Trinidad & Tobago Travel Services

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Travel ServiceContact Address
A&A Travel Ltd88 Dundonald St
Port of Spain
627-5475 (Tel)
627-5475 (Fax)
Amrals Travel/(Travelspan)1Chaguanas Office
Mid Center Mall
665-3383 (Tel)
671-6040 (Fax)
Valpark Office
Valpark Shopping Plaza
645-1604 (Tel)
663-9692 (Fax)
Port of Spain Office
Colsort Mall
Level 3, Frederick Street
Port of Spain
625-0800 (Tel)
623-8053 (Fax)
San Fernando Office
The Mall
Mon Chagrin & High Street
San Fernando
652-4789 (Tel)
653-1080 (Fax)
Arima Office (Travelspan)
Level 2
AL's Plaza
Corner Broadway and Woodford Street
222-1401 (Tel)
222-1415 (Fax)
A N K Travel41 Independence Square
Port of Spain
625-7761 (Tel)
A Willoughby's Travel ServiceCourts Building
25-31 High St
San Fernando
652-7747 (Tel)
652-7747 (Fax)
Furness House
90 Independence Square
Port of Spain
627-7058 (Tel)
A's Travel Service/Thomas Cook Representative177 Tragarete Rd
Port of Spain
622-7664 (Tel)
Ah Wee Charters & Tours LtdOxford & Charlotte Sts
Port of Spain
625-7008 (Tel)
Airways Travel & ToursKeate & Mucurapo Sts
San Fernando
653-2880 (Tel)
Allied Tours & Travel51 Sutton St
San Fernando
657-4319 (Tel)
Alston's Travel67 Independence Square
Port of Spain
625-2201 (Tel)
625-3684 (Fax)
Penitence St
San Fernando
652-4252 (Tel)
652-3411 (Fax)
Alto Tours & Travel LtdMidway Plaza
665-8008 (Tel)
672-1117 (Fax)
Amral's Travel Service (1994) LtdMid Centre Mall
665-3383 (Tel)
Colsort Mall
Port of Spain
625-0874 (Tel)
High Street
San Fernando
652-2888 (Tel)
Valsayn Mall
Valsayn North
645-1604 (Tel)
Main & Robinson Sts
Scarborough, Tobago
639-5471 (Tel)
Ansyl Tours & TravelWilson Road
Scarborough, Tobago
639-3865 (Tel)
639-3865 (Fax)
Antares Travel ServiceCity Mall
San Fernando
657-2991 (Tel)
Atlas Travel Bureau13 Abercromby St
Port of Spain
623-6255 (Tel)
Aziza Tours & Travel Service LtdCouva Shopping Complex
636-5581 (Tel)
Benco Travel Service1321 SS Erin Rd
647-8322 (Tel)
Bhopa's Travel Service45 Pro Queen St
667-4581 (Tel)
664-1534 (Fax)
21 Green St
667-4581 (Tel)
Blue Emperor ToursSpringflow Rd
Diego Martin
637-4246 (Tel)
Bon Voyage Travel ServiceRichplain Rd
Diego Martin
637-4333 (Tel)
C B Travel Service Ltd51 Rushworth St
San Fernando
657-4430 (Tel)
C M L Travel Service LtdPlaza Imperial Building
San Fernando
653-0222 (Tel)
653-0354 (Fax)
C M S Travel & ToursSan Fernando
653-0222 (Tel)
Caribbean Marketing & Services44 Geridot Drive
Diamond Vale
633-7694 (Tel)
Celebration 2000 Travel & Tours64 Independence Square
Port of Spain
627-3156 (Tel)
623-7550 (Fax)
Charlana's Tours & Travel ServiceFrederick St
Port of Spain
625-0307 (Tel)
Chartours International Ltd137 Duke & Edward Sts
Port of Spain
625-1917 (Tel)
