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Donít tempt criminals, whether its the Christmas/Carnival season or any other time during the year. There is an increase in the number of people returning to Trinidad and Tobago and they are likely to carry extra cash and items. Donít tempt the thieves.

  • Here are some safety tips from Senior Superintendent Nimrod of the Chaguanas Police Division:
      • Even at the airport, avoid public displays of cash and gift-giving, save it for the privacy of your home.
      • Avoid piling and displaying all luggage in the trunk of your vehicle.
      • Check your rear-view mirror regularly to ensure you are not being followed.
      • You are probably being followed if a car has several opportunities to overtake and does not do so, or a car overtakes, then stops a short distance off and lets you go ahead, then does it again.
      • If you think you are being followed and you have a cellular telephone, call E-999 and all patrols in that area will be put on alert.
      • If you donít have a cell phone, pull into the nearest police station and let them know what is happening.
      • DO NOT attempt to outwit your pursuers, and if it is night time, do not stop at any pay phones, even to call the police.

  • Here are some safety tips from Assistant Commissioner of Police (Crime) Trevor Paul :
      • Remove all name tags on baggage after clearing customs.
      • Try not to have much baggage exposed when leaving the airport compound.
      • Check your rear-view mirror regularly to ensure you are not being followed.
      • Ensure that the keys to your premises are easily accessible.
      • Use certified airport taxis.

    Printed in the Trinidad Express Online Newspaper Edition, December 15, 2000
    Printed in the Trinidad Guardian Online Newspaper Edition December 16, 2000

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