2007 Political Calypso Monarch Competition

Saturday, July 7, 2005
Hasley Crawford Stadium
1Cro CroPatrick is Boss257
1ChalkdustThe Screening Test257
3CardinalVote Wisely255
4Sugar AloesNever Again251
5King LutaPNM Have It Nice250
7AllrounderCalypsonians Tongue Tie???
7Gillian LuckyI eh fraid dem???
9Nirmal "Massive" GosineWave Yuh Balisier/Ah Riding With The PNM???
-GypsyThis Is My Land???
-Kenneth SupersadDookeran is the Man???
-BodyGuardUngrateful Pastor???
-Pink PantherPNM Say, Welcome???
-BallyAll Yuh Come???
-FunnyThis is PNM Country???
-Tommy JosephPolitical Speech???
-M'baAh Gone Back With De PNM???
-ImpulseKing Ka Ka???
-Heather McIntoshCheck I???
-SkatieCall It Now???
-King SoulCongrats???
-ScorpiePrime Minister's Post???
-Tobago ChalkieThe Lara Touch???
-The PoetThe Manifesto???
-DeFostoWrite It Off???
Extempo Comeptition
1ContenderGillian Lucky
2Black StageCamille's Credit Card
-Short PantsChief Justice Sharma vs. Sherman Mc Nicholls
-David BrownChinese Labour
-Francois OttleyBrian Manning Nine Million Dollar Basketball League
-Sheldon JohnBasdeo Pandsy's Red Beret
-LingoPatrick's Seer Woman

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