23 Independence Ave
San Fernando
657-9732 (Tel)
Classic Tours And Travel Ltd36B Maraval Road
Port of Spain
628-5714 (Tel)
Sutton & Gomez Sts
San Fernando
622-4288 (Tel)
Constellation Travel Service Ltd120 Montrose Main Rd
665-8040 (Tel)
Carlton Centre
San Fernando
653-8388 (Tel)
1 Richmond St
Port of Spain
623-9296 (Tel)
5H Woodford St
667-4050 (Tel)
Courtesy Travel Service Ltd43 Tragarete Rd
Port of Spain
628-9271 (Tel)
628-9272 (Fax)
Cruise and Rail Travel Int'l Ltd.23 Whim Development
Plymouth Road
631-8785 (Tel)
787-TRVL/8785 (Cell)
639-5542 (Fax)
Cruise Specialists of Trinidad & TobagoCruise Ship Complex
Port of Spain
627-8473 (Tel)
Crusoe Isle Travel Service LtdScarborough Mall
Scarborough, Tobago
639-2457 (Tel)
Dennis & Leela Travel ServiceEastern Main Rd
Sangre Grande
668-2718 (Tel)
Destination Travel & Tours SpecialistsHoney Pearl Place
665-1441 (Tel)
Dipnarinesingh's Travel Service13 Eleanor St
665-6830 (Tel)
Disco Super TravelPrince & Frederick Sts
Port of Spain
623-8403 (Tel)
E C Carifta Travel Ltd16 Gray St
St. Clair
622-8989 (Tel)
East West Travel Service LtdCircular & Eastern Main Rds
St. Augustine
663-1004 (Tel)
663-9409 (Fax)
Eastern Credit Union Travel Service22 Park St
Port of Spain
624-5059 (Tel)
625-2381 (Fax)
La Joya
St. Joseph
645-9080 (Tel)
645-9080 (Fax)
Eastern Travel Service#22 Park Street
Port of Spain
624-9874 (Tel)
Eastside Tours & Travel Service32 Charlotte St
Port of Spain
625-6951 (Tel)
Emerald Travel Trinidad Ltd112-114 Picton St
Port of Spain
622-1637 (Tel)
Eniath's Travel & Tours6 Gaston St
672-7964 (Tel)
665-5825 (Fax)
Excelsior Tours & Travel Ltd22 Eastern Main Rd
645-7171 (Tel)
Fantasy Travel Service LtdHigh St
Princess Town
655-4350 (Tel)
655-4350 (Fax)
Farouk Khan Travel Service LtdMon Chagrin & St. James St
San Fernando
657-6833 (Tel)
First Class Travel Service12 Carlos St
627-1001 (Tel)
Five (5) Star Travel Ltd40-42 High St
San Fernando
652-4783 (Tel)
652-2161 (Fax)
Four Seasons Travel Service9 Chacon St
Port of Spain
625-0281 (Tel)
Francis Travel & Tour Services22 Eleanor St
671-8296 (Tel)
Francis Travel & Tour Services22 Main Rd
671-5920 (Tel)
Fun Travel Tours & Travel Services LtdEl Socorro Rd
San Juan
638-1614 (Tel)
Furness Withy & Company Ltd11-13 Milling Ave
Port of Spain
625-1746 (Tel)
Fyzie's Travel Service2 Gooding Village
San Fernando
652-1133 (Tel)
657-1616 (Fax)
Galactic Investments LtdGaston St & Montrose Main Rd
665-9874 (Tel)
Gascon Travel Service LtdFrederick St
Port of Spain
627-2296 (Tel)
Gee Geez Travel Service LtdLady Hailes Ave
San Fernando
657-1176 (Tel)
Global Express Travel Agents3 Penitence St
San Fernando
652-2324 (Tel)
Global Travel Service37 New St
Port of Spain
623-5502 (Tel)
623-8057 (Fax)
