Trinidad & Tobago Traditional (Single Pan)
Panorama Hall of Fame

San Juan East Side Symphony and Marsicans is pan-roun-de neck (single pan) champs for carnival 2020.

WinsBandYearTune - Composer/SingerArranger
7San Juan East Side Symphony2011Magician - Burning FlamesDuvone Stewart
2012Get Something And Wave Blueboy/SuperblueDuvone Stewart
2013Rant and Rave - TambuDuvone Stewart
2014Fantastic Friday - Austin 'SuperBlue' LyonsDuvone Stewart
2015Shaking It - Ronnie McIntoshDuvone Stewart
2019Iron Man - Aldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsCarlan Harewood
20203,4Guitar Pan - Aldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsCarlan Harewood
6Carib Pan Jammers1981 Arnold 'Sonny' Danclair
1982 Arnold 'Sonny' Danclair
1983 Arnold 'Sonny' Danclair
1984 Arnold 'Sonny' Danclair
1994Tourist Elsie - Aldwyn 'Lord Kitchener' RobertsArnold 'Sonny' Danclair and Adrian 'Spex' Blades
19962 Arnold 'Sonny' Danclair and Adrian 'Spex' Blades
La Horqueta Pan Groove2004De Band Coming - Shurwayne WinchesterDuvonne Stewart
2006Party Time - BallyDuvonne Stewart
2007Johnny - Colleen EllaDuvonne Stewart
2008Soucouyant - CrazyDuvonne Stewart
2009Unknown Band - SuperBlue (Blue Boy)Duvonne Stewart
2010Fire Coming Down - SuperBlue (Blue Boy)Duvonne Stewart
Skiffle Bunch1977  
5Arima Allstars1998Mosquito - Brother MarvinTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle
1999Ting Tang - Andrew FerrieraTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle
2000You Ain't Going Nowhere Ronnie McIntoshTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle
2001To Take Away - TouchTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle
2005Ooh La La - BeckettTerrance 'BJ' Marcelle
3World Wide1990Burrokeet Woman - Rupert 'Mighty Swallow' PhiloNoel Skair
2Newtown Playboys Steel Symphony2017Get Something and Wave - Austin 'Blueboy/SuperBlue' LyonsCarlon Harewood
2018The Hammer - David RudderCarlon Harewood
Scrunters Pan Groove1986  
19962Mind Yuh Business - Denise Plummer/Len "Boogsie" Sharpe 
2Marsicans2016Say Say - Timothy 'Baron' Watkins Jr.Marlon White
20203Johnny - Taxi featuring Colleen EllasMarlon White
1Gay Hoytonians1989  
Pan on de Move19931Pan in yuh Pan - Winston 'The Original DeFosto Himself' ScarboroughAndre Boland
Spree Simon Harmonics1995Ah Wine Is Ah Wine - Iwer George 
T&T Defence Force1997Mirror Mirror - Crazy 
Trinidad Nostalgic1991Get Something and Wave - Austin 'BlueBoy/Super Blue' LyonsJit Samaroo
Shades in Steel2002My Doolahin - PreacherKennth 'Guppy' Brown
Woodbrook Playboyz2003Music in We Blood - B Sharpe/A DouglasBoogsie Sharpe
  • First Traditional (Single Pan) Competition in 1977; 42 traditional (single pan) titles
  • 1979 - No Compeition - panorama boycott
  • 1 - Tied between Pan on de Move and Worldwide for 1993 panorama
  • 2 - Tied between Pan Jammers and Scrunters Pan Groove for 1996 panorama
  • 3 - Tied between San Juan East Side Symphony and Scrunters Marsicans for 2020 panorama
  • 4 - Single Pans Finals was held in November 2019 under a new format.
  • If anyone has information on tunes, composers and/or arrangers for the pansides for national panoramas in the past, please email me the information...Thanks.

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