Trinidad & Tobago Transportation Districts

Regional Office

Contact Information

Caroni DistrictSt. Yves Street
665-5767 (Tel)
Nariva/Mayaro DistrictRailway Road
Rio Claro
644-2394 (Tel)
Manzanilla Road
630-4327 (Tel)
Port of Spain DistrictLong Circular Road
St. James
622-1250 (Tel1)
622-3041 (Tel2)
North West DistrictSt. James
622-4874/7131 (Tel)
St. Andrew/St. David DistrctEastern Main Road Guaico
Sangre Grande
668-2421 (Tel)
670-8275 (Tel)
St. George East DistrictO'Meara Road
667-3506 (Tel)
St. George West DistrictLong Circular Road
St. James
622-9006 (Tel)
St. Patrick DistrictHigh Street
649-2441 (Tel)
Victoria East DistrictMathilda Junction
Princes Town
655-2455 (Tel)
Victoria West DistrictRushworth Street Extension
San Fernando
657-7035 (Tel)
Tobago DistrictTobago
639-2660 (Tel1)
639-2662 (Tel2)
  • outside of TnT, dial access number 1, plus area code 868

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