Golden Lion TravelBreeze Hall Mall
Scarborough, Tobago
639-5614 (Tel)
Good Time Tours7-8 Cruise Ship Complex
Scarborough, Tobago
639-6816 (Tel)
Gordon Grant & Company Ltd16 Charles St
Port of Spain
625-2592 (Tel)
625-2562 (Fax)
Grad Travel & Tours2 Royal Promenade
646-5633 (Tel)
H C U World Travel LtdMain Rd
672-5140 (Tel)
Haphizas Odyssey Travels Ltd42 Cipero St
San Fernando
657-9866 (Tel)
652-3219 (Fax)
Haygem Tours & Travel Service LtdDuke & Edward Sts
Port of Spain
625-5328 (Tel)
624-4889 (Fax)
Hilton Grand VacationLady Young Rd
624-5624 (Tel)
Hingoo's Travel Service Ltd5 Fifth St
San Juan
638-2891 (Tel)
675-3345 (Fax)
Horizon Travel Service98 Amarsingh St
658-4816 (Tel)
658-4816 (Fax)
International Travel.Com67 Prince St
Port of Spain
624-3541 (Tel)
Irena Trans-Continental Travel Ltd106 Western Main Rd
634-2950 (Tel)
Couva Shopping Complex
636-5581 (Tel)
636-9636 (Fax)
Island Adventure Ltd12 Second St
West Cazabon Ave,
640-3156 (Tel)
J B Travel Service16 Sixth Ave
674-1996 (Tel)
5 Yard St
671-4047 (Tel)
JC Tours & Travel LtdCharlotte St & Independence Square
Port of Spain
625-6930 (Tel)
Kam's Travel & Tours LtdLong Circular Mall
St. James
622-6819 (Tel)
Kamar Baksh Travel & Tours 106 Eastern Main Rd
640-2758 (Tel)
Kasara Travel Service191 Eastern Main Rd
Sangre Grande
669-1573 (Tel)
Krystal Tours123 Eastern Main Rd
674-5554 (Tel)
Latin ToursSuite 2.21, Upper level
Valpark Shopping Plaza
662-9212 (Tel1)
645-9678 (Tel2)
Lauren's Travel Service110 Eastern Main Rd
St. Augustine
Lazzari & Sampson Travel Service Ltd13 Pembroke St
Port of Spain
623-2721 (Tel)
625-8656 (Fax)
634-0485 (Tel)
637-8209 (Fax)
Coral Cove Marina
634-4045 (Tel)
634-4052 (Fax)
Gulf View Link Rd
La Romain
657-3383 (Tel)
653-4284 (Fax)
Lenpaul's Travel Service5 Coora Rd
649-0023 (Tel)
Lucky's Travel Service LtdGulf City Shopping Complex
La Romain
657-9694 (Tel)
Lynch International Travel & Tours Ltd33 Baden Powell St
628-5858 (Tel)
M & S Tours & Travel Services LtdCentenary & Archibald Sts
663-8091 (Tel)
Mahabir's Travel Service2 Pasea Main Rd
662-0045 (Tel)
Maria's Tours & Travels Ltd1A Endeavour Rd
671-2671 (Tel)
Maria's Travel Service59 Eastern Main Rd
663-1664 (Tel)
Mid Eastern Travel Service30 Southern Main Rd
662-8066 (Tel)
662-8066 (Fax)
Mission Travel ServiceHigh St
Princess Town
655-4850 (Tel)
Mississauga Travel LtdTriangle Mall
647-7680 (Tel)
647-7680 (Fax)
Moonan International Travel & Tours Ltd116 Frederick St
Port of Spain
627-3408 (Tel)
627-3427 (Fax)
Naipaul's Tours & Travel Service LtdHoliday Inn
Port of Spain
623-5516 (Tel)
627-3367 (Fax)
Navarros Travel Service Ltd78 Wrightson Rd
Port of Spain
625-4324 (Tel)
623-5879 (Fax)
Nealco Travel Service Ltd44-58 Edward St
Port of Spain
627-7018 (Tel)
