Tobago Hotels/Inns/Resorts

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Hotel/Inn/Resort NameContract Address
Arnos Vale HotelTobago
Tel: 639-2881
Arthur's By The Sea
email: Arthurs by the Seas
Crown Point
Tel: 639-0196
Fax: 639-4122
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Bacolet Bay Apartments HotelBacolet Street, Scarborough
Tel: 639-2955
Bananaquit Apartments
email: Bananaquit Apartments
Storebay Local Road
Crown Point Tobago
Tel: 368-3539
Belleviste Apartments
email: Belleviste Appartments
Sandy Point
Tel: 639-9351
Fax: 639-9351
Blue Haven Hotel & Resort1
email: Blue Haven
Bacolet Bay, Scarorough
Tel: 660-7400
Fax: 660-7900
Blue Horizon Resort
email: Surf Side Hotel
Jacamar Drive, Mt. Irvine
Tel: 639-0432
Blue Waters Inn
email: Blue Water Inn
Tel: 660-4341
Fax: 660-5195
Bougainvillaea HotelStudley Park
Tel: 660-2075
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Canary Apartments
email: Canary Apartments
Buccoo Auchenskeoch Road
Mountgomery Junction, SouSou Land
New Grange
Tel: 660-8884
Fax: 660-8834
Coconut Inn
email: Coconut Inn
Store Bay Local Road, Bon Accord
Tel: 639-8493
Fax: 639-0512
Coco Reef Resort1Coconut Bay
Tel: 639-8571
Cocrico Inn
email: Cocrico Inn
Commissioner and North Streets
Tel/Fax: 639-2961
Tel1: 678-1685 or 354-5750 (Michael)
Tel2: 465 2499 (Annie)
Comfort Inn & Suites Tobago30 Orange Hill
Tel: 612-3835
Conrado Beach Resort HotelPigeon Point
Tel: 639-0145
Fax: 639-0755
Coral Ridge Studio Apartments6-7 Road Reserve, Crown Point
Tel: 639-0118
Fax: 628-1240
Crooks ApartmentStore Bay Local Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-8492
Crown Point Beach Hotel
email: Crown Point Beach Hotel
Store Bay
Tel: 639-8781
Fax: 639-8731
Cuffie River Nature Retreat
email: Cuffie River Nature Retreat
Runnemede Local Road, Runnemede
Tel: 678-9020
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Enchanted Waters1
email: Enchanted Waters
198-202 Shirvand Road, Buccoo
Tel: 639-9481
Fax: 639-9481
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Footprints Eco Resort Ltd.
email: Footprints Resort
Culloden Bay Road
Tel: 660-0118
Fax: 639-0030
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Gleneagle Villa31 Gleneagle Drive, Tobago
Tel: 639-9058
Golden Thistle Hotel
email: GTHe
Store Bay Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-8521
Fax: 639-8521
Golf View Appartments Ltd.1
email: GulfView Apts.
Old Grange, Mt. Irvine
Tel: 639-0979
Grafton Beach Resort
email: Grafton Beach Resort
Black Rock
Tel: 639-0191
Fax: 639-0030
Grange Cottages
email: Grange Cottages
Grange Beach, Mt Irvine
Tel: 622-6813
Fax: 628-9238
Grange Inn
email: Grange Inn
Bucco Junction and Mt Irvine
Tel: 639-9395
Fax: 639-9395
Green Acres Hotel Inn & BarDaniel & Allfield Trail, Carnbee
Tel: 639-8287
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Harbourview Guest HouseMilford Road, Scarborogh
Tel: 639-6404
Hidden Cottage1
email: Hidden Cottage
Castara Village Street, Castara
Tel: 639-2376
Hummingbird Hotel1
email: Hummingbird Hotel
128 Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point
Tel: 635-0241
Fax: 635-0241
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Inn on the BayLittle Rockley Bay, Lambeau
Tel: 639-4347
Island Investment Co. Ltd.
email: Island Investment
30 Shirvan Road
Tel: 639-0929
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James Holiday Resort
email: James Holiday Resprt
Crown Point
Tel: 639-8084
Fax: 639-8084
Jimmy's Holiday Resort
email: Jimmy's Holiday Resort
Store Beach Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-8292
Fax: 639-3100
Johnston ApartmentsStore Bay
Tel: 639-8915
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Kariwak Village Hotel
email: Kariwak Hotel
Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-8442
Fax: 639-8441
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Le Grand Courlan Resort1
email: Le Grand Courlan Resort
Crown Point
Tel: 639-9667
Fax: 639-9292
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Man-O-War Bay CottagesCharlotteville, East Tobago
Tel: 660-4327
Magdalena Grand Beach Resort1
email: Magdalena Grand Beach Resort
Tel: 660-8500
Mount Irvine Bay Resort1
email: Mt Irvine Hotel
Mount Irvine
Tel: 639-8871
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Ocean Point Apartment Hotel1Milford Road, Lowlands
Tel: 639-0973
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Palm Rings Cottages1Crown Point
Tel: 639-8851
Palm Tree VillageLittle Rockley Bay
Tel: 639-4347
Pleasant Cove1Tobago Plantations
Tel: 392-4213
Plantation Beach Villa Ltd.Stone Haven bay Road, Tobago
Tel: 639-9377
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Rainbow Nature ResortGoldsborough Farm
Tel: 660-4755
Fax: 639-9940
Rainbow Resort1
email: Rainbow Resort
Milford Road
Crown Point
Tel: 639-9940
Fax: 639-9940
Richmond Great House Inn
{Dr. Hollis Lynch}
Belle Garden
Tel: 660-4444
Rovanel's ResortStore Bay Local Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-9666
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Sandy Point VillageCrown Point
Tel: 639-8533
Shaw Villa7 Bon Accord Development, Crown Point
Tel: 639-0815
Sherwood Park Apartments1Sherwood Park
Tel: 639-7151
Spence Holiday Resort & Spence TerraceCrown Point
Tel: 639-8082
Speyside Inn
email: Speyside Inn
Windward Road, Speyside
Tel/Fax: 660-4852
Stone Haven VillasGrafton Estate, Black Rock
Tel: 639-0361
Store Bay Holiday Resort
email: Store Bay Resort
Store Bay Local Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-8810
Fax: 639-9733
Sunshine Holiday ApartmentMilford Road, Bon Accord
Tel: 639-7495
Surf Side Hotel
email: Surf Side Hotel
Crown Point
Tel: 639-2418
Fax: 639-0614
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Tobago Plantations Resort1
email: Tobago Plantations Resort
Tel1: 639-8000
Tel2: 627-5582
Tobago Villa AgencyTobago
Tel: 639-8737
Toucan Inn
email: Toucan Inn
Crown Point
Tel: 639-7173
Fax: 639-8933
Tropikist Beach Hotel & Resort Ltd.1
email: Tropikist Hotel
Crown Point
Tel: 639-8512
Fax: 639-9605
Turtle Beach HotelCourland Bay Road
Tel: 639-2851
Fax: 639-1495
Twilight Innbr>email: Twilight InnChurch Street, Lowlands
Tel: 639-0917
Fax: 639-0917
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V I P Holiday ResortsStore Bay Road, Crown Point
Tel: 639-9096
Villa Being1Arnos Vale Trace
Arnos Vale
Tel: 676-6165
Villas of TobagoMain Road, Bon Accord
Tel: 639-9600
Villas on the GreenJacamar Drive, Mt. Irvine
Tel: 639-7948
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Woods CastleCrown Point
Tel: 639-0803
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