooneers (NCLB)1972 Vernon Dennis
1982 Vernon Dennis
1983Ash Wednesday Jail - ChalkdustVernon Dennis
1999Toco Band - KitchenerVernon Dennis
2017Rhythm Run Tings - Kernal RobertsSeion Gomez
4West Side Symphony1968 Glenford Brooms & Desmond Graham
1971PP 99 - KitchenerGlenford Brooms & Desmond Graham
1978Come leh we Jam - Calypso RoseGlenford Brooms & Desmond Graham
1988 Glenford Brooms & Desmond Graham
3Melo Harps1980  
Symphony Stars1966  
1967"67" - Kitchener 
1975Do dem back - Rose 
2Carib Dixieland1973Mas in May - SparrowEman Ector
2007Pan Lamentation - DeFostoLen 'Boogsie' Sharpe
Steel Xplosion2008Get Down - Anthony JohnsonBrian 'Bean' Griffith
2015Du Du Yemi - Slinger 'The Mighty Sparrow' FranciscoArddin Herbert
1Esso Wonderharps1963Kennedy ("Mood Indigo") - Sparrow 
B.P.L Serenaders1965  
  • First tobago Conventional Competition in 1963; 57 tobago panorama titles.
  • 1964 - No Competition - Hurricane Flora
  • 1979 - No Competition - panorama boycott
  • 1 - panorama tie
  • Special thanks to Marcus Baptiste for some of the information.
  • I am looking for information on who won the Tobago Panorama for 2010 and 2013!!!
  • If anyone has information on tunes and/or arrangers for the pansides for national panoramas in the past, please email me the information...Thanks.

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