6627-3555 (Fax)
Nirveeta Agencies Ltd53 Eastern Main Rd
662-1285 (Tel)
Nivet Tours & Travel Service Ltd45 Richmond St
Port of Spain
623-0881 (Tel)
Nuimage Travel and Tours
email: Nuimage Travel and Tour
23B Pleasantville Terrace
Pleasantville, San Fernando
496 3506 (Tel1)
289-8988 (Tel2)
492-1111 (Tel3)
Onward Travel Service LtdTrincity Mall
640-5401 (Tel)
Orie's Travel Service Ltd303 Eastern Main Rd
El Dorado
663-4827 (Tel)
Paradise Tours & Travel Service129C Coffee St
San Fernando
653-5628 (Tel)
Peir 1 MarinesWilliams Bay
634-4472 (Tel)
Petit Tours & Travel Service Ltd38 Western Main Rd
St. James
622-7083 (Tel)
Princess ToursCacique St
Princess Town
655-8875 (Tel)
Priya's Travel & ToursGalt St & Main Rd
665-5641 (Tel)
Puchoon Sira Travel ServiceFrederick St
Port of Spain
623-3573 (Tel)
Railco International Travel24 Rushworth St
San Fernando
653-5088 (Tel)
3 Penitence St
San Fernando
653-8842 (Tel)
Rainbow Travel46 Frederick St
Port of Spain
623-8403 (Tel)
Rajan's Travel Service3 Penitence St
San Fernando
653-2861 (Tel)
653-2861 (Fax)
Rhabboni Travel Network Ltd42 Cipero St
San Fernando
653-7082 (Tel)
Royale Tours & Travel ServiceArcade Building
San Fernando
652-6892 (Tel)
S & R Video & Travel World & Office Depot20 Woodford St
667-0351 (Tel)
SS M & J Travel ToursPenitence St
San Fernando
652-0417 (Tel)
Sail & Fly Travel Agency55 Western Main Rd
634-4144 (Tel)
St. Paul's Travel Service LtdChancery Lane & Harris Promenade
San Fernando
657-2579 (Tel)
657-2579 (Fax)
See Tai Vivian43 Pembroke St
Port of Spain
623-7194 (Tel)
Sellier's Travel Service Ltd11 Western Main Rd
St. James
628-8258 (Tel)
628-8575 (Fax)
Seumeds Travel LtdMain Rd
665-3393 (Tel)
Seunarine's Travel Service (IATA)81 Main Road
Point Fortin
648-2382 (Tel)
Shanti's Travel Service88A Independence Square
Port of Spain
623-0832 (Tel)
623-0835 (Fax)
Shareed's Travel Ltd50 Gooding Village
San Fernando
653-1356 (Tel)
Simpaul Travel Services Ltd103D St.Vincent St
Port of Spain
624-5603 (Tel)
623-1215 (Fax)
8 El Carmen St
667-2727 (Tel)
Sital Travel Club106 Eastern Main Rd
640-0836 (Tel)
Sky Plus Travel Agency Ltd53 Park St
Port of Spain
625-0210 (Tel)
Sky-Vue Travel Service 9 Freeling St
662-5987 (Tel)
Sparkling Starlight Electrical & Travel Services#74 Eastern Main Road
Port of Spain
289-0410 (Tel)
Sun Fun Tours Ltd1Crown Point, Tobago
639-7461 (Tel)
639-7564 (Fax)
Superl Travel Service Ltd86 Duke St
Port of Spain
624-6253 (Tel)
627-3103 (Fax)
Supreme Travel Service54 El Socorro Rd
San Juan
638-6089 (Tel)
Swift Travel Service Ltd7-9 Circular Rd
San Fernando
652-2027 (Tel)
Tecu Travel & Holiday ResortsSouthern Main Rd
658-2505 (Tel)
658-2611 (Fax)
Tenison's Travel34 Pembroke St
Port of Spain
625-5945 (Tel)
The Travel Agency Ltd62 South Quay
Port of Spain
624-2894 (Tel)
The Travel Centre Ltd44-58 Edward St
Port of Spain
625-1636 (Tel)
16 Damian St
622-0112 (Tel)
Thomas Cook Representative/A's Travel Service177 Tragarete Rd
Port of Spain
622-7664 (Tel)
Titan Tours Ltd36 Duke St West
Port of Spain
625-8934 (Tel)
Tourist Services LtdRobinson Street
Scarborough, Tobago
639-2285 (Tel)
Trade Winds Travel43-45 Frederick St
port of Spain
623-4924 (Tel)
623-7531 (Fax)
67 Carlos St
622-9463 (Tel)
Transworld Travel Service LtdBamboo Palace Plaza
37 Coffee St
San Fernando
657-3961 (Tel)
Galleria Shopping Centre
Valsayn Ave & Southern Main Rd
663-0657 (Tel)
663-0659 (Fax)
Galleria Shopping Centre
Center Pointe Mall
Plaza Square
672-2646 (Tel)
672-2892 (Fax)
Travel Bug AgencyCity Gate
Port of Spain
625-8284 (Tel)
Travel Centre Ltd144-58 Edward St
Port of Spain
623-8785 (Tel)
623-5101 (Fax)
Scarborough, Tobago
631-0262 (Tel)
631-0262 (Fax)
Travel Companion International15 Gordon St
San Fernando
652-8817 (Tel)
Travel Connection LtdTropical Plaza
658-3600 (Tel)
Travel House Ltd125 Edward St
Port of Spain
625-5863 (Tel)
623-8724 (Fax)
Travel Management Consultants360 Southern Main Rd
671-7978 (Tel)
672-9266 (Fax)
Travel Network Incorporated Ltd9 Colville Street
Woodbrook, Port of Spain
623-3651 (Tel)
623-3341 (Fax)
Travel Plus Service Ltd1Grand Bazaar
671-2945 (Tel)
665-5760 (Fax)
Travel Sure LtdAtlantic Ave
Point Lisas
679-7112 (Tel)
Travelcare LtdMain Rd
Point Fortin
648-4077 (Tel)
Travelsure LtdCruise Ship Complex
Port of Spain
627-7000 (Tel)
Travelwise Ltd Tours & ServicesEastern Main Rd & Cochrane St
663-9258 (Tel)
Trevi Tours & Travel Service121 Western Main Rd
St. James
622-5536 (Tel)
622-9002 (Fax)
Turissimo Ltd58-60 South Quay
Port of Spain
624-1445 (Tel)
United Travel Service Company Ltd18 New St
Port of Spain
623-0355 (Tel)
623-3500 (Fax)
Unlimited Travel & Tours172 Eastern Main Rd
674-3870 (Tel)
Port of Spain
627-2741 (Tel)
Sangre Grande
668-4322 (Tel)
V's Travel Center55 Main Rd
665-0587 (Tel)
La Pique Plaza
San Fernando
657-7207 (Tel)
Vendryes Travel Ltd71 Frederick St
Port of Spain
623-7272 (Tel)
Vishnu's Travel ServiceCentre City Mall
665-0883 (Tel)
We Go TravelCharford Court
Port of Spain
625-7008 (Tel)
Willoughby's Travel Service25-31 High St
San Fernando
652-7747 (Tel)
90 Independence Square
Port of Spain
627-7058 (Tel)
World Class Travel Services24 Main Rd
671-7080 (Tel)
World Wide Travel Service Ltd35 Richmond St
Port of Spain
623-8642 (Tel)
Yaron Tour & Travel34 Lord St
San Fernando
657-1677 (Tel)
Yvonne's Travel Service5 Penal Junction
647-4689 (Tel)
Zion Travels51 Eastern Main Rd
Petit Bourg
674-2375 (Tel)
674-2830 (Fax